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20 Reasons The Luxor Sucks
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20 Reasons The Luxor Sucks


In January 2009, I did a horrible thing in Las Vegas: I stayed at the Luxor. This is my photo essay.

In January 2009, I did a horrible thing in Las Vegas: I stayed at the Luxor. This is my photo essay.

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  • I have to say I've just returned from my vacation time in Vegas, I stayed in Luxor and I WILL NEVER go back to that hellhole.. one would think that the fact that this hotel is an icon of Vegas would make it as good as any other.. it was my first time in Vegas so I had no idea what I was up to. The hotel service is HORRIBLE, it was nearly impossible to get a drink while playing in the casino without having an old looking woman serve as a waitress, and trust me, altho I refuse to keep a tip, I felt fooled when handing a big tip to her after having her give me an evil glare as if she's making me a favor by serving me... the hotel is old, it needs to be renewed because it looks like it has not been cleaned for years. The accomodations are also terrible, but to me, the room is merely for going crashing and taking a shower.

    Let's not even mention the horrible restaurant, which food is so terrible I felt like going to the food court upstars and getting a big mac.

    One good note is, they did change the shampoo and also added a flat screen in the room.

    NEVER will I be going to the Luxor again, any other casino I'd step into I'd get the best treatment from the bartenders or waiters, in Luxor I practically had to beg to get a drink.

    My advice is, go to the Rio, it's a bit further, but it's HIGH QUALITY.
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  • Thanks. They have changed the shampoo... but...

    We booked our stay at the Luxor 6 weeks ago as a package deal

    (flight/hotel) through American Express. We'd paid for everything

    weeks in advance. We showed up last Friday at 4pm and stood in the

    'Check Out' (Check IN... Check ANYTHING??) line for a good 45 minutes

    before getting to a clerk... who promptly told us their system had no

    record of our reservation. We were instructed to get out of line and

    call American Express, because, look around, they were obviously too

    busy to solve 'our' problem. We didn't budge, and instead asked why

    THEY couldn't call AMEX on our behalf (my wife simultaneously called

    AMEX, who verified all our information)... we were then told that we

    could leave, or they could charge us $259 for that night. Ultimately,

    an hour later, after I mentioned I was ready to rip someones throat

    out, they gave us a room key and only charged us the $15 resort fee.

    They promised they would get it straightened out the following

    morning... long story short, they didn't. We discovered we'd been

    locked out of our room the following day, and needed to spend another

    hour at the checkin/out desk on Saturday afternoon. The desk help

    said repeatedly that it wasn't their fault, or their system problem,

    and that we shouldn't have used a third party to book our trip

    (WTF???). The management was cavalier, uncaring, and totally lacking

    in basic aspects of customer service. I mentioned to the manager that

    we'd spent over 2 hours at the desk within the past 24. He said he'd

    comp us the resort fee for the next two nights and acted as if we were

    supposed to be grateful. Apparently a $30 comp equates to 4 man hours

    in his world. If I have anything to say about it, nobody I know will

    ever stay at the Luxor again. The fact the whole place was dirty and

    in disrepair, and the buffet sucked, is beside the point. Nobody

    there appeared to enjoy their job. In an effort to say something

    nice, our housekeeper Irene was the only conscientious staff member we

    met in four days.
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  • Thanks for all the feedback here. But to the one who said it was $40-$60/night, these were jacked up CES prices and were FAR above that. If i was paying motel prices I'd expect as much. (I'm still a dope for paying those rates instead of using Priceline, as another suggested - I'll give you that.)
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  • The Luxor really needs to respond to this - hopefully they're monitoring the social media sites like this one...
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  • 1. 20 Reasons the Luxor Sucks By David Berkowitz
  • 2. In January 2009, I did a horrible thing g in Las Vegas: I stayed at the Luxor. This i Thi is my photo essay. ht
  • 3. The Shampoo 1
  • 4. The Conditioner 2 What’s up with the jars?
  • 5. The Windows Th Wi d 3 haven t haven’t been washed since the days of the Pyramids
  • 6. The Low Bed 4
  • 7. The Small Pillows 5
  • 8. The Bedding Straight 6 out of a Cheap Motel
  • 9. 7 The Tripwire thanks to the Internet Hookup Being Nowhere Near the Desk
  • 10. 8 And the Connection was Dead When I Came In
  • 11. No 9 WiFi
  • 12. 10 all for $13.99 a $ day d
  • 13. 11 The Really R ll TV
  • 14. No HBO 12 Or Comedy Central
  • 15. 13 The Business Center closes at 5 on the dot
  • 16. Getting Put on Hold Endlessly Endlessly… by the 14 Front Desk
  • 17. 15 Waiting a Half Hour to Pick up a Fax g
  • 18. 16 Their Finest International Cuisine is Served at a T&A Bar
  • 19. Their High-End Restaurant? 17 CatHouse
  • 20. And CatHouse has a Dress Code 18
  • 21. 19 The Marquis Act: Carrot Top
  • 22. And They Found 20 Someone to Name Him Best Comedian
  • 23. That s That’s what I get for staying in a tomb. yg
  • 24. That s That’s what I get for staying in a tomb. yg About the author: David Berkowitz www.meeID.com/david Blog: MarketersStudio.com Twitter: @dberkowitz