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  • 1. Evaluation - Question 1 In what ways does you media product use, develop orchallenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  • 2. Conventions of film openingsI learned that there are certain types of forms and conventions that createfilm openings. For example:The conventional order of title sequences: the order is very essentialbecause it has to follow an specific structure.The sound used which sets the mood: having sound that matches the paceof the movie help to create tension and give a clearer sense to the plot.The story introduction which can establish key characters: the way theintroduction is structured can help to introduce certain characters to theaudience, which helps to understand the plot better.Specific shots that create tension: shots such as close ups and mediumshots can give the audience a clear sense of the atmosphere in which thescene is set in.Key locations and props: the location supports the plot to be more realistic.Also, the props used can help to structure the characters and their role.These are all things that make up a good film opening and that demonstratemy knowledge on all the areas that need to be addressed when creatingone.
  • 3. Conventions of TitleTitle Sequences sequences follow an specific order where theproduction company ident usually comes first and thenthey are concluded with the ‘Written by’ title. Fromprevious research I did, usually this is how titles arestructured:1 Production company 7 Costume2 Distributor 8 Music supervisor3 Actor (star 1) 9 Music by4 Actor (star 2) 10 Edited by5 Film title 11 Production designer6 Actors… 12 Director of photography 13 Executive producer 14 Written by 15 Director
  • 4. Conventions of Title SequencesUsually, the usual fonts that are usually used for titles are:- Helvetica Neue- Arial- TahomaThe titles have to be big and readable enough so that the audience areable to understand them. Also, the speed in which they are shown areroughly about 2 or 3 seconds. If they were to be longer it would becomeboring for the viewer.The colour of the titles usually depend on the background in which they arein. If the background is dark, then the titles should be brighter, and if thebackground is bright, then the font should be darker. This is mainly so it’svisible when the clip is playing. The font should be consistent.The transitions are mainly edited so that they flow with the pace of the clip.Fading effects are mostly used in order to style the way the titles appear.
  • 5. Conventions on my film openingConventional OrderFor my thriller opening, I tried to create the order for the titles as organized aspossible. It was not necessary to add some specific titles so I shortened up theamount of titles included. This is the conventional order I used:1 Production Company Ident2 Title of Film3 Production company4 Star 15 Star 25 Casting6 Music supervised by7 Edited by8 Directed by10 Written by
  • 6. Conventions of Title SequenceFor my own own titles, I decided to lay them out differently from howthey are usually laid out. I decided to have the titles already written inthe man’s diary. When the man turns the page, there is a close up ofthe diary so that the audience can see where they are and thenimmediately after that there is an extreme close up of the title, with ashaking effect. This type of transition usually happens every threeseconds so that the audience can read properly what the titles say.I opted for the colour red for thetitles because red is usually used tosymbolize death. Because the diaryonly contains evil things related todeath I thought it would be good toconnect it with the colour of thetitles. Also, red makes the titlesstand out more, which makes it lookbetter in the final outcome.Furthermore, the way the tittles arewritten makes them look scary andbuilds up the main character.
  • 7. Personal note – Title Sequence Learning about the conventional order of title sequences was very interesting because before I was taught about it, I never actually paid attention to the amount of work and detail that goes into creating a title sequence. I appreciate more now the way in which they are crated and I also get inspiration from different title sequences in order to use learned skills for future projects. My media product has responded well to the way real media products use their forms and conventions because the fact that a similar order for titles sequence was followed proves that I have used previous examples in order to inspire my own media product. From the rough idea that I had to the final there was been a strong development that expanded my knowledge in this area of media.