Turn Your Old Pc Into A Media Center
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Turn Your Old Pc Into A Media Center

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Get use out of that old PC and turn it into a family media center

Get use out of that old PC and turn it into a family media center

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  • 1. Turn Your Old PC Into A Family Media CenterKnowing what to do with an old computer is always astruggle. However I have found a great way to use myold computers as a family media center.My name is David and I work with Dell.If you are interested in learning more about Desktop computers click here.
  • 2. Stop piling up Old PCs in your computer roomand put one of them to work as a family mediacenter. image credit here.
  • 3. What you will need? 1. Old computer with: S video port 2. TV with S Video Port, or S video to coax adapter. See pictures.S Video Port. Traditional SLook at both video Cable.computer and Connects S to STelevision. port S Video to Coax Adapter
  • 4. Erase All Unneeded DocumentsAnd Media.For the best long term results you will want to erase as much information on the oldcomputer as possible. Get rid of programs files and any other information that is notneeded for your media center. Even older PCs often had at least 500GB Hard Disks.This opens the door to a lot of media options. Create folders for pictures, music andvideos.You can create sub categories if you would like as well. I like to make easy accessfolders for children shows and more. You can also turn this machine into a DVR.Instructions hereIf you have a wireless home network you can access this media via an Xbox or internetconnected television. Otherwise you will have to hide the computer in yourentertainment center to access the media easily.
  • 5. RemoteThe best way to control the media is via Windows Media Centerwith an Xbox. This way the computer can stay in your office andbe activated via your home wireless network. Learn how to setone of those up here. But if you are going to be hiding the PC inyour family room you will need a way to control the pc without amouse and keyboard. Your best option is the windows remote.You can get one for around $50. It will be well worth thepurchase to access all of your media
  • 6. Transfer Data and EnjoyOnce everything is setup start transferring mediato your new media center. Use the DVD drive tocopy all of the DVDs you own so you have themin easy access digital formats.