Integrating Employment Communications


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Improving the conversation across the candidate-employee-alumni continuum. This presentation looks at the organizational and structural hurdles that limit the quality and effectiveness of the communications between organizations and individuals.

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Integrating Employment Communications

  1. 1. INTEGRATING EMPLOYME COMMUNICATIONS NT JA N 2008 / re v . JU L 09 copyright © 2009 - david a. greenway
  2. 2. PURPOSE “ Integrating Employment Communications” takes a look at how organizations manage the conversation with individuals. We begin with a new perspective - looking at the individual as part of the ‘ candidate-employee-alumni’ continuum, rather than inviduals within static, discrete, and unconnected markets. 2 Part Two identifies the typical organizatonal structure that supports employment (brand) communications. We examine how the current structure leads to missed opportunities and creates inefficiencies in the dialog between organizations and individuals. Lastly, we propose a new vision and structure. One that acknowldges the complexity of the challenges, the variety of stakeholders within an organization, and the need for effectiveness and efficiancy in a global marketplace. copyright © 2009 - david a. greenway
  3. 3. PART ONE THE CONTINUUM : 3 copyright © 2009 - david a. greenway
  4. 4. CONSUME AND PRODUCE RS RS as cus t o m e rs, people evaluate value and share experiences as candidat e s, people investigate fit and talk about opportunity 4 as e m plo ye e s, people emulate brand values and align behaviors with objectives as alum ni, people follow company news and maintain personal connections copyright © 2009 - david a. greenway
  5. 5. CANDIDATE MPLOYE -ALUMNI -E E the relationship to an organization (and brand) starts long before the resume is sent and continues long after the formal employment relationship ends candidates, employees and alumni/ are each viewed as ae 5 monolithic and static while individuals are often one or more of these to an organization during the span of their career as candidate, employe, or alumni (and early on as customer), the messages received from across the organzation may be experienced as uncoordinated and inconsistent copyright © 2009 - david a. greenway
  6. 6. QUESTIONS how can individual employees change the customers’ brand experience? what can employees do to better prepare themselves for future opportunities? how could knowledge of an upcoming new product change how they evaluate 6 a competitor’ s job offer? how can a candidate’ s hot off the street insights add insights to the branding conversation? what can the company learn from alumni infuse new ideas and energy into the marketing plan? copyright © 2009 - david a. greenway
  7. 7. PART TWO: A CLOSE LOOKAT E R C 7 copyright © 2009 - david a. greenway
  8. 8. SE CHANGE A sunday classifieds > > perfect market / imperfect people killer app > > social networking silos > > integration 8 technology as tool > > technology “ baked in” (ubiquity) ” gut” > > strategy driving metrics recruiting as ‘ one stop shop’ > > recruiting as complex enterprise the age of technology > > the age of talent copyright © 2009 - david a. greenway
  9. 9. E TODAY C E as stand alone discipline, separate form it marketing (XC - external C communications) and internal communications (IC- internal comms) cousins organizational- and systems-driven processes ownership and accountabilities scattered across organization 9 conflict of interest between recruiting and brand goals, resources and priorities lack of infrastructure that supports the business of the employment brand missing central repository of employment brand assets and learnings talent acquisition metrics drive strategy, instead of strategy driving metrics copyright © 2009 - david a. greenway
  10. 10. XC-IC-E CONNE C CTIONS “Cust o m e “Em plo ye “Candidat e ” r” e” XC IC EC EXTERNAL INTERNAL EMPLOYMENT Communications Communications Communications “Brand Assets” “Relevant Content” “ Employment Brand” MARK TING E Advertising MAR/ COMM -Investor relations RE CRUITING -Employment brand 10 Interactive -Shareholder reporting -Recruitment advertising Social /E dgework -Internal communications -Sourcing PR -Senior management -Staffing coordination Direct -Intranet -Alumni communications Research HR COMMS -Benefits -Development -Employee relations Creative Services Creative Services External Agency Brand Managers Mar/Comm Managers Recruiters /Project Managers Agency(ies) of Record copyright © 2009 - david a. greenway
  11. 11. E STRUCTURE C HUMAN RESOURCES “Candidat “Em plo ye “A lum ni” e” e” HR COMMS RECRUITING RECRUITING MAR/COMM RE -E CRUITING mployment brand HR COMM -Benefits RE -E CRUITING mployment 11 -Recruitment advertising -Development brand -Sourcing and screening -Employee relations -Recruitment -Staffing coordination advertising -Alumni communications MAR/ COMM -Sourcing -Investor relations -Staffing -Shareholder reporting coordination -Internal communications -Alumni -Senior management communications -Intranet External agency Creative Services External Agency Recruiters / HR COMMS Recruiters / Project Managers Mar/Comm Managers Project Managers Agency(ies) of Record copyright © 2009 - david a. greenway
  12. 12. XC-IC-E GAPS C “Cust o m e “Em plo ye “Candidat e ” r” e” Integration - Brand - People XC IC EC - Organization EXTERNAL INTERNAL EMPLOYMENT - Systems Communications Communications Communications - Knowledge “Brand Assets” “Relevant Content” “ Employment Brand” MARK TING E MAR/ COMM RECRUITING Advertising -Investor relations -Shareholder reporting -Employment brand 12 Interactive -Recruitment advertising Social /E dgework -Internal communications -Sourcing PR -Senior management -Staffing coordination Direct -Intranet -Alumni communications Research HR COMM -Benefits Infrastructure -Development -Employee relations - Processes - Resources Creative Services Creative Services External Agency - Production Brand Managers Mar/Comm Managers Recruiters / Project Managers Ownership - Oversight - Authority - Accountability Agency(ies) of Record - Alignment copyright © 2009 - david a. greenway
  13. 13. INE F NCIE F ICIE S recruitment and alumni communications are owned by staffing, while employee communications responsibilities are shared by HR and internal communications recruiting and alumni communications are often part-time jobs, shared with an equally critical job - recruiting a variety of stakeholders have common messages, content and channels, but different agendas and accountabilities make collaboration challenging 13 what we learn from project to project, and year to year, is rarely shared across owner and stakeholder lines and institutional knowledge stays within silos and vanishes with turnover the corporate brand and the employment brand have unexplored potential, but are separated by tradition dollars are lost due to duplicated efforts and uncordinated strategies copyright © 2009 - david a. greenway
  14. 14. AS A RESULT unconnected and sometimes conflicting messages. underutilized knowledge, processes and relationships unexamined brand building opportunities 14 allocations to research, creative events, public relations, etc. are anemic very few organizations take advantage of shared resources or leverage investments made in advertising assets only a handful of organizations have any type of infrastructure to support employment advertising copyright © 2009 - david a. greenway
  15. 15. PART THRE : A NE E E W C 15 copyright © 2009 - david a. greenway
  16. 16. NE VISION W E views candidates, employees and alumni as a continuum. an individual’ s C relationship with an organization changes throughout their career E is organized to enhance the employment experience at contact points across C the candidate-employee-alumni continuum E includes the spectrum of messages, tools and channels to communicate the C organizations employment value proposition or employment bran E is organized to craft memorable and measurable experiences at touch points C 16 along the candidate-employee-alumni continuum E integrates organizational assests (brand, resources, systems, knowledge and C people) which primary function is to define, collect, enhance, communicate the employment experience E facilitiatess a thoughtful and consistent engagement of the entire organization C in correctly defining problems and developing integrated solutions E enhances organizational communications so that employees can support C organizational objectives to the best of their talents and ability copyright © 2009 - david a. greenway
  17. 17. NE CONNE W CTIONS Trade/ Creative Employee Conferences Services Functions PR Shareholder Verbal Communications Identity Community Product Sponsorships Management Employee Marketing Newsletter Research Benefits Print / Traditional XC MC Corporate Giving 17 Internet BRA N D Intranet New Media Coaching & Leadership Development Sales/Service /Distribution E xit Interviews Career Site EC Onboarding/ J Postings ob Orientation J Descriptions ob Sourcing Strategy Performance Reviews College J F ob airs Recruiting Print / Employee Referral Traditional Program copyright © 2009 - david a. greenway
  18. 18. NE STRUCTURE W HUMAN RESOURCES “EMPLOYME B NT RAND MANAGER” E mployment Branding Marketing Internal Communications Brand Managers Agency(ies) AOR Recruitment Advertising Project Managers Creative Services Alumni Communications 18 “Candidat “Em plo ye “A lum ni” e” e” HR COMMS RECRUITING RECRUITING MAR/COMM RE CRUITING HR COMM RECRUITING Relationship -Benefits -Sourcing Management -Development -Staffing Sourcing and screening -Employee relations coordination -Staffing coordination HR COMMS & MAR/ COMM -Investor relations INTERNAL -Shareholder reporting COMMS -Senior management -Intranet copyright © 2009 - david a. greenway
  19. 19. N EW ROLE as e m plo ym e nt brand m anage r : lead branding and marketing activities for all employment communications initiatives implement marketing plans and programs in order to identify and attract talent as well engaging employees in meeting organizational objectives 19 advocate for E with peer marketing teams within organization C supervise the development of brand appropriate materials and promotions develop cross-organizational relationships with key business partners in hr and client groups develop strategies for recruiting top caliber employees in a high-growth environment. copyright © 2009 - david a. greenway
  20. 20. NE HOME W “ In d e pe n de n t ” XC EC IC • La r g e S c a l e Hir in g Ne e d s • In d e pe n d e n t Le a d e r s h ip EXTERNAL EMPLOYMEN INTERNAL • Ow n e r s h ip o f De l ive r y O Co mmun ic at io n T Co mmun ic at io n s Co mmun ic at io n s s “ De pa r t me n t ” XC EC -o r - EC IC • S ma l l -Me d ium Hir in g 20 • Re po r t in g S t r uc t ur e • Co mbin e d S e r vic e s EXTERNAL INTERNAL C Co mmun ic at io n Co mmun ic at io n s s “Above all, I found I had to accept that effective brand com unication… involves m “ Hybr id ” processes w hich are XC IC • S ma l l -Me d ium Hir in g uncontrolled, disordered, abstract, intuitive… and EC • In d e pe n d e n t Le a d e r s h ip frequently im possible to explain EXTERNAL INTERNAL • S h a r e d S e r vic e s other than w the benefit of ith Co mmun ic at io n Co mmun ic at io n hindsight.” s s “Posh Spice & Persil” Apples, Insights and M ad Inventors Jerem Bullm y ore Re c r uit in g copyright © 2009 - david a. greenway
  21. 21. NE QUE W STIONS what are the ways we can engage employees in achieving marketing objectives how can the on-boarding experience increase productivity faster? what can we learn form those not hired (or interviewed)? how can the individual accomplishments of our people enhance the brand 21 message? how can company news be leveraged to increase employee retention? how can we use social networking to create a strong community and encourage learning across departments and geography? what are the ways we can piggy-back of existing relationships, channels and knowledge to increase marketing effectiveness? copyright © 2009 - david a. greenway
  22. 22. IMPLE NTATION ME • Tactical Coordination of Marketing Communications • Redefining the Scope of Marketing Communications 22 • Application of IT / Incorporation of Data • Financial and Strategic Integration (Adapted: F Stages of Internal Communications, K our itchen, Shultz and Schultz) copyright © 2009 - david a. greenway
  23. 23. OPPORTUNITIES integrate people into branding strategy early and often create employment communications strategies that support brand objectives 23 leverage content and channels across candidate-employee-alumni continuum identify channels to upload ideas and feedback copyright © 2009 - david a. greenway
  24. 24. WHEN new or re-brand growth / downsizing 24 acquisition / divestiture change in strategy / positioning competitive / global challenges copyright © 2009 - david a. greenway
  25. 25. OUTCOMES increased resonance of the brand improved ability of candidates self-identify knowledge that will help navigate any employment conditions 25 truly begin to leverage people as brand enhanced value to employees greater involvement with the brand broadened employee engagement 25 copyright © 2009 - david a. greenway
  26. 26. FINAL THOUGHTS employment communications today must be frictionless, immediate and personal. the successful brand is not simply a concoction of stellar creative, laser strategy, website dazzle or rocket science technology but rather the integration of all these working in unison with the organization’ s brand, resources, systems, knowledge and people. bringing employment communications into brand thinking is smart for organizations, but it’ s even smarter for their agency partners. ad agencies 26 are in a unique position to help their clients leverage brand assets and compete for brand-building talent. The job responsibilities of an E mployment Brand Manager may exist informally, but most likely are shared among a variety of individuals across an organization. While a few organizations have made advances in formalizing the importance and oversight of the E mployment Brand, the purpose of this document is to begin discussion around how to best structure the management of the E mployment B rand and outline the nature of the E mployment B rand Manager role. copyright © 2009 - david a. greenway
  27. 27. CONTACT David Greenway 27 781-913-6698 david@ “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing m to add, but w ore hen there is nothing left to take away..” A n t o in e d e S a in t - E x u p e r y copyright © 2009 - david a. greenway