Getting Lost in Mobile Discovery: 10 Mobile Trends & Technologies to Watch in 2012
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Getting Lost in Mobile Discovery: 10 Mobile Trends & Technologies to Watch in 2012



Digital Age 2.0 - Brasil presentation on 10 mobile trends for 2012

Digital Age 2.0 - Brasil presentation on 10 mobile trends for 2012



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  • For those who attended the presentation live, I mentioned a couple other things not included in the deck. Here are links:
    - 360i's Startup Outlook -
    - Better Hearing app that can test hearing, as one more sign of how mobile is changing health & wellness - and
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  • Presented at Digital Age 2.0 in Sao Paulo, Brazil September 5, 2012Ache o seu caminho até o consumidor nas mídias móveisComo a mobilidade mudou seu consumidor para sempre e o que você deveria saber para tirar vantagem disso para sua marca e seus negócios. Pinterest, Instagram, GetGlue, serviços de geolocalização, socialTV, Near Field Communication, mobile payment… quais são as grandes tendências que profissionais de marketing precisam acompanhar nos proximos 12 meses.
  • Hello
  • My name is David
  • Download the deck
  • This is what most people think mobile means.Backup image:
  • Getting closer…Photos via David Berkowitz (Tikitag/Touchatag, Flip camera, iPad / Appmates, Nabaztag/Karotz robot, Xwave, Amazon Kindle Fire)
  • Other objects – a can of soda, a car, shoes, toys… these are very much mobile, and could well be considered mobile devices(all images via David Berkowitz, except the Trident wrapper via Gavin Blawie)
  • Meet Rodrigo Santoro – he’s mobile. He’s a person.
  • Meet Rodrigo Santoro – he’s mobile. He’s a person.
  • He loves his mobile devices, whatever form they take, whether it’s a camera…
  • …An award…
  • …A rifle…
  • He’s never far from a mobile device
  • He has all kinds of mobile devices… but they’re really just an extension of him. They amplify his behavior.
  • Mobile changes everything credit: Mark Avnet
  • But it’s so much more than that… MOBILITY changes everything
  • We’ll take a look at not just how mobility changes everything for Rodrigo, but how it changes for all the Rodrigos out there…,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&biw=1600&bih=785
  • …And all the Gabrielas, and – so importantly – for all of you as you gain new ways to reach and connect with all the Rodrigos and Gabrielas out there,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&fp=932d1b4b22e83ef3&biw=1600&bih=785
  • What is… and what could be:For each of the ten areas we’ll explore today, we’ll take a look at what it’s like today and look for hints of what could be coming
  • Research:qriously,, dscout
  • Qriously –
  • dScout
  • Targeting -> Tapad, Second Screen Networks, LocalResponse
  • Second Screen
  • Localresponsewww.localresponse.comDisclosure: I’m an advisor
  • Product development -> Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Quirky (less about mobile
  • KickstarterPocket TVPebble WatchRemee
  • Volt buckle – Indiegogo (no go)Volt Buckle
  • Quirky
  • Television -> Mobile devices in the living room-> Social TV (Deloitte quote, etc), Viggle, Shazam, IntoNow, GetGlue (meh), ShowYou, StarStar
  • Vigglewww.viggle.com
  • Showyou
  • StarStar
  • Refer to Instagram, Pinterest… and then show what’s beyondSharing Content - > Instagram, GoldRun, Pinterest, Viddy, Socialcam, Tout, Mixel, FoodSpotting, Google Project Glass,Magisto
  • We can’t forget the potential to have fun with all of this. It’s now getting very easy to blend fantasy and the real world, as Kraft did here with the GoldRun
  • Magistowww.magisto.com
  • Cinemagram
  • Sharing Content - > Instagram, GoldRun, Pinterest, Viddy, Socialcam, Tout, Mixel, FoodSpotting, Google Project Glass,Magisto
  • Kogetodotspot
  • Evernote Smart Notebook (Moleskine)
  • Google: Project Glass on Google+; SAI recap of Google I/O
  • Shopping -> Shopkick, Swirl, Wrapp, etc
  • Shopkickwww.shopkick.com
  • Wrappwww.wrapp.com
  • Payments -> Proximity Sensors (NFC, Pay with Square), Starbucks, Dwolla
  • Dwolla
  • Square
  • Apple Passbook – note: not including NFC here, given many obstacles to its adoption, but if Apple includes this with the new iPhone it could be a major
  • Meeting Others -> GrubWithUs, Wendr, Cheekd
  • Wendr
  • Cheekdwww.cheekd.com
  • Health & Wellness: Fuelband, Lark, Fooducate (also Dining)
  • Lark
  • Nike: FuelBand
  • Here’s what’s up next for Rodrigo
  • Through mobility, Rodrigo can…Walk into his favorite coffee shop and pay without ever taking out his phone or his walletFind a place to stay as soon as he pops into a new city on short noticeTrack his activity and try to stay healthy while on the goAnd meet some new people in the processShopping photo:
  • Shopping photo: cup:
  • Shopping photo: clipart + Mais Voce logo via
  • Shopping photo: /
  • Shopping photo: /,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&fp=932d1b4b22e83ef3&biw=1600&bih=785
  • Be that trusted advisor that connects Rodrigo with the people, places, and things most interesting to him, wherever he isImage source: someecards
  • Be that trusted advisor that connects Rodrigo with the people, places, and things most interesting to him, wherever he is
  • Learn from Rodrigo, as every move he makes that’s closer to or further from you, whether digital or physical, presents a new learning experience for you
  • Embrace change. These are new opportunities for you, especially as you stay ahead of your competitors

Getting Lost in Mobile Discovery: 10 Mobile Trends & Technologies to Watch in 2012 Getting Lost in Mobile Discovery: 10 Mobile Trends & Technologies to Watch in 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • Getting Lost inMobile DiscoveryDavid BerkowitzVice President, Emerging Media360i@dberkowitz /
  • „Ola! 2
  • „Meu nome e David 3
  • Download this presentation! 4
  • What is mobile? 5
  • Most people tend to think of mobilehandsets like iPhones and Androiddevices, but that‟s just the beginning. 6
  • There are all kinds of mobile, digital,connected devices… 7
  • Any objects that are portable ortransportable can potentially be digitallyenabled, and thus „mobile‟ 8
  • What about… 9
  • Meet Rodrigo Santoro, a Brazilian movie star… 10 10
  • Rodrigo is mobile. Mobility is all aboutRodrigo (and other people – like you).Devices are just extensions of people,enablers of people‟s behavior. 11 11
  • Rodrigo loves all kindsof mobile devices… 12 12
  • 1313
  • 1414
  • 1515
  • 1616
  • He‟s never far from a mobile device Google noted it its Mobile Playbook that “Mobile changes everything.” ( 17
  • He‟s never far from a mobile device It‟s not just “mobile” though – it‟s the nature of being mobile, of mobility itself, that triggers changes in behavior. 18
  • Mobility changes everything forRodrigo, and all the Rodrigosout there… 19 19
  • …and all the Gabrielas out there too 20 20
  • (10) Ways MobilityWill Change Rodrigo (and all of us) 21
  • What‟s changing1. Research2. Targeting3. Product Development4. Television5. Photo & Video6. Content Creation7. Shopping8. Payments9. Meeting Others10. Health & Wellness 22 22
  • Mobility is changing how marketerscan conduct consumer research andderive new insights about their targetaudiences 23
  • Qriously turns mobile ads into pollsand surveys that can be used formarket research qriously 24
  • by uSamp can help marketersget instant feedback from consumerswherever they are, including feedbackon specific locations and businesses 25
  • dScout uses mobile devices to createand capture ethnographies, withthe device guiding the consumer along dscout 26
  • Targeting looks very different when youcan target consumers wherever theyare, and on multiple screens 27
  • Tapad can target the same consumersin a household across all the differentdevices they‟re using, creating moreholistic campaign possibilities tapad 28
  • Second Screen Networks can target adsto mobile devices and tablets right asconsumers see those ads on TV second screen networks 29
  • LocalResponse can target people inspecific locations based on what they‟vepublicly tweeted(disclosure: I‟m an advisor) localresponse 30
  • Mobility even changes how productsare developed, and the kinds ofproducts that are developed 31
  • At crowdfunding site Kickstarter, anumber of the most successful productsare mobile devices: the Pocket TV,Pebble watch, and Remee dream mask kickstarter 32
  • They‟re not all successful though. AtIndieGogo, the Volt buckle that hides aphone charger in a belt didn‟t quite makethe cut, much to my dismay indiegogo 33
  • Quirky takes the concept further, as itscommunity crowdsources how productscome together, with mobility an addedenabler quirky 34
  • Television is starting to changedramatically as more people interactwith handheld devices while watchingTV 35
  • Viggle is toying with the model ofsecond screen apps, offering points forviewing and engaging with TV, withpoints redeemable for real goods viggle 36
  • ShowYou is an app in the mold of Pulse,Flipboard and others that focuses oncuration of content – including any formof video showyou 37
  • With StarStar, marketers register a **number, which can be promoted on TVand elsewhere; consumers dial it andreceive a text with a call to action starstar 38
  • Thanks to the success of Instagram andhow easy it is to share decent photosfrom smartphones, we‟re seeing newwaves of creativity with multimedia 39
  • Goldrun offers digital images, oftenbranded, which can be combined withphotos to create new kinds of images goldrun 40 40
  • Magisto automatically edits a bunch ofvideos into one seamless movie, makingmobile video far more watchable inmany cases magisto 41
  • Cinemagram taps into the GIF craze,offering a way to create cinemagraphsthat are photos with certain partsanimated like video cinemagram 42
  • Mobile phones and digital cameras maybe great devices for content creation,but the field is getting more divergentwith new accessories and devices 43
  • Kogeto, which shoots panoramic 360-degree video, is just one of a slew ofaccessories that are designed to makemobile handsets even more versatile kogeto 44
  • The boundaries of online and offlinekeep blurring; Moleskin designed aprint notebook to work with contentorganizing suite Evernote evernote + moleskine 45
  • Is this the future? Maybe not, but Googlehas emerged as one of the mostprogressive proponents of wearablehardware; she‟s the new cyborg google project glass 46
  • Mobility changes everything aboutshopping: how we find out about goods,find stores, decide when to buy,compare prices, and tell our friends 47
  • Shopkick uses game mechanics tohook people in, and then offersdiscounts to people who enter physicalstores through the app shopkick 48
  • Swirl is one of the newer mobile-centricservices that gathers offers, tracksfavorite items, and directs users tostores to make a purchase swirl 49
  • Wrapp is a social gifting service foundedin Sweden; people can give free gifts tofriends that have real rewards which canbe redeemed in stores or online wrapp 50
  • Cash, check, credit… mobile handset;Near Field Communication (NFC) getsthe hype, but there are many wayspayment technology is changing 51
  • Dwolla is a new payment serviceboasting low fees and avoiding creditcards entirely; it‟s one of many entrantscompeting directly with PayPal dwolla 52
  • Square started by allowing any merchantwith an iPhone to accept credit cards;now consumers can pay with via phonejust by walking into a trusted store square 53
  • Apple Passbook, coming in its iOS 6software update, is more of a locker tostore cards and tickets but can easilybecome a payment mechanism apple passbook 54
  • Few things are as fundamentally vitalto humans as meeting others;mobile technologies are changing howface to face encounters occur 55
  • What are you doing tonight? Want anyfriends to join you? Wendr is trying tomake such last minute get togethersfar easier, without inviting all your friends wendr 56
  • GrubWithUs connects people in variouscities who have shared interests, takingmeal payments in advance and planningoutings for topically connected groups grubwithus 57
  • Cheek‟d is one of many new twists ondating, where people hand out physicalcards with playful phrases to enticepotential mates to follow up cheekd 58
  • Mobile devices can be detrimental to usif we never disconnect. But they can alsoserve as catalysts to improve ourmental and physical well being 59
  • Fooducate offers rich content and ratingsto show how nutritious various foods are,and why you might want to stay clearof certain ones fooducate 60
  • We spend about a third of our livesasleep, so Lark uses a combination of awristband and app to track our habitsand recommend improvements lark 61
  • Brands are getting involved directly, asNike‟s Fuelband not only tracks physicalactivity but coins Fuel as a new kind ofcurrency nike fuelband 62
  • 63
  • Let‟s keep in mind our old friend Rodrigo,always with a mobile device in-hand.What‟s ahead for him, and all of us? 64 64
  • He‟ll be shopping for and paying forproducts in entirely new ways, and mayone day do without credit cards just byhaving a mobile handset in his pocket 65 65
  • He‟ll be watching TV differently, earningpoints for tuning into his favoriteprograms and curating new content viahis handset and tablet 66 66
  • He‟ll be even more physically active,sporting accessories like the Fuelbandto keep track of his performance andshare his success with others 67 67
  • And then he‟ll meet plenty of others,using his device to make plans to gettogether with people like his newamiga Gisele 68 68
  • 69
  • You‟ll want to be the trusted advisor whoconnects Rodrigo with the people,places and things most interesting tohim, wherever he is 70 70
  • You need to meet Rodrigo‟s immediateneeds, directing him to something hecan do right that instant 71 71
  • Learn from Rodrigo, as every move hemakes presents a new learningopportunity 72 72
  • Embrace change. There are so manynew opportunities to reach yourRodrigos and Gabrielas while stayinga step ahead of your competitors 73 73
  • Obrigado!David BerkowitzVice President, Emerging Media360i@dberkowitz / Download this presentation! 74 74
  • 75
  • Keep Learning• Research • Qriously • • dScout• Targeting • Tapad • Second Screen Networks • LocalResponse• Product Development • Kickstarter (Pocket TV, Pebble watch, Remee) • Indiegogo (Volt buckle) • Quirky• Television • Viggle • ShowYou • StarStar 76 76
  • Keep Learning• Photo & Video • GoldRun • Magisto (SXSW video) • Cinemagram (Sao Paulo image)• Content Creation • Kogeto • Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine • Google‟s Project Glass• Shopping • Shopkick • Swirl • Wrapp 77 77
  • Keep Learning• Payments • Dwolla • Pay with Square • Apple Passbook (featured in its iOS 6 software update)• Meeting People • Wendr • Grubwithus • Cheekd• Health & Wellness • Fooducate • Lark • Fuelband 78 78