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Dos and donts
Dos and donts
Dos and donts
Dos and donts
Dos and donts
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Dos and donts


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Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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  • 1. Ancillary Products Do’s and Don’t’s
  • 2. What will happen… In order for my ancillary work to be successful and appear as professional as possible, I needed to do some research into some of the aspects that I should include and also some that I shouldn’t include. I think it is a good idea to look at other people’s mistakes so that I don’t make the same mistake on my work. I will be looking at the things I should do and the things I shouldn’t.
  • 3. Things to do Only use two fonts. Exceeding this will make my work look out of place. They should be appropriate for the genre I am looking at. Make sure they work well together and also control the size. Don’t use a lot of colour. Stick to two or three max. Again, they should fit my genre and make sure it looks attractive and professional eventually. The photos should be clear and not pixelated. Don’t take a screenshot of the actual video; take an individual photograph. Consider the framing and structure appropriately. Follow the rule of thirds for composition. Remember to include important information that ancillary products share. For example: Artist info., barcode, label logo, specific websites…
  • 4. Things not to do Don’t use effects that will make the image look bad. It only makes sense to use effects if it is visible that it looks good. Use Photoshop appropriately. Stretching images will make the photograph distorted. Don’t stretch it to make it fit into the panel. Try use an image with the right size to avoid it being unclear. Don’t cover the artist’s face with text or any other supplements such as stickers. It’s supposed to be the introduction of a new artist. Don’t rely on your own opinion. Try to get feedback in order to make improvements. Don’t make the artist’s face appear own every single panel. Try to experiment in order to follow the conventions of my genre.
  • 5. So… I have an idea about the things that I should perhaps be aware of when planning and making my ancillary work. Hopefully I will succeed.