Quiet Title – You Can Beat the Bank
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Quiet Title – You Can Beat the Bank



A new day is dawning. The banks are losing and the homeowners are winning with Quiet Title Actions

A new day is dawning. The banks are losing and the homeowners are winning with Quiet Title Actions



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  • this is not true. its been over a year of working with tim bronson, sara miller, & liana rawie @ www.tila-now.com and have spent over a grand and have gotten nothing to help me AT ALL!!! Just left us hanging and we are not happy. Just another scam I guess.
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Quiet Title – You Can Beat the Bank Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Visit us at http://www.tila-now.com Quiet Title – You Can Beat the Bank
  • 2. Visit us at http://www.tila-now.com
    • Across the nation the tide has turned away from the banks and in favor of the home owners.
    • The banks are losing in court and being sued by everyone.
    • Home owners are winning and in many cases receiving their homes free and clear – and getting quiet title.
    • The secret is auditing everything that has gone on and pointing out to the court the fraud committed against you.
  • 3. Visit us at http://www.tila-now.com “ A new day is dawning. The banks are losing and the homeowners are winning with Quiet Title Actions” Homeowners have called it quits on working with the banks. They have said enough of the never-ending loan mod that the lender pretends to be working on. For years, we saw homeowners suffering at the hands of the bank. Their mental and emotional state deteriorated to such a degree that many people just gave up and walked away.
  • 4. Visit us at http://www.tila-now.com They had made the critical mistake of thinking the bank was helping them. Now homeowners have seen the statistics for themselves. They know banks don’t help. They know it because the banks revealed just how criminal they are when it was exposed on national media that the banks had been conducting thousands upon thousands of fraudulent foreclosures. That was in October of 2010.
  • 5. Visit us at http://www.tila-now.com There is nothing like watching the resurgence of the American Spirit. Homeowners had been beaten, abused, lied to, and wronged. They had been victims and pawns in a big banking game that had destroyed their lives, and they had given up. But not anymore! A great man once said if you keep beating a man long enough, he will soon agree that he is beaten. That same man also said that if you want to show a man that he can win, show him others who won before him. Let him see success to believe in success for himself.
  • 6. Visit us at http://www.tila-now.com Now is the time of the American Homeowner. Time to step up and show the judges, show the nations and show the banks that he will not be wronged! Quiet Title has been the legal remedy for this great resurgence. The banks have been exposed as fraudulent criminals who have stolen homes, perjured themselves in court, and committed fraud in so many different forms and ways that they have lost all respect, both here in the US and abroad.
  • 7. Visit us at http://www.tila-now.com More importantly, nobody believes the banks anymore .
    • The federal government investigates and fines them.
    • Attorneys General are investigating and fining them.
    • The courts view them all with a suspicious eye, demanding real proof that they own the loan and deed.
    • And the most important person in this whole mix, the borrower, has taken a stand against them.
  • 8. Visit us at http://www.tila-now.com Nothing gives hope like these now common news reports :
    • Federal Government sues Deutsche Bank
    • New York Appellate Court says MERS can't foreclose
    • Michigan Appellate Court has ruled against MERS right to non-judicial foreclosures
    • Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, Kansas, California, Idaho, and Michigan Supreme Courts have all ruled in some form or another against MERS and their rights to foreclose.
    • Attorneys General investigate banks in all 50 states- Combined fines against them must now be in the billions
  • 9. Visit us at http://www.tila-now.com
    • Arizona Mayoral Candidate Seizes homes from Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae fraudulent foreclosures
    • Taylor Bean & Whittaker CEO sentenced to 30 years in prison for Mortgage and Securities Fraud
    • Two different Attorneys in Utah have already won four Quiet Title suits with hundreds more filed
    • Judge vacates NJ Foreclosure due to fraudulent documents submitted by bank
    • Judge rules against Saxon Mortgage: Vacates Foreclosure on behalf of Homeowner
  • 10. Visit us at http://www.tila-now.com
    • Homeowner beats Bank of America in Small Claims Court
    • Mortgage Companies sued for wrongful foreclosures on military - Banks will pay out 22 million
    • Hundreds of Quiet Title lawsuits being filed around the nation
    • CA judge rules against One West/Indy Mac Foreclosure and Orders Sanctions against them
    • NY judge overrules Foreclosure, Queens man returns home
  • 11. Visit us at http://www.tila-now.com Today, the homeowners are “the guy in white hats.” He has once again become the hero who stood up for himself, his family, his values and beliefs. He has become a master of his own destiny, and most of all, he stood up against the tyranny of big banking and he saved his home. Homeowners are clearly taking a stand and they are showing that banks are not above the law.
  • 12. Visit us at http://www.tila-now.com 1. Stop listening to them 2. Stop believing them 3. Take matters into your own hands 4. Investigate them 5. Sue them 6. Get your home free and clear and request Quiet Title How to break the chains of big banking:
  • 13.
    • If you have been waiting for a loan mod for more than three months
    • If you have MERS on your loan
    • If you have a predatory loan
    • If you have been disqualified for a loan mod
    • If foreclosure was started on you while waiting for a loan mod
    Here's the reality about working with the bank: Visit us at http://www.tila-now.com
  • 14.
    • If the bank has lost your paperwork more than once
    • If the bank has had you in a trial mod for more than three months
    • If the bank has an auction date on your home
    • If the bank has already auctioned your home
    The bank is stringing you along, they are not to be trusted, and they are not going to help you. Visit us at http://www.tila-now.com
  • 15. Visit us at http://www.tila-now.com Take real action. Sue them. Request that the loan be forgiven and the clouds on the title be quieted with a quiet title action. Our most sought after services are Forensic Audits and Securitization Audits. Once the audits are completed, we’ll refer you to a paralegal firm for affordable quiet title action. In a nutshell these two audits prove the banks have done you wrong and give you the best possible chance of a successful lawsuit against your bank.
  • 16. Visit us at http://www.tila-now.com Don't go it alone any more. The bank will have you thinking that you are the bad guy, they are the good guy. Come on over to the winning side where our homeowners can tell you without a doubt: You are the good guy; the bank is the bad guy.
  • 17. Visit us at http://www.tila-now.com Judges don’t like to be “duped” by the bank. They don’t like it when you have been the bank’s pawn. Get your Forensic & Securitization Audit . Get your Quiet Title Lawsuit . Get that Judge the ammunition he needs to help you be the next homeowner who went against the big banks and came out the victor! Call Tila Solutions at (702) 508 0335. Get your Quiet Title Lawsuit .