Barcodes & Baseball - the second inning


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Slides from Winco ID's Barcodes & Baseball Event (July 2013)

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Barcodes & Baseball - the second inning

  1. 1. Welcome!
  2. 2. Agenda 4.00 PM Welcome & Introductions – John Burke, Winco ID Barcode Printer Evolution – Bruce McDowell, Datamax-O’Neil Beyond Identification – David Holliday, Winco ID Valmarc Total Vision – John O’Brien, Valmarc 6.30 PM Dinner & Networking Baseball Game
  3. 3. John Burke David Holliday
  4. 4. New – Performance Series Bruce McDowell
  5. 5. John O’Brien – Valmarc Corp.
  6. 6. Enjoy!
  7. 7. What’s New in Label Printing. Bruce McDowell Datamax-O’Neil
  8. 8. • RL4 – the most rugged 4” wide portable printer. – Only printer in the industry to achieve IEC 60068-2-31 certification. (2000 tumbles from 1.5’) – Has all industry emulations, eases integration. – 802.11 a/b/g, Bluetooth or serial interfaces. – On demand print at point of use. Portable Printer Innovation
  9. 9. • Rising use of Smart phones vs industrial HHTs. – Offer support for Windows Mobile, Android & Java. – iOS support coming soon! – Leverage the BYOD trend. Portable Printer Innovation
  10. 10. • MP Compact4 – Powered by vehicle’s battery (24-48 VDC). • Fork lift or cart based applications. – Shock & vibration protection means longer life. – Easy loading, even with gloves on. – Mountable in any orientation. – LAN or W-LAN options. Portable Printer Innovation
  11. 11. • E-Class MkIII additions & options – Pro & Pro+ models • Pro includes LCD user interface, easier set-up. • Pro+ offer expanded media capacity. – 7.2” label rolls & 300m long ribbons. » Less time spent changing media & lower cost. • Locking cabinet & Kensington slots eliminate theft. Desktop Printer Innovation
  12. 12. • E-Class MkIII additions & options – Enhanced options expand its capability. • MPU4000 – Single charge lasts for days. – Quick recharge time. • External media stand – Use common media across the board. Desktop Printer Innovation
  13. 13. • E-Class MkIII additions & options – Enhanced options expand its capability. • Wireless connectivity expands reach & lowers costs. – Bluetooth – 802.11 a/b/g • USB host & compact keyboard. – These options enable stand-alone & cart based solutions! – Printers UNPLUGGED!!! Desktop Printer Innovation
  14. 14. • I-Class MkII…More, More, More. – With today's label formats getting more sophisticated, it’s all about throughput. • Faster processors, 400mhz. • Expanded memory, 32MB RAM/64MB Flash. • More standard emulations. • More communications. – Standard: parallel, serial, & USB. – Optional: LAN, 802.11 a/b/g, SDIO, USB host. Industrial Printer Innovation
  15. 15. • IntelliSEAQ printheads. – New, smarter printheads extend the life & reduce costs. – Durable coating for more abrasion resistance. – Less frequent replacement of printheads, increased up time. – 20% lower power consumption. Industrial Printer Innovation
  16. 16. • New ST line of thermal printers. – Industry standard printer language. • Eliminates the need to learn & support new language. • Quick & easy integration. – New, innovative features make it user friendly. • Color touch screen display • Auto loading with zero wasted labels Desktop Printer Innovation
  17. 17. The NEW Datamax-O’Neil Performance and Workstation thermal printers communicate using PCL, the globally adopted printing standard of laser and inkjet printers. PCL Thermal Printing Benefits over Laser •Printing only what you need eliminates waste •Thermal is 2 to 5 times more energy efficient than laser. •Thermal has lower maintenance costs •Thermal has higher label printing duty cycles •There’s no need for custom drivers, software, or middleware •There will be no future issues with updates or sustainability Why PCL Thermal?
  18. 18. Total Printing Solutions • The standard output from CRYSTAL REPORTS for SAP, ORACLE, etc., making the IT Department’s life easier • Allows easy addition of .JPG, .TIF, .HTML, and .JIF files as customers increasingly wish to add drawings to labels • Allows easy addition of PDF; important for Healthcare and manufacturing where data must be ‘locked’ • 50 Smooth scalable fonts allow the marketing department to follow corporate standards PCL Differentiators & Advantages
  19. 19. Differentiators & Advantages • SAP default output is PCL • ST SAP solution does not require Middleware • Maintaining multi-language systems is easy • ST SAP integration is simple & quick The Best-Run Businesses Run SAP
  20. 20. Differentiators & Advantages The standard operating system for servers- IT departments have LINUX skills in house The huge LINUX ‘library’ means that drivers are available for almost any device The LINUX community will be the first to write drivers for new devices LINUX + USB Host = Stand Alone Applications LINUX IN ST PRINTER
  21. 21. Differentiators & Advantages Network Management : ST PCL + Bi-Di allows the use of the same Network Management Tools as today: • ST printers visible on the network just as any other printer • No need to learn, install & run a proprietary network management system Total Printing Solutions
  22. 22. New Industry Standard for Label Registration: • No wasted labels because of poor registration • Smart label guide automatically adjusts for optimal print head pressure, maximizing printhead life • Center Bias & Media Guide eliminates outside edge adjustment • ‘Label Whip’ eliminated by pinch roller and auto- feed mechanism Differentiators & Advantages
  23. 23. Total Printing Solutions • ST has both Near Edge and Flat Glaze print heads in the same family: optimal choice depending on application • Enables the printing of unique media, thicker than normal. • PCL gives the opportunity to support Managed Print Services: a new approach for barcode Printers Differentiators & Advantages
  24. 24. Industries and Applications Product Segment Desktop Industrial Model Type WorkStation Performance Specialty ST Model Ref. STw.1110 STp.1115 STp.1115s STp.1125 STp.1120n D-O Model w1110 p1115 p1115s p1125 p1120n Key Features Small, Low Price Locking Lid Industrial Entry High Resolution High Performance Near Edge Industry/ Application Retail Item and shelf labels and tags Small item labels Shelf/ Item tags Manufacturing Product S/N labels Small product S/N labels Production packaging labels Instructional Docs Transportation/ Logistics Shipping labels Shipping/ warehousing labels High volume shipping labels Ticketing Healthcare Prescription printing Pharmacy script labels Laboratory labels Pharmacy script labels Laboratory labels Thick surgery labels Agriculture Plant stakes Commercial Services Service labels Service labels and tags Utility ID labels and wraps Service tags
  25. 25. Thanks! Any Questions?
  26. 26. Beyond Identification – Barcodes in Industry David Holliday
  27. 27. Why? complex supply chainsvisibility e-commerce authenticity brand protection traceability mobile marketing inventory control asset control compliance uniqueness
  28. 28. How? uniqueness
  29. 29. How? Barcodes RFID
  30. 30. US Patent #2,612,994 First Barcode Patent - 1952 Barcode Art - Bret daCosta Barcodes have come a long way…
  31. 31. Barcode Geek Test Answers here: Which Barcode?
  32. 32. Uniqueness Stamped Engraved Serial Not globally unique Can’t be scanned
  33. 33. Uniqueness UPC/GTIN Not unique Can be scanned
  34. 34. Uniqueness MIL-STD-130 UID Can be scanned Globally Unique
  35. 35. Uniqueness Needs Standards Department of Defense MIL-STD-130/MIL-STD-129
  36. 36. Uniqueness Needs Standards Department of Defense MIL-STD-130/MIL-STD-129
  37. 37. Uniqueness Needs Standards Aerospace ATA Spec 2000
  38. 38. Uniqueness Needs Standards GS1 Standards HIBCC Standards
  39. 39. 2D Barcodes in Industry • What is it? • Who made it? • How much is it worth? • Where is it? • Where has it been? • Where is it going? • Does it need maintenance? 2D Barcodes enable items to talk to us! • Is it under warranty? • Has it expired? • Has it been recalled? • Is it counterfeit?
  40. 40. 2D Barcodes in Industry Huge Range of Scanners
  41. 41. 2D Barcodes in Industry QR Codes for Industry Too!
  42. 42. Barcodes Holograms and other ideas Authenticity
  43. 43. Authenticity Over to Mr. O’Brien in a moment
  44. 44. MLK “I have a dream” speech encoded in 40 Datamatrix codes see: Thank You!
  45. 45. Valmarc Total Visibility Sorry, this presentation isn’t available Head over to for info
  46. 46. Thank You!