Introduction To The Corporate Connection Ltd And Telematics June 2010
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Introduction To The Corporate Connection Ltd And Telematics June 2010



Telematics - all about Business Intelligence

Telematics - all about Business Intelligence



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    Introduction To The Corporate Connection Ltd And Telematics June 2010 Introduction To The Corporate Connection Ltd And Telematics June 2010 Presentation Transcript

    • The Corporate Connection
      Your Partner for the Future
      Your Partner for Continual Improvement
      • Focus on Fuel Usage, the Environment, and Risk Management
      • Technology aware to future proof solutions
      • Excellence in customer support
      • To consistently achieve huge operational and financial benefits
      and deliver significant returns on investment
      • Integrating with back office systems to provide end to end
      • We help our clients move towards a paperless environment
      Your partner into the telematics age
    • The Corporate Connection–Who are we ?
      David entered the sector when telematics only provided simple “tracking” solutions.
      He has spent the last 6 years in a hands–on directorial capacity in leading telematics companies delivering innovative technical growth strategies which embrace the evolving telematics technologies.
      The latter 4 years in his own cutting edge telematics company until an acquisition was negotiated in May 2009.
    • The Corporate Connection– Independent
      At The Corporate Connection, we’re focusing on giving our customers
      • independent advice and
      • the ammunition to make the right decisions about their logistics businesses,
      • based on real knowledge, facts and existing telematics systems.   
    • The Corporate Connection– Delivers
      Specialise in helping you chose the leading end to end telematics solutions that facilitates your whole fleet management and vehicle tracking and that supports your operational requirements.
      These are quality, robust and comprehensive telematics solutions that will future proof your investment.
    • The Corporate Connection– Delivers
      An Integrated Portfolio of Telematics Solutions
      Solutions and technologies designed to meet real business needs
      Routing and Scheduling
      Mobile worker (PDA) solutions
      Fleet management and track and trace solutions
      Back office systems
      A single technology platform operated on a robust infra-structure to provide operational excellence, and supply chain management
    • The Corporate Connection– Management
      Our Management is highly motivated and passionate about our all round success and constantly drive the company to meet its objectives and provide a customer service beyond expectations.
    • The Corporate Connection– Benefits
      The Corporate Connection is all about using available business intelligence to create savings to help you do business efficiently –
      “it’s not what we know, but what we do with what we know”
    • The Corporate Connection– Telematics
    • The Corporate Connection– Telematics
      The where, when, and how of your mobile assets:-
    • Telematics– Driver and Vehicle DNA
      Driver and Vehicle DNA
      – a minute by minute record of vehicle and driver activity – in real time.
      The exact location, fuel usage record, stamp on the brake pedal, acceleration, running over the speed limit, cornering speeds, every swerve and lane deviation, every failing component, every maintenance, service and MOT requirement can be monitored and data sent both to the driver and to traffic control.
    • Telematics – Business Solutions for Logistics
      The Issues
      Today’s big issues concerning all those who own or manage mobile assets and fleets of vehicles are undoubtedly focused around the areas of:
      • Minimising fuel costs,
      • Developing a green strategy for fleets of all descriptions, and
      • Risk Management (Corporate Governance)
    • Telematics – Fuel Benefits
      Fuel savings
      • 10% to 15%
      • 4 to 6 months
      Fleet of 25 vehicles
      • £75,000 per annum
      Operational benefits
      • Fleet deployment
      • Back office costs
      • Service records
      • Management time
      • Route planning and deviation
    • Telematics – Carbon Footprint Benefits
      The transport sector is responsible for 28% of total CO2 emissions in the EU, with by far the majority originating from the road transport sector.
      In the UK, car travel grew by a fifth between 1990 and 2007, more than offsetting improvements in fuel efficiency. In the EU, carmakers must now reduce CO2 emissions from new cars to 130g/km.
      Burning 1 litre of diesel emits 2.67 kilograms of carbon.
      Saving only 10% fuel is equivalent to circa 10 tonnes per annum in a 7.5 T tractor
      Green and fuel are inextricably linked by the telematics solutions – the implementation of a cost-effective green strategy paid for by reduced fuel costs.
    • Telematics – Solution Reporting (Vehicles)
    • Telematics – Solution Reporting (Drivers)
    • Telematics – Solution Reporting (KPIs)
    • Green Strategies and Fuel Savings – Back Office Integration.
      A dashboard of a vehicle and driver analysis over a period of a month.
    • Telematics – Corporate Governance - Insurance
      What can Telematics offer the insurer ?
      The new technologies leave the insurance benefits in their slipstream and are now running ahead of the industries understanding and adoption of telematics as a means to benefit both the insurer and insured with reduced costs.
      Telematics, including location awareness (tracking), provide the complete picture not only where and when, but how the vehicle is being driven, and how the driver is driving.
      Cost is an essential factor and insured and insurer must work closer to implement the systems and seek to offset the costs with reduced premiums.
      Risk exposure may now be correlated with the intensity of decisions and driving actions
    • Telematics – Corporate Governance - Insurance
      What can Telematics offer the insurer ?
      • Monitor assets, recovery after theft
      • Accident records – at time of incident and archives – legal evidence re false or malicious claims
      • Collision avoidance – special new technology by Mobileye
      • Goods in transit – mitigate losses
      • Loan worker personal safety – reduces insured risk
      • Reckless driving – driver compliance
      • Pay As You Drive (PAYD) insurance
    • Telematics – Corporate Governance – Duty of Care
      What can Telematics offer the Employer and Employee?
      A strategy for Improved Corporate Governance – The Driver DNA
      “ Gambling with people’s lives is socially, economically, and commercially unacceptable” Lord MacLaurin
      “By looking after your employees on the road you are looking after your business as well” John Howard, Chief Executive, RoSPA
      Telematics has an important role to play in issues of corporate governance, recording driving offences and other incidents and maintaining an ongoing log of drivers and vehicles at depot level and at enterprise level - systems which can mitigate under the legal requirements of H&S and Duty of Care legislation providing quantitative measurements to implement and control risk management strategies.
    • Telematics – Corporate Governance – Health & Safety
      What can Telematics offer the Employer and Employee?
      A strategy for Improved Corporate Governance – Health and Safety
      • Live daily vehicle checks
      • Compliance with EWTD
      • VOSA compliance – safeguard Operators Licence – speeds, weights, hours
      • Data Protection – hierarchial reporting
      • HMRC compliance – benefits in kind
      • Corporate Manslaughter mitigation (Driver and Vehicle DNA)
      • Employee assistance and support
      • Driver profiles – increased efficiencies and bonus schemes
    • Telematics – The Cost
      Costs from an entry level track and trace c. £0.50 per day
      to enterprise solution and reporting c. £1.60 per day
      Equivalent to (for Enterprise solution)
      • 20 minutes idling per day
      • 3 miles on a journey plan (based on 8 mpg)
      • 5 minutes on a time sheet
      “business intelligence helping you to do business.”
    • Ultimate Fleet Safety Programme
      Telematics – Business Solutions