Dell refurbished


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Dell refurbished

  1. 1. 4 Things to consider whenbuying a refurbished computer. My name is David and I work with Dell. This presentation will walk you through things you need to consider when shopping for a refurbished computer. For more information on refurbished laptops check here or for a refurbished desktop click here.
  2. 2. What is a refurbished computer?Most large computer manufacturers have a verystringent refurbishing process. They wantcustomers to continue to shop with them so theyare not going to risk selling substandard equipment. In most cases refurbishedcomputers will be identical to its brand newcounter part. Occasionally they will come with aminor scratch but usually even that is fixed before itis sent to you. Shopping for a refurbished computergives you the benefits of a practically new machinefor the price of a used one.
  3. 3. #1 Consider FunctionalityThere are two main reasons a computer would be considered refurbished.The most common reason is that it was sent back because a customerchanged their mind. If a customer returns a computer within the warrantyperiod the manufacturer will resale it as a refurbished machine even thoughthere was never anything wrong with it. They cant sell them as new becausethey have been opened at used slightly for a short period of time.The other reason a computer may be considered refurbished is if it came withdefective parts. A defective part could be anything from a RAM module to themotherboard. When the manufacturer gets these computers back from thecustomer they replace the faulty parts with brand new ones or if it isan installation problem then they do a proper reinstall and you basically havea brand new machine.Manufacturers also test for like-new functionality before selling. They do notonly test the replacement parts, but everything else as well. You can expectrefurbished computers to function just as well as new ones.
  4. 4. #2 Check the warrantyJust like any other computer purchase, the warrantymatters. Large companies will almost always offerthe same warranty on refurbished computers asthey do on their new products. This really takes therisk out of buying a refurbished machine. Make surethat you buy your refurbished machine from themanufacturer rather than a reseller. This helpsinsure the warranty is in place. Ash questions aboutthe warranty so that you are certain you are gettingexactly what you think you are.
  5. 5. #3 Compare pricesComputer manufacturers have strict guidelines of what theycan and can not claim as new product. If a customer choosesto return a computer after the package has been opened themanufacturer must mark it as used or refurbished.Manufacturers know that their customers will not be willing topay full price for something that is marked used orrefurbished. They dont want to hang on to extra inventorywaiting to find someone willing to pay a higher price so thewill offer deep discounts on refurbished computers. Typicallya 20 percent discount off the price of a new computer but ifyou shop around and compare prices you can sometimes findeven better deals.
  6. 6. #4 Check that all accessories are includedWhen you are buying a refurbished machine can youexpect all the pieces to be included? The answer is yes. Ifyou buy a refurbished computer from the manufacturerthe will provide you with everything that the originalcomputer came with. Things like user manual, originaldocumentation, all the power cords and accessories canbe expected. Make sure you ask what will be included soyou dont run the risk of something being left out.If you follow these steps there really should be no risk inbuying a refurbished desktop or laptop computer.