Power point on the black death twaldman


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Power point on the black death twaldman

  2. 2. What is the black death? The black death is a disease that killed a lot of people it was a horrific thing to have. The great epidemic of bubonic plague that killed a large part of the population of Europe in the mid 14th century
  3. 3. What caused the black death ? Medieval theory: They though it was the smells so the doctors would wear a mask with herbs and spices in them when they went to the patent and they would throw herbs and spices in the air, to try and clear the air so that no-one else would catch it when they went in the room where the person lay. They thought that this helped the people to get better and the people around them to be safe not catch the plague. The modern theory: we now know ,due to the equipment/technology , that we have that it was down to rats which came over from china by boat when they were importing things in to our country the rats carried fleas which carried the black death in their blood so when the flea bit you to get your blood the flea would replace it with the black death unknowingly and then the human would be infected.
  4. 4. Where does the black death come from ?
  5. 5. What caused the plague? The question that you are probably thinking is this; Q: Who or what caused the Black Death? A: This is your answer! The Oriental Rat Flea!
  6. 6. What were the symptoms of the plague?
  7. 7. Cures ?Medieval people did not know about germs so they blamed it on smells and they did not know that the rats were casing it because rats are everyday thing for them they had the everyday, so they did not blame it on everyday things! People sometimes survived the plague because after the stages of the plague the bubonic would bust and a horrific smell would come out but it got rid of the plague out of their body and they survived but they were still very ill and week. So wouldn't it make since to but it earlier well it does sound like a good idea but the thing is if you bussed it to early then the plague had not fully formed and then you would have the plague still in your body and you would become more ill because then your body would be open to the plague and you would die within a few hours/days but you would last no longer that a week, because you would bleed you would become more ill!
  8. 8. The black death was a horrific thing to have !!!!!!!!
  9. 9. Good bye !