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Why Care About UX
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Why Care About UX


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Presentation at Microsoft Architect Council in June 2007 - by Tim Marshall, Neudesic

Presentation at Microsoft Architect Council in June 2007 - by Tim Marshall, Neudesic

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Why User Experience Matters Tim Marshall CTO Neudesic
  • 2. User: Addict or Human?
  • 3. What is software?
  • 4. For Sponsors…
  • 5. Users The User Interface is the Application to users.
  • 6. Where is the user?
  • 7. The Reality of Costs People-Intensive Nature Drives Costs Over 60% of TCO over a five year period is driven by people costs 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Staff Costs Downtime Training Software Hardware Sources: IDC, Microsoft Primary Quantitative Research
  • 8. • When is the last time you wow’d somebody? • Somebody other than another developer?
  • 9. Barbarians at the gate
  • 10. Designer & Developer Tooling Server Vista Web Desktop Designer Developer Look, behavior, brand, Function, deployment, data, Media and emotional connection security, operational integrity & RIA
  • 11. Silverlight Benefits Compelling Cross-Platform User Experiences Seamless, fast installation for end users • Consistent experiences on Mac / Windows • Stunning vector-based graphics, media, text, animation and overlay • Dramatically improved performance for AJAX enabled Web sites • Flexible programming model with collaboration tools Based on the .NET Framework • Choice of development languages • Integration with existing Web technologies • Role specific tools for designers / developers • Low cost, high quality media HD to Mobile w/ SMPTE VC-1 • Broad media ecosystem • Tools for live and on-demand publishing • Connected to data, servers and services Easily mash-up and incorporate services and data • Increase discoverability/searchability • Rapidly scale applications with Silverlight Streaming service •
  • 12. Office – The most used Application in the Enterprise
  • 13. Architectural Implications • Centrally Managed, Distributed Execution • Better Performance, More Responsive Systems • Better use of existing hardware • More productive user interface • Green screen, Windows, Web, WPF (e) • Stronger Software Engineering Environment • Structured/Defined Languages • Less ‘Postback’ type complexities
  • 14. A User Interface for SOA XAML – Service Realization SOA Principals • • Data-bound Loosely Coupled • Separation of UI and Service • Cross Platform • Mac, Linux, Windows • Open Protocols • XAML is published • Focused on Capability • A whole new host of ‘controls’ and patterns are emerging
  • 15. Popfly
  • 16. Is it going to happen? Web XAML • • Microsoft… Ubiquitous • • Windows, Mac, Linux Cross Platform • • More powerful than what Creative Explosion came before • Massive reuse • Copy and Paste just like • Market Urgency – Customer HTML Driven • An opportunity to upstage the competition
  • 17. Business Sponsor$ • Improved Employee Productivity • Lower Training Costs • Reduced Business Process Cycle Times • Possibly reduced ‘errors’ in the process • Better Return on Assets • Hardware is being leveraged more successfully • Shrinking data centers • Market Opportunity (Customer Experience) • Better customer experience for customer facing business assets • Improved Business Insight • Harder to quantify… but business folks snatch this up.
  • 18. What if?
  • 19. Is it Eye Candy?