Music magazine research


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Music magazine research

  1. 1. Front Covers:The celebrity is featured in the centre of the main image to make him The black and whitestand out to the audience, which will attract audiences that like the colours contrast withcelebrity. He is wearing a suit, which suggests his wealth and fame. each other to make theAlso, his suit is black and white and therefore blends into his writing stand out. Itbackground and matches the text around him, which overall makes the also matches with thefront cover look professional and more attractive to the audience. masthead and the overall colour schemeBy featuring such a big and main image. This isartist in the music a common conventionindustry, the magazine in magazine frontwants to promote the covers as it makes thefact that they are doing magazine look morea feature on him, this is professional andwhy they have attractive to thehighlighted phrases The celebrity is audience.such as ‘JUSTIN lookingstraight at theTIMBERLAKE’ in camera, which wouldyellow writing, which again attract themakes it stand out as audience andother colours that are particularly, the fans ofused are neutral. By the celebrity. Thisbeing such a well- common convention isknown celebrity, seen throughoutpromoting that they magazine front covershave a feature on him in and allows the audiencethe magazine attract a to engage with thehuge audience, which celebrity and makes itwill include many of seem more personal toThis magazine uses a range of font coloursto Other Conventionsthe artist’s fans. consumers as a slightmake it attractive to the audience, however include: the barcode,this magazine takes this to the next level by illusion is created by pricealternating font colours downthe side of the making it seem like thefront cover celebrity is looking straight at them.
  2. 2. This magazine uses reversed out black and white to make the Like the previousmasthead stand out. Despite the celebrity being behind the main image magazine’s front cover,the masthead still stands out due to the reversed out technique. By this magazine usesbeing a neutral colour it allows the ‘NEW’ icon in the top left of the yellow font on covermasthead to stand out as not only does the yellow stand out from the lines which highlightneutral colours surrounding it, but the text is in black which contrasts them on the neutralwith the white colour of the masthead. background and makes it stand out from otherA celebrity is used as black and white texts.the main image to They use this toattract audience and highlight certain wordsparticularly the fans of that they consider willthe this artist. It also sell the magazine, suchgives the reader a better as the artists nameidea about the genre of ‘DRAKE’, with this inthe magazine, and yellow text on a blacktherefore attracts this background and inmagazine’s target capitals it allows theaudience. It also gives fans and anyone whoconsumers a better likes this particular artistunderstanding of what to see it clearly, whichthey are buying and gives them a reason totherefore reduces the by this edition of the The celebrity featured isrisk of people magazine. the camera, looking atfeelingdisappointed.The celebrity is wearing this draws in thea T-shirt that says audience and is a‘UNSTOPPABLE’ in Certain words that attract a more general common feature incapitals and using white audience such as ‘EXCLUSIVE’ and magazines as it createson black reversed out ‘NEW’ are in capitals and use black text an illusion that thetext to make it stand on a yellow background as suppose to the person is looking at you.out. The text may other way round to make these words This has a biggersuggest something stand out, as both words make this effective on the peopleabout what the article is magazine look different to other that like the celebrityabout as it clearly has a magazines, and gives consumers a good and makes it more likelyclear link with the reason to buy this magazine. Despite being that they will buy thecelebrity. This may a technique to separate themselves from magazine. Other conventionsmake the contents of the other magazines, these words are common include: Barcode, Webmagazine more on magazine front covers, but are still linkappealing to the effective over a wide audience.audience.
  3. 3. The font of the masthead is unusual compared to other magazines; this Again, this magazinegives the magazine a stronger brand identity and also tells the audience uses reversed outabout the genre of the magazine, as this slightly messed up, edgy and black and white ascrazy font may suggest the genre of Rock. Because of this, the magazine well as red on whiteis attracting its target audience and gives audiences a better and white on red tounderstanding of what the content of this magazine will be like. make cover lines stand out. UnlikeUnlike other other magazinesmagazines, the most of the text hasmasthead is in front the main image as itsof the main image background as mostand the celebrities, of the text is featuredthis shows that the in the middle rathermagazine identity is than down the sides,important and it this may be to linkpromotes the brand the text to the imagesidentity more obviously andfurther.However as to fit morethis is already a information aboutrecognised brand the the content of thereason for the magazine front covermasthead being in to attract thefront of the main audience straightimage is more likely be to attract their Like mostcurrent audience, as magazines, thethey don’t want their celebrities that areaudience missing featured in the maintheir magazine once image are lookingon the shelves with straight at the cameraother big brand to attract the other magazine front covers, this front cover could be seen as having a messy layout.ComparedUnlike previous front covers this front cover doesn’t use colours to create a clear andconventionally attract layout for a front cover by not using techniques such as alternating colourschemes, this as well as the random layout suggests a lot about the magazines focused genre of‘rock’ and with the front cover looking like this it will be sure to attract their target audience.
  4. 4. The celebrity band This magazine uses reversed out white and red on the masthead tomember is on top highlight the magazine name. Despite this, the magazine uses littleof the masthead, reversed out text throughout the front cover and instead puts the text onwhich only shows top of the main image, this shows more of the main image in detail andsome of the focuses on the celebrities who will hopefully attract the audience and themasthead. This celebrity’s fans.makes thecelebrity stand Blue is used veryout. Despite this, little butit doesn’t have too affectively, as itmuch effect on the only highlightsbrand identity of important textthe magazine, such asbecause thebrand ‘EXCLUSIVE’name is so well and makes it standknown, and out as it contraststherefore doesn’t with the redneed to show all colour of theof it to make it The lights in the masthead.recognisable. lastLike the backgroundmagazine all the suggest fame andcelebrities are stardom, whichlooking straight at complements thethe camera to band featured inattract the the main image.audience and The band isparticular the featuredcelebrities fans, symmetricallywhich is a big which gives theaudience. front cover a professional andThe overall layout is neat and conventional with the main cover line under the main image attractive look.which shows their linked. It has other cover lines and presents what else is featured in themagazine down each sign, with the features on the right-hand side being shown by a ‘+’ sign.The ‘+’ sign suggests to the audience that they have added more information in this particularedition of the magazine which suggest that the audience will be getting extra, when they areprobably getting the same!
  5. 5. The masthead is shown over the celebrity; this shows that the brand Lights areidentity is very important in the selling of the magazine as the brand is a reflected in Jay-well-recognised brand and one of the biggest. The masthead is large on Z’s glasses tothe front cover and use basic colours like red white and black to make it suggest his fameicon and easily remember able. and will also catch the audience eyesThis magazine as they walk by.uses a simplewhite This magazinebackground; this features twois used to not circles that includeonly make the special features incontrast with the this magazine. Notblack text but only does this givealso to highlight the magazine athe red text, dynamic look, butincluding the it also suggestsmasthead. that this magazineThe page is has more to offer.mostly taken up Because theseby the two circles don’tcelebrities feature on anyfeatured. One of other magazine, itthe celebrities is suggests that thelooking at the features in theother one, this is circles are extrapossibly to draw and possiblythe attention to exclusive.the more well-known celebrity, This plus sign is becoming a common feature in front covers, as it also‘Jay-Z’ as he is featured in the ‘Q’ magazine above. This is a clear sign to the audiencemore likely to to show what this magazine features, this suggests that this magazine hasattract more of extra and therefore makes it stand out from other magazines.the audience andhis fans.
  6. 6. Pink is a main This magazine has a white masthead on a dark The celebrity iscolour used to background to make the masthead stand out. The font again overattract a strong of the masthead is unique, which makes the brand of lapped with thefemale audience, the magazine stand out to readers. advertisementas pink is the of what seemsconventional to be a festivalcolour for line-up. Thisgirls.The female makes theattraction carries advert standon with ‘Duffy’ out. This is(a female music beneficial asartist) being the magazinefeatured as the may make moremain image. money from festival ticket sales andThe masthead is therefore takesalso in front of priority overthe celebrity the celebrity.featured in the The light of themain image; this microphonemay be to get its suggest famebrand identity and thereforemore familiar to attracts theits audience, as audiences thatit isn’t a well- find famerecognised as its desirable.largercompetitors. The celebrity is looking straight at the camera to attract the audience and particularly the artist’s fans.
  7. 7. Contents Page:The ‘Q’ logo is This magazine hasfeatured twice on the divided its contentscontents page to page into threeforce the brand sections: ‘features’,identity on the ‘every month’ andreader. ‘review’. This toThis magazine make the layout of thecontents page uses magazine clear andreversed out black allows the reader to beand white on the specific in their searchheader to clearly for a suitablestate it’s the contents page/article, andpage. benefits both regularIt again uses readers and first timereversed out readers of thistechnique with the magazine. It also hassub headings, as it small section devotedhaswhite text on a to its ‘special’ background to The heading is inmake the sub- capitals with a goldheadings clear to the colour font, whichaudience and suggests to the reader A main image of celebrities dominates thetherefore makes it that this article is rare contents to highlight the main to article.easier for the reader and special, as itto find their page. relates to the expensive metal, gold.
  8. 8. The logo of the magazine is featured in large letters on the top of the contents page, with a blackback ground to make it stand out. This forces the brand identity on the reader. As this brand isalready a well-recognised magazine the logo reminds the reader that the contents will be quality.Reversed out is The header is inused again in the bold capital letterssub headings. and use theThis contents reversed outpage has many technique tosub headings to highlight thesplit up the pages heading and brandto make the logo, to try andcontents specific force the brandand clear to the identity on thereader. reader. Like other magazines, thisThe word contents page‘contents’ or features one main‘contents page’ image, which linksisn’t used, into the mainhowever from the article. This imagelayout of pages gives morenumbers, the information to thereader can see it is reader about thethe contents page. magazines contents.
  9. 9. This contents page is simple, There is an outline of a ‘V’ in the The contents splitwith a main image as its background to force the brand into two sections,background, with the image identity of the ‘VIBE’ on the reader. ‘features’ andrelating to the main article in A ‘V’ shape is also seen in the ‘fashion’ this makesthe magazine. positioning of the celebs legs for the it easier and clearer same effect on the reader. for the reader to scan through theThe heading has an contents for theirobscure layout that chosen page. It alsocatches the young highlights that theaudience’s eye and magazine is tryinggives the magazine a to attract a moredynamic and stylish female audience, asimage, which is fashion isimportant for a conventionally amagazine with a topic the womensection devoted to talk about in theirfashion. social groups.The celebrity takes upa lot of the contentspage. This gives the The text usesreader an idea about reversed out, whitethe genre of music text on the blackthat this magazine is background andbased on as well as then the black textgiving an idea about as it fades into thethe content of the white background.magazine.
  10. 10. Unlike the last contents page, this contents page is far from simple, with plenty of text andimages squashed into one page; this suggests that the magazine is full of content.Despite the Like other contentssquashed and pages the header andcramped layout, the sub headings use themagazine uses a reversed outvariety of colours technique to make itand font sizes to clear to the audience,split up the text, however thismaking it clearer magazine uses afor the audience. yellow and black reverse out, making it unique to otherThis magazine uses magazines.rhetorical questions This magazine usesin this contents many imagespage to engage the corresponding toaudience, and different pages, totherefore making give the reader athem want to read better understandingon. to what is inside.The pages are split up into sections so the reader can be more specific when trying to find theright page. All the headings use a reversed out yellow on black which matches with the rest ofthe page making it look professional and attract as well as making the headings stand out
  11. 11. The heading is a rhetorical The writing uses reversed out black question which engages on white for the text and white on the reader in this article. black on certain phrases to highlight them. The main image, header One band member is highlighted The text is pushed to etc. all uses the colour of whereas the other members are the side to keep thebeige, which makes it look slightly faded out. This, with the focus on the professionaland more heading, gives the audience celebrities in the mainattractive for the audience. information about the article and image. who it involves.
  12. 12. Again, this double page spread has The heading is a quote probably from the celebritylittle text and is dominated by the featured in the main image. This gives more detail main image and heading. about the celebrity and also tells the audience what the article is about.The heading is eye-catching, it uses reversed out This magazine uses little red text that white on black text and uses a bold font in links into the main red colour of the different sizes, to express that this magazine is main image. It also makes certain dynamic and possibly a bit crazy like the words stand out; possibly phrases that celebrity in the main image. relate to the celebrity in red.
  13. 13. At the start of the text an initial letter is used It features many images to attract the to, firstly, make the article look more audiences and allows the audience tointeresting which draws the reader in and also understand what the article is about indicates to the reader where to start reading without them having to read it. This double page spread uses It has three main colours to make the design simple andreversed out white on black to not too complicated for the readers. Also by usingmake text easier and clearer for white, black and red as colours for text, it makes text the consumer to read. highlighted in red stand out as white and black are neutral colours.
  14. 14. In the text it uses a reversed In this magazine the text is It also has blue writing which out black on white to make to one side of the page to highlights phrases that thethe text stand out clearly for make the image the certain author wants to stand out to the reader. of focus. the audience. Like the last magazine, this magazine has an initial This magazine has a lot of writingletter at the start of the text to draw the reader in and which straight away shows the to indicate where the reader should start. audience they have detailed articles.