Jalisco Medical Tourism Cluster Presentation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


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Presentation given at the International Summit of Medical Tourism in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, August 22, 2012, by David Bolick of MediTravel Solutions.

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Jalisco Medical Tourism Cluster Presentation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

  2. 2. The Cluster’s MissionDeliver Medical Tourism services, promotingand disseminating the internationalization ofprivate medicine in Jalisco through theintegrated services of hospitals certified by theMexican General Health Council together witheducational, business and governmentinstitutions as well as professional tourismservice providers.
  3. 3. Cluster Map International Local Transportation Transportation Medical FIRST CONTACT: Market Area Agents, operators, facilitators Investigation Publicity Medical Touristic Service: Touristic Hotels Financial Area Hospitals Services Resources CORE ACTIVITY Representation of Medical Insurance Tourism Companies Tourist SPAS Brokers Attractions SUPPORT Regulatory SSA Medical & Educational Medical Governmental CSG Nursing Institutions, Research InstitutionsCOFEPRIS Associations Universities
  4. 4. VISION To positionGuadalajara and Jalisco as themost recognizedhealth destination in Mexico.
  5. 5. MEDICAL TOURISM CLUSTER OF JALISCO Our hospitals are characterized by highly specialized medicine and the effectiveness of their medical procedures, due to state-of-the- art technology, professional training of hospital staff and nationally and internationally recognized doctors. Our cities are known for being colorful and flavorful, as well as for the warm, personable and respectful attention given to visitors, features that set them apart from other destinations. www.turismomedicojalisco.com
  6. 6. MEDICAL TOURISM CLUSTER OF JALISCO Both the State and City are privileged by their geographical location and lovely climate, constituting a connecting bridge between the western part of the country, diverse points in the United States, and the rest of the world. As a State we have a large variety of attractions and tourist services (beaches, forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, and waterfalls) which offer further options for those who wish to recover their health while enjoying a few days of leisure.
  7. 7. CONNECTIVITY Atlanta 3:10 hrs. New York 4:15 hrs. San Francisco 3:50 hrs. Chicago 3:45 hrs. San Jose 3:40 hrs. Dallas 2:10 hrs. Ontario, Ca. 3:00 hrs. Houston 2:00 hrs. Seattle 5:00 hrs. (via L.A. or San Francisco) Los Angeles 3:15 hrs. Las Vegas 3:20 hrs. San Antonio 2:00 hrs.
  8. 8. HOSPITALS centro médico puerta de ierro S U R SAN FRANCISCO DE ASÍSHospitals certified by the Mexican General Health Council www.turismomedicojalisco.com
  9. 9. ÁNGELES DEL CARMEN Cirugía de Obesidad Cost USD Obesity SurgeryManga Gástrica $10,500.00 Sleeve GastrectomyBanda Gástrica por laparoscopia $8,200.00 Laparoscopic Gastric BandBypass Gástrico $12,500.00 Gastric Bypass Ginecología Cost USD GynecologyEmbolización de Miomas Uterinos $11,900.00 Uterine Fibroid Embolization Cirugía General Cost USD General SurgeryInterposición de Colon para Sustitución de Esophageal Replacement with Colon $29,185.00Esófago Interposition in Children. Cardiología Cost USD CardiologyAngioplastia Coronaria Percutánea + 1 stent Percutaneous Coronary Angioplasty with 1 $9,400.00Medicado Medicated stent www.turismomedicojalisco.com
  10. 10. BERNARDETTE CARDIOLOGÍA Cost USD CARDIOLOGYCirugía de corazón SIN bomba extracorpórea $24,600 Heart surgery (WITHOUT extracorporeal pump)Cirugía de corazón CON bomba extracorpórea $25,600 Heart surgery (WITH extracorporeal pump)Cateterismo cardiaco $4,500.00 Cardiac Catheterization www.turismomedicojalisco.com
  11. 11. PUERTA DE HIERRO Oftalmología Cost USD Ophthalmology Lasik (Ambos Ojos) $1,610.00 Lasik (Both Eyes)Catarata/Con Lente Intraocular Multifocal $2,714.00 Cataract/ Multifocal IOL(One Eye) (Un ojo) Intacs (Corneal Ring) Anillo Intracorneal (Un ojo) $2,300.00 (One Eye, One segment) Urología Cost USD Urology Prostatectomía Radical Robotic Radical Prostatectomy $23,920.00 (Cirugía Robótica) (Da Vinci System) Tratamiento Cáncer de Próstata HIFU Prostate Cancer Treatment $15,000.00 sin Cirugía Hi-Fu without surgery www.turismomedicojalisco.com
  12. 12. PUERTA DE HIERRO SUR centro médico puerta de ierro S U R CHEQUEO MEDICO Cost USD CHECK UPMujeres 45-59 años $ 1,067.20 Women 45-59 years oldHombres 45-59 años $ 1,013.84 Men 45-59 years oldMujeres mayores a 60 años $ 1,080.01 Women 60 years old or olderHombres mayores a 60 años $ 1,019.18 Men 60 years old or older CIRUGIA BARIATRICA Cost USD BARIATRIC SURGERYBypass gástrico con Y de Roux $ 15,102.95 Gastric Bypass Roux-en- yManga gástrica $ 15,102.95 Sleeve GastrectomyBanda gástrica ajustable. $ 15,102.50 Adjustable Gastric Band www.turismomedicojalisco.com
  13. 13. LOMAS PROVIDENCIA GINECOLOGIA COST USD GYNECOLOGYHisterectomía por laparoscopia $3,834.00 Laparoscopic HysterectomyPlastia Vaginal $2,396.00 Vaginoplasty CIRUGIA GASTROENTEROLOGICA GASTROENTEROLOGICAL SURGERYColecistectomía por Laparoscopia $2,875.00 Laparoscopic CholecystectomyColecistectomía Abierta $2,492.00 Open Cholecystectomy REPRODUCCIÓN HUMANA HUMAN REPRODUCTIONInyección Intracitoplasmatica de $7,188.00 Intracytoplasmatic Sperm InjectionEspermatozoideFertilización Invitro FIV/TE $7,188.00 In Vitro Fertilization www.turismomedicojalisco.com
  14. 14. MÉXICO AMERICANO CARDIOLOGÍA Cost USD CARDIOLOGYRevascularización Cardiaca $19,500.00 Cardiac RevascularizationImplante Valvular Aórtico $21,000.00 Aortic Valve ImplantationImplante Valvular Mitral $21,000.00 Mitral Valve Implantation CIRUGIA BARIATRICA Cost USD BARIATRIC SURGERYBy Pass Gástrico $10,500.00 Gastric BypassBanda Gástrica $8,500.00 Gastric Band TRAUMATOLOGÍA Y ORTOPEDIA Cost USD TRAUMATOLOGY AND ORTHOPEDICSArtroplastía de cadera $11,000.00 Hip replacementArtroplastía de Rodilla $10,000.00 Knee replacement www.turismomedicojalisco.com
  15. 15. REAL SAN JOSÉ CIRUGIA PLASTICA Cost USD PLASTIC SURGERY Breast augmentation (includes anatomicalImplantes de Mama (Incluye implantes) $6,259.00 implants)Abdominoplastía $5,549.00 AbdominoplastyLevantamiento de busto - Mastopexia $4,699.00 Breast lift - Mastopexy TRAUMATOLOGÍA Y ORTOPEDIA Cost USD TRAUMATOLOGY AND ORTHOPEDICSArtroscopia de hombro $6,199.00 Shoulder ArthroscopyArtroscopia de rodilla (incluye prótesis) $11,999.00 Knee Arthroscopy (includes prosthesis)Artroscopia de cadera (incluye prótesis) $12,899.00 Hip Arthroscopy (includes prosthesis) www.turismomedicojalisco.com
  16. 16. SAN FRANCISCO DE ASIS SAN FRANCISCO DE ASÍS ORTOPEDIA Cost USD ORTHOPEDICS Prótesis Total de Rodilla $10,400.00 Total Knee Replacement Prótesis Total de Cadera $13,656.00 Total Hip Replacement Artroscopia de Rodilla $6,852.00 Arthroscopy of Knee NEUROLOGIA Cost USD NEUROLOGY Cirugía hipofisis tranfenoidal $13,282.00 Transphenoidal pituitary surgery Craneotomía $19,320.00 Craniotomy Hernia de disco 1 nivel mínima invasiva Lumbar disk herniation, level 1, minimally $9,660.00lumbar invasive www.turismomedicojalisco.com
  17. 17. SAN JAVIER CIRUGÍA BARÁTRICA Cost USD BARIATRIC SURGERYManga Gastrica por Laparoscopia $10,500.00 Laparoscopic Gastric sleeveBypass Gastrico por Laparoscopia $12,500.00 Laparoscopic Gastric bypassBanda Gastrica por Laparoscopia $8,200.00 Laparoscopic Gastric lap band www.turismomedicojalisco.com
  18. 18. SILOE OFTALMOLOGIA Cost USD OFTHALMOLOGY Facoemulsificacion un ojo $1,850.00 Cataract Surgery, one eye Capsulotomy surgery yag lasser $250.00 YAG Laser Capsulotomy Surgery Cirugia de retina con laser argon $250.00 Retina Surgery with Argon Laser, one eye CIRUGÍA ODONTOLÓGICA Cost USD DENTAL SURGERY Implante dental $1,100.00 Dental Implant Cirugía de aumento o reducción de mentón $1,750.00 Chin augmentation or reduction surgery Cirugía ortognática de maxilar, mandíbula y $8,000.00 Orthognatic maxillary, jaw and chin surgerymentón www.turismomedicojalisco.com
  19. 19. OUR OFFER 10 Hospitals Over 500 Single (Private) Rooms Emergency Areas Intensive Care Units Laboratories Imaging Blood Banks Bone and Tissue Banks Ground and Air Ambulance Medical and Surgical procedures:  Gynecological Surgery  Dental Surgery  Ophthalmology  Check-ups  Surgical Oncology  Cardiology  General Surgery  Plastic Surgery  Hemodialysis  Bariatric Surgery  Neurology  Orthopedic Surgery  Traumatology and Orthopedics  Human Reproduction  Renal Transplantation  Gastroenterological Surgery  Urology
  21. 21. PROCESS OF SERVICE The patient hears about the offer of medical services He or she seeks information (Web pages, facilitators, brochures, advertising) Résumés and Hospital Services The patient establishes communication with the hospital of his/her choice Résumés of Medical Specialists Making medical history available, evaluating pre-op hospital care (forms, clinical data) Indication of approval of medical care Integration of additional servicesInformation is sent to primary Patient receives care physician medical care www.turismomedicojalisco.com
  22. 22. International Insurance Agreements•AETNA Healthcare •GEHA•AETNA Global •Global Assurance Group•Allianz World Wide Care •Health and Benefits "Willis"•AMEDEX (USA Medical Service) •Humana Insurance Inc•ASSURED Assistance Inc •IKE Asistencia•AXXA Assistance •International Health Insurance•Best Doctors Inc Danmarkas•Blue Cross Blue Shields (Federal •MAGNA Administrative Servicesemployees) Inc.•BMI Services Inc (Magna •Mondial Assistance (Blue CrossAdministrative Services, Inc.) Blue Shield)•BUPA International (International •Morgan White Administrators, Inc.Health Insurance Danmarkas) •SOS International•CIGNA •U.S.A. Medical Services•CMN Inc (AMEDEX) •VANBREDA International
  23. 23. Contact Information Toll free: 888 228 8972http://meditravelsolutions.com/ http://www.medicaltourismjalisco.com/