Getting started with your kbox
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Getting started with your kbox

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Hi my name is Dave and I work with Dell. This is my presentation on getting started with your Kbox.

Hi my name is Dave and I work with Dell. This is my presentation on getting started with your Kbox.

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  • 1. Preparation for Patch Management
  • 2. Today’s Areas ofFocusIf at any time youneed assistancethrough any of theseor other steps.Please click on the“Live Chat” buttonthat is at the bottomright of yourWelcome Page.For a more in depthanalysis of PatchManagement gohere.
  • 3. Step 1: Subscribe &DownloadWhen setting up totest your Kbox, pleasemake sure and set itup the night beforerunning the test.Now we willdownload patches bygoing to SubscriptionSettings. (If there areno settings forWindows or Mac itjust means it is a freshinstall and there aren’tany settings on it)
  • 4. UpdatingPatchesTo update patches clickon Setting>>ControlPanel>>Patch Settings.After clicking PatchSettings click on theUpdate Patching buttonand wait a few minutes.Next click on theSecurity Module at thetop and scroll down. Itwill show by “LastUpdate Status” that ithas been updated.
  • 5. Now We areReady toSubscribeHere you will see a listof all of the supportedoperating systems andbe able to edit them atthe bottom with theEdit Mode button atthe bottom of thepage.Don’t click on theDownload SoftwareInstallers, this is anadvanced option thatwill be discussed later.
  • 6. Next Let’s CreatePatch FiltersFor now we will skipthe Machine Filtersbecause it’s in anotherpresentation in betterdepth. But PatchFilters are verysimilar, so this shouldhelp with bothprocesses.Go to the Label tabunder Inventory andcreate a label that wewant to use to collectthe patches we aregoing to focus on.
  • 7. Patch FiltersContinuedIn Patch Listing clickon Create PatchFilter button. This isgoing to permit usto group patchestogether to updatemultiple updates atonce.The queries can beas simple orcomplex as you’dlike.
  • 8. Closing up theUpdatesIn this stage of the updates youcan select your queries toupdate both Windows andMac OS’.Next go back to Inventory andselect the “My View By” pull-down it will show you all thepatches that are under thatfilter.Any time updates becomeavailable for thosecategorizations you will seethem available in that screen.From here on your updateswill be an easy to use dynamicpolicy or schedule.For help with softwaredistribution go here.