How To Connect Using iMA
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  • 1. It doesn’t take a genius to see that we are living in that we are living in …turbulent… …exciting… …and challenging times!
  • 2. In today’s virtual world it is importantnot to lose sight of the most importantskill of all….. ……the ability to Connect with others
  • 3. The ability to Connect with others is afundamental life skill, your….. Effectiveness Success Happiness Future Depends on it!
  • 4. When you Connect people • See the best in you • Place weight on what you say • Focus on your strengths • Overlook your shortcomings • Try to Assist you • Go out of their way to be with you
  • 5. iMA is colour based universal languagedesigned to optimise Connectivity. Mutual liking Trust Understanding Respect
  • 6. Every person speaks 1 iMA dialect naturally Putting her/him on the same wavelength as 25% of the world population. 75% of the world population speaks 1 of 3 other iMA dialects and are on a different wavelength.
  • 7. When people are on a different wavelength they • Have difficulty Connecting • Often mis-communicate • Are less likely to influence • Are less likeable • Rub each other the wrong way just being themselves
  • 8. The universal language of iMA helps you Connect With the 75% of the world that is on a different wavelength than you!
  • 9. To Connect withHigh Blues:• Be open• Be non Assertive• Be sincere• Be pleasant• Be consistent• Be supportive of their feelings
  • 10. To connect with High Greens:• Be logical• Be time disciplined• Be respectful of rules• Be prepared• Be precise• Be structured and well organised• Be supportive of their thoughts
  • 11. To connect with High Reds:• Be practical• Be brief• Be assertive• Be to the point• Be respectful of my time• Show strength• Be supportive of my goals
  • 12. To connect with High Yellows:• Be open• Be quick paced• Be positive• Be flexible• Be generous with praise• Be supportive of their ideas
  • 13. iMA creates an environment wherepeople feel valued• Focusing on the wants and needs of the individual• Bridging the gap between management and employees• Treating people the way they want to be treated
  • 14. iMAWhat iMA dialect do you speak? Find out here