Typo3 template extensible features with faint colors


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The so-called style (TYPO3 template) is the center of a CMS web page. It includes several information (HTML, CSS, images) to figure out the primary framework and framework of the site. It will put unique marks, which are later loaded instantly by the CMS with the appropriate material.

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Typo3 template extensible features with faint colors

  1. 1. Typo3 Template: Extensible Features with FaintColorsTypo3 template is the easiest set of modules that one can use to manage their online contents. It’san open source framework based on PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). s 1 3/11/2013|Amar InfoTech | David Allen
  2. 2. Typo3 was released under the GNU General Public License and can run over several webservers, with various operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Macintosh (MAC OS X,OS/2), Linux, etc. Cms typo3 is among the most popular management frameworks all overthe world, being much popular, broadly spread in Europe. Its biggest market share can befound in German speaking nations. Typo3 Extension development first started in 1997 andin early 2000 it’s introductory version typo3 3.0 was released publicly. With the passing timetypo3 have released its various versions each version better and more sophisticated thanthe previous one. Extensions were added to it and now typo3 comes with 5000 extensions.One of the older version was typo3 3.5. Typo3 3.5 developments was the initial phase whenreal up gradation was carried out and in addition to several bug fixers, the extensionmanager was also introduced that enabled user to their own extension modules. Thisfeature gradually resulted in the rapid development of typo3. This software has alocalization system built in and comes in 50 languages – therefore supporting multi-language publishing. Typo3 is widely used to build several web sites of different type andsize due to its maturity and scalability. These features confirmed the typo3 commercedevelopment; from multilingual sites for large corporation to small sites for non-profitableindividuals all ranges of web sites were started to built in typo3. It supported the corporateenvironment better than any other open source software and hence classified as anenterprise level content management framework.Talking about the features and specifications of typo3, its main functionality spectrum iscarved with lots of extensions. One can download over 5000 extensions from typo3extension repository under GNU General Public License. Typo3 uses PHP 5.3 or newer or anyother RDBMS (relational database management system). This software can run on any webserver with a minimum requirement of modern CPU having 256 MB of RAM. The contentsgenerated by typo3 can be opened in any browser, and the backend can be viewed in anybrowser with java script. Cms typo3 follows the policy of the separation of content andlayout; the templates are stored in the file system while the contents are stored in therelational databases. The typo3 plug-ins has elements such as trees, templates, constants,typoScript, extensions and PHP.
  3. 3. Conclude:Typo3 is the most popular of the other content management systems and it provides greatflexibility, scalability and maturity. Typo3 template carries the most simple and easy to installsteps that enables a user to work in a fairly simples environment.For More: Typo3 Extension Development | Typo3 Design Company | Typo3 DevelopmentThanks & Regards,Thomas AndersonSkype: amar.infotechEmail: info@amarinfotech.comWeb: www.amarinfotech.comPh No: (+91) 79 26400698 / (+1) 408-905 1533