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Germany gcse revision mindmaps shp edexcel

Germany gcse revision mindmaps shp edexcel






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    Germany gcse revision mindmaps shp edexcel Germany gcse revision mindmaps shp edexcel Presentation Transcript

    • GCSE History Revision Activities Germany 1918 - 1945Use your notes and textbooks to complete these revision mind maps.Test yourself using these by covering over a section then trying to recall all of thekey facts and details.Use these to help you in practising answers to questions from past exam papers 1
    • Positive features Weaknesses The Weimar The November Constitution Criminals HyperinflationInvasion of What problems faced the Weimarthe Ruhr Republic between 1918–23? The Spartacists The Treaty of Versailles Kapp Putsch Political Violence Effects Terms LAMB Munich Putsch 2
    • The League of Locarno Pact NationsKellogg Briand PactYoung Plan How successful was the recovery of the Weimar Republic under Stresemann 1924–29 Dawes Plan Dealing with hyperinflation Underlying problems Stresemann’s role 3
    • Unemployment The rise of political extremists Economic effectsSocial How did the Great Depressioneffects affect Germany 1929–33? The failure of the Weimar Politicians Wall Street Crash 4
    • The founding of the Reorganisation Nazi Party 25 Point planThe role of How did Hitler develop Hitler becomesthe SA leader the Nazi Party 1919–23? The aims of the Nazi Party Hitler’s career before 1919 First World War 5
    • The SS Finances Hitler reorganises Changing the Nazi Party organisation Goebbels and propagandaMein Kampf Why did the Munich Putsch fail and what happened to the Nazis in the lean years 1923–29? Events Why did Nazi support decline after 1923? Causes The Munich Putsch Hitler on trial 6
    • President Von Schleicher Von Papen Hindenburg Key Events 1932 - 33 The Wall Street Crash and Great Depression Bruning’s government How did Hitler come to power in January 1933?Middle Classes The SA and increased violence Who supported the Nazis Nazi and why? Propaganda Hitler’s Appeal Farmers Unemployed 7
    • Events Consequences The Enabling Act The Reichstag Fire The death of President Hindenburg Army oath of loyaltyBanning of How did Hitler and the Nazis removeTrade Unions opposition in Germany 1933 - 34? The Night of the Long Knives Banning of political parties Effects Events Munich Putsch 8
    • Concentration Protestant Church campsPolice and thecourts Controlling the churches Heinrich Himmler The Catholic Church Nazi use of How did the Nazis control the fear Censorship German people? The Gestapo Nazi use of propaganda Goebbels and the Ministry of The SS Propaganda Control of the media, culture, sports and arts 9
    • Why the Nazis wanted to control young people Nazis and the family Hitler Youth movements Controlling What were the Nazis’ policies to Women and the youth work control women and the young? Nazi education in schools Women Education for girlsNazi education in universities Expectations for women 10
    • Labour Service & public works The New Plan How did the Nazis reduce unemployment? What was Strength Through Joy? How did the Nazis deal with Germany’s economic problems? Did the Nazis improve the Wages Rearming standard of living for German workers? GermanyChanging standardsof living 11
    • Von Stauffenberg The White Rose Group The Army Who opposed the Nazis and how successful were they? Pastor Niemoller The Edelweiss Pirates 12
    • Kristallnacht The Nuremburg Laws Anti Semitic policies Einsatzgruppen in WW2 How did the Nazis treat minority groups? Treatment of the disabled The Final Solution W nfe a n re Co What were the Nazis’ ns nc ee e beliefs about race ExterminationMaster Race/ Aryans “Inferior” races Destruction Through Work 13
    • January 2012 Exam 14