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A Mobile Day in the Life: 24 Hours in the Age of the MEGAphone
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A Mobile Day in the Life: 24 Hours in the Age of the MEGAphone


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 65 years ago… or… 24,000 days ago June 17, 1946 - A driver in St. Louis, Mo., pulled out a handset from under his car's dashboard, placed a phone call and made history. It was the first mobile telephone call. A team including Alton Dickieson and D. Mitchell from Bell Labs and future AT&T CEO H.I. Romnes, worked more than a decade to achieve this feat. By 1948, wireless telephone service was available in almost 100 cities and highway corridors. Customers included utilities, truck fleet operators and reporters. However, with only 5,000 customers making 30,000 weekly calls, the service was far from commonplace.
  • It’s 4am I’m outside Bubb Day 2: 4am – out on street with: Yesterday’s paper (10am) Salume menu (12pm) Cork (7pm) Video glasses? ???? Mr. Banana
  • Go Try It On –
  • Aurasma
  • 11am: Pinterest Pinterest – pinning
  •!/pxlt/status/103864017847726080 12pm: 4sq-> Salume app, Dokobots on the way
  • 12pm: 4sq-> Salume app, Dokobots on the way
  • 2pm: Rosetta Stone (or Cat Paint)
  • TaskRabbit
  • 1pm: G+ Meeting
  • 6pm: (grocery store)- iFood, Checkpoints, Aisle411, GroceryIQ, SavingStar (NFC – FAIL – tap phone, to no avail) iFood GroceryIQ (
  • 7pm: (dinner prep) Snooth, Barcode Hero
  • 7pm: (dinner prep) Snooth, Barcode Hero
  • 9pm: (TV) Shazam, IntoNow, Miso, SnappyTV
  • 11pm - Fashism
  • Fashism
  • 11pm – Tshirt change - Pose
  • 12am: Go to Pommes Frites, redeem Google Offer
  • 2am: Alfred to find a place
  • Foodspotting 3am: (dessert) FoodSpotting, We&Co, Skweal (Mr. B terrified of banana split, wind up at BUBBY’S with sign in window that says no bananas allowed)
  • Joey Lawrence (Blossom)
  • Transcript

    • 1. David Berkowitz VP Emerging MediaOriginallyO i i ll presented t d 360i @dberkowitzat 360i’s 2011 Digital dberkowitz@360i.comMarketing Summit(oh, and ~full disclosure:A LOT of brands mentioned 1here are clients)
    • 2. 1946 1 st mobile phone call bil h llVia AT&T : “June 17, 1946: A driver in St. Louis, Mo., pulled out a handset from under his car’s dashboard,placed a phone call and made history. It was the first mobile telephone call. 2
    • 3. 1970s 80s1970s-80scar phone 3
    • 4. 1980 1990s 1980-1990scordless phone 4
    • 5. 1990s 2000s1990s-2000s cellphone 5
    • 6. 2000s todaymid 2000s-today smartphone 6
    • 7. 7
    • 8. 2011 2011-megaphone 8
    • 9. 2011 2011-MEGAphone mgelectronics com/productlisting cfm?categoryid=10 It’s th d i that’s l It’ the device th t’ always a part of t f your life, knowing what you want before you want it. 9
    • 10. why y this ttmatters: 10
    • 11. 1. you’re living y g in the age ofth megaphonethe g ph 11
    • 12. 2 this decade,2. decadeBILLIONS ofconsumers will h haveMEGAphones 12
    • 13. p3. MEGAphones play a role in every y of f our day 13
    • 14. 4. it’s time to it s amplify everything y g you do(starting… now)( i g ) 14
    • 15. 15
    • 17. http:/ yWash down with apint of GuinnessDo not operateheavy machinerywhile clicking Links to all apps in this deck pp originally appeared at the link above, but they’re now conveniently in the Appendix. 17
    • 18. 24 hours inThe Age of the g fMEGAphone 18
    • 19. It begins 4am the following day. 4am Day 2I’m outside a restaurant with my friend Sven Banana, some pie, a funky t-shirt, and an Angry Birds pig. 4am Proprietary & Confidential 19
    • 20. Proprietary & Confidential 20
    • 21. 24 hours earlier, I’m fast asleep,4am Day 1: Sleep Science listening to positive motivational messages from Sleep Science. Science4am Proprietary & Confidential 21
    • 22. I’ve got my WakeMate wristband on,5am: WakeMate syncing with the iPhone to find the optimal time to wake me up based on my sleep cycles.5am Proprietary & Confidential 22
    • 23. With my Lark wristband connecting6am: Lark via bluetooth, it silently wakes me and coaches me for better sleep habits. I can dream, right?6am Proprietary & Confidential 23
    • 24. Here’s what one night’s sleep record l k lik d looks like. Proprietary & Confidential 24
    • 25. Here’s what one night’s sleeprecord looks like after taking NyQuil. Proprietary & Confidential 25
    • 26. It’s time to work out, using FitFu.7am: FitBit, FitFu Using the accelerometer, it tracks the repetitions of my crunches.7am Proprietary & Confidential 26
    • 27. When it’s time to get dressed,m I use Go Try It On to ask people which shirt I should wear.8am Proprietary & Confidential 27
    • 28. There’s a clear winner – outfit #1. And the comments are both helpful and Proprietary & Confidential 28
    • 29. 9am At 9am, I run an errand before work, finding a useful Foursquare tip when I check in. Proprietary & Confidential 29
    • 30. I shop around, fi di some useful h d finding f l info on an ice cream scoop when scanning the QR code on it. Proprietary & Confidential 30
    • 31. I tried tapping my phone to pay pay, but apparently I don’t have NFC access on this older Droid. Maybe time this’ll work better. 31 Proprietary & Confidential
    • 32. 10am: Summify, Aurasma10am I start my workday with media consumption, via social story aggregators like Summify and augmented Aurasma apps like Proprietary & Confidential 32
    • 33. At 11, I start sharing things I love, by taking pictures of Rice Krispies Treats cereal and posting it on my Pinterest board11am Proprietary & Confidential 33
    • 34. Im I’m getting hungry by noon, noon12pm going to sandwich shop Salume, though I lost my mayorship to Proprietary & Confidential Try It On. Matt from Go 34
    • 35. At 1, I play some location-basedgames like Dokobots, where I hunt for robots and batteries overlayed on a map of my actual location. 1pm Proprietary & Confidential 35
    • 36. At 2, I’m doing some self- improvement, studying Spanish on Rosetta Stone’s mobile app Stone s app.2pm Proprietary & Confidential 36
    • 37. Taking a break, I turn to TaskRabbit, a useful site for finding people to do odd jobs for you. you3pm Proprietary & Confidential 37
    • 38. I post my task – delivering Sprinkles Cupcakes, and then scan my credit Card via the phone’s lens to make a Proprietary & Confidential 38
    • 39. I got my cupcakes in a flash, and he dropped them off so quickly that I couldn’t even thank the TaskRabbit in person. Proprietary & Confidential 39
    • 40. At 4, I try collaborating with my colleagues on Google+. Apparently everyone else is too busy working.4pm Proprietary & Confidential 40
    • 41. Time to get out of here. My friend AB is around, so we’ll catch up at a bar to talk shop about digital media media.5pm Proprietary & Confidential 41
    • 42. We hit up Crosby St Hotel, the first Manhattan to accept TabbedOut, an app that lets you pay your tab right from your phone.5pm Proprietary & Confidential 42
    • 43. Proprietary & Confidential 43
    • 44. Proprietary & Confidential 44
    • 45. It’s 6 and time to figure out dinner. I turn to Kraft’s iFood Assistant for recipe ideas, and the GroceryIQ grocery list app from Proprietary & Confidential 45
    • 46. I also tried Checkpoints to scanproducts in the store, earn points, and try to win raffles. No luck this time. Proprietary & Confidential 46
    • 47. I also picked up some wine. Proprietary & Confidential 47
    • 48. Time to make dinner. I went with my own recipe: Mac & Cheese & Philly Cream Cheese7pm Proprietary & Confidential 48
    • 49. While I cooked, I scanned the products I had around me and kept leveling up in Barcode Hero, a game based on scanning products’ Proprietary & Confidential 49
    • 50. Yum.8pm Proprietary & Confidential 50
    • 51. During dinner, I used Snooth’s g , image recognition technology toidentify my wine’s label and bring up reviews about the bottle. Proprietary & Confidential 51
    • 52. I also used MealSnap, which lets you p, y take photos of what your eating and it calculates the calories. It doesn’t always work. Proprietary & Confidential 52
    • 53. Time to watch TV…9pm Proprietary & Confidential 53
    • 54. …and pre-game!*Please drink responsibly Please Proprietary & Confidential 54
    • 55. I use IntoNow to listen to what I’m watching, pull up content related to that show, and let me share it with my friends. Proprietary & Confidential 55
    • 56. I also love stickers, so I use GetGlue to earn some. Proprietary & Confidential 56
    • 57. I have to check out my favorite yBravo shows too, and I use Shazamto connect me to the music played. It works on some commercials too. Proprietary & Confidential 57
    • 58. It’s time to go out for the night, and g g ,10pm I’ll use Fashism for feedback. I also go on to boost the ratings of some of the app’s more unlikely users. Proprietary & Confidential 58
    • 59. Apparently my ThinkGeek Personal Soundtrack shirt with working speaker didn’t get the highest marks. Ninjacat was sweet Proprietary & Confidential 59
    • 60. I also shared my l k on P l h d look Pose, and it made into the featured collection that night. Proprietary & Confidential 60
    • 61. 10pm: (figure out plans) Localmind, ChaCha – At 11, I wanted to explore options for a late-night snack. I tried repeatedlynote Google Deals, ask about Pommes Fritesasking Localmind users for ideas, but I wasn’t getting any help yet.11pm Proprietary & Confidential 61
    • 62. I did get a g g great Google Offer for g12am Pommes Frites so I went over for some massive, crispy fries and an array of dipping sauces. Proprietary & Confidential 62
    • 63. t only did the cook know how torocess the Offer, but there wasAndroid phone connected to the register to scan the barcode. Proprietary & Confidential 63
    • 64. I went for the organic t f th i black truffle mayo. Yum. Proprietary & Confidential 64
    • 65. Sven B. At 1am, I used Sonar to see if any , y1am people I knew were nearby. Sven Banana, with whom I share Facebook friends, was close. Proprietary & Confidential 65
    • 66. Alfred, a new recommendation app from Clever Science, helped me find a good place to eat with Sven that was open all night.2am Proprietary & Confidential 66
    • 67. Sadly, Yelp says Bubby’s is not good for Proprietary & Confidential 67
    • 68. He’s a good sport though, waiting outside while I ordered the pie. ANYTHING but thebanana cream!3am Proprietary & Confidential 68
    • 69. I picked up some g p p great p pies andposted the photos to FoodSpotting, where people find spots to eat based on what dishes look good. Proprietary & Confidential 69
    • 70. Here we are, back at the beginning. It’s 4am, and Sven and I are happily enjoying our pie pie.4am Proprietary & Confidential 70
    • 71. mmmmm… mmmmm chocolate peanut butter! Proprietary & Confidential 71
    • 72. And yet he had to get the banana cream. Unfriending. Proprietary & Confidential 72
    • 73. whoa! 73
    • 74. the age of the MEGAphone is here 74
    • 75. a m p l i f y everything you do (starting… (starting now) 75
    • 76. http:/ one URLvisually in themorningDo not downloadduring an after-party on a boat 76
    • 77. David Berkowitz VP Emerging Media 360i 77
    • 78. appendix: pplinks from th t lk the talk 78
    • 79. Links: Sleeping / Getting Ready p• 4am: Sleep Science• 5am: WakeMate• 6am: Lark• 7am: FitFu• 8am: Go Try It On Proprietary & Confidential 79
    • 80. Links: The 9-5 Workday ( )• 9am: NeoReader (one of the best mobile barcode readers); SXSW talk on NFC• 10am: Summify, Aurasma• 11am: Pinterest• 12pm: Foursquare• 1pm: Dokobots (see also Traveler’s Quest)• 2pm: Rosetta Stone p• 3pm: TaskRabbit• 4pm: Google+ Google Proprietary & Confidential 80
    • 81. Links: Drinks, Dinner, and Unwinding p• 5pm: TabbedOut• 6pm: Kraft iFood Assistant,’s GroceryIQ, CheckPoints• 7pm: Barcode Hero• 8pm: Snooth, MealSnap• 9pm: IntoNow GetGlue Shazam IntoNow, GetGlue,• 10pm: Fashism, Pose• 11pm: Localmind Proprietary & Confidential 81
    • 82. Links: Out for the Night g• 12am: Google Offers• 1am: Sonar• 2am: Alfred• 3am: FoodSpotting Proprietary & Confidential 82