NewsCastle                Los Angeles DistrictVol. 42 No. 8        A monthly publication of the Los Angeles District of th...
Open house for business opportunitiesBy Dave Palmer   LOS      ANGELES        —During an open house July25, more than 200 ...
COMMANDER’S MESSAGEDear District Teammates,                                             conduct of a sexual nature between...
SECURITYKnow your surroundings                                                                     The greatest threat to ...
Residents get update on Santa Ana River projectBy Greg Fuderer    CORONA, Calif. — About threedozen Green River residents ...
District economist represents region in Planning Excellence award                                                         ...
Arizona project engineer named Employee of the QuarterBy Daniel J. Calderón   PHOENIX — James A. Moye, aproject engineer i...
BUILDING WELLNESSFat: The hidden truthBy Cecy Ordonez                               foods. These                          ...
Trans Fat: The Facts                                      Dietary Trans Fat                                      The Dieta...
SAFETYIt’s An Augustare recommended this fluJenner and prevent many terrible illnesses. have become  What antiviral drugs ...
Fight   the flu      • Protect yourself, protect others—        get a flu vaccine every year.      • Prevent the spread of...
District Toastmasters looking forward to distinguished recognition                                                        ...
Hard work recognizedDistrict employees recognized asSouth Pacific Division nominees   LOS ANGELES — This year’s           ...
Familiar faces vie for table tennis gloryBy Dave Palmer   LOS ANGELES — The U.S. ArmyCorps of Engineers Los Angeles Distri...
FINAL WORDWords are relative – beware multiple meaningsBy Daniel J. Calderón                                              ...
ONLY   YO U C A N P R E V E N T W I L D FI R E S.         w w w . s m o k e y b e a r . c o m
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NewsCastle - August 2012


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An excursion on the Los Angeles River begins with equal parts portage and paddle, more than 200 business owners met division chiefs and project managers from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District BUILDING STRONG and Taking Care of People!

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NewsCastle - August 2012

  1. 1. NewsCastle Los Angeles DistrictVol. 42 No. 8 A monthly publication of the Los Angeles District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers August 2012And they’re off... An excursion on the Los Angeles River begins with equal parts portage and paddle. Participants navigate the Cattail Chute (left) and an area called Lake Balboa Ledge on July 28. (USACE photos by Dave Palmer)By Dave Palmer the City of Los Angeles, the County reserved for our efforts in flood risk Department of Public Works and management,” added Sandoval. LOS ANGELES — Last summer’s the Mountains Recreation and The District’s own work on rivernon-motorized pilot boating program Conservation Authority,” said Lisa ecosystem restoration and studies aimoffered 280 opportunities for a rare Sandoval, realty specialist asset to restore a more natural habitat wheretrip down the Los Angeles River. The management division. “They would like appropriate, improve its water qualitycoveted tickets sold out in minutes, to expand the non-motorized boating and enhance recreational benefits, allaccording to Yasmin Mero-Corona, program to the Glendale Narrows while maintaining its flood damagethe Los Angeles Conservation area and we are looking to have a pilot reduction capability. We are a fullyCorps’ Paddle the LA River project program in place by next summer.” committed partner to the city’s Loscoordinator. Mero-Corona emphasized that Angeles River Revitalization Master This year, two non-profit education is an important component Plan.organizations, LA Conservation Corps of their program. This year, Wednesdays With much of the 1.5-mile course aand the San Joaquin River Stewardship are designated for non-paid youth trips tranquil ride, the exception is the startProgram received a permit from the in partnership with The River Project. of the journey with equal parts portageDistrict. They offered 2,000 seats with They present a history lesson prior and paddling. Boaters must navigatethe same result, sold out in minutes to the kayaking trip and later follow the Cattail Chute and the Lake Balboaand stand-by lists at capacity. up with the students for a project Ledge within the first quarter-mile of And interest in expanding the showcasing what they learned about their trip.program to other suitable areas is the river. The tours are scheduled to rungrowing. “For years, the Los Angeles River through September 30. “We are currently working with through the Sepulveda Basin has been
  2. 2. Open house for business opportunitiesBy Dave Palmer LOS ANGELES —During an open house July25, more than 200 businessowners met division chiefsand project managersfrom the U.S. Army Corpsof Engineers Los AngelesDistrict to learn aboutcontract opportunitiesand, in some cases, simplyto learn how to get startedin doing business with theCorps. Based on the sheer sizeof the District’s area ofresponsibility, 226,000square miles acrossSouthern California,southern Nevada, a sliceof Utah and all of Arizona, Col. Mark Toy, District commander speaks with two of the more than 200 businessleadership felt it would owners that met division chiefs and project managers from the U.S. Army Corps ofbe cost prohibitive to get Engineers Los Angeles District to learn about contract opportunities and, in some cases,everyone involved in the simply to learn how to get started in doing business with the Corps during an open houseproject process out to job July 25. (USACE photo by Dave Palmer)sites to meet the contractpartners. rehabilitation of Veterans Affairs a platform for them to do this partnering “You really have to develop those facilities, the California High-Speed amongst themselves. And that’s a goodrelationships with the companies that Rail and the world’s largest groundwater thing, too.”do the work for us,” said Col. Mark Toy, recharge system in Orange County, Calif. The open house was held in twoDistrict commander. “It’s (open house) a “Hopefully we’re seeing a lot of sessions, morning and afternoon, invery efficient way for our contractors to partnering and mentoring going on the District’s Emergency Operationsmeet everybody.” between larger and smaller companies,” Center and adjoining conference Major District projects are diverse; added Toy. “Not only are we increasing room with project and programconstruction of the border fence for the opportunities for these companies to displays and brochures listing variousDepartment of Homeland Security, work with the Corps, we’re also creating interdisciplinary branches of the Corps. John Keever, chief of the construction division, oversees projects throughout the District’s 226,000 square miles spread across Southern California, southern Nevada, a portion of Utah and all of Arizona. (USACE photo by Dave Palmer)2 NewsCastle
  3. 3. COMMANDER’S MESSAGEDear District Teammates, conduct of a sexual nature between the same or opposite I genders when submission to, or rejection of, such conduct n Los Angeles, we are “Building Strong and Taking explicitly or implicitly affects an individual’s employment, Care of People!” Part of taking care of people work performance, or creates a hostile or intimidating work means that each of us has an inherent duty and environment.” responsibility to treat others with dignity and respect. In the Los Angeles District, we have a no tolerance policy.Regardless of our rank, grade, age or gender, Sexual harassment of any form undermineswe must strive to treat all people with dignity unit cohesion and is detrimental to theand respect. In fact, RESPECT is one of positive command climate that we strive toour seven Army Values and is defined and achieve in our organization. If any of youdescribed in the following way: are subject to or witness sexual harassment Respect in the District, please inform me or your Treat people as they should be treated. In immediate supervisor and we will take actionthe Soldier’s Code, we pledge to “treat others immediately to address it.with dignity and respect while expecting As we head into the final month ofothers to do the same.” Respect is what summer, I would like to remind everyoneallows us to appreciate the best in other about “Safety.” I have noticed that many ofpeople. Respect is trusting that all people our teammates are taking scheduled leavehave done their jobs and fulfilled their duty. and are traveling around the country (andAnd self-respect is a vital ingredient with the the world!). First off, I am happy to seeArmy value of respect, which results from many people taking time away from workknowing you have put forth your best effort. to recharge and spend time with familyThe Army is one team and each of us has and friends. Second, it is nice for me tosomething to contribute. see the spirit of teamwork that is taking place as we cover In the description above, the part about appreciating the down on the workload for those on leave. Finally, I ambest in other people really resonates with me. The strength constantly amazed by the outstanding work that each of youof our District is in the diversity of our people; however, is producing for the Los Angeles District. Keep up the greatalthough we are different, we must learn to accept each other work! For those of you getting ready to take some vacation,individually for who we are and for what each of us brings to BE SAFE and we will see you when you come back to work.the organization. Treating people with dignity and respectis the first step of acceptance, which ultimately leads to adeeper appreciation of our people. Warm Regards, I cannot end my discussion of respect without addressingthe Army’s policy on Sexual Harassment. In the Army’s COL ToySexual Harassment Assault Response and Prevention(SHARP) website (, sexual harassment is described as “a form of genderdiscrimination that involves unwelcome sexual advances,requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical District Commander: Col. R. Mark Toy The NewsCastle is published monthly under the provisions of AR 360- 1 for the employees and extended Engineer Family of the Los Angeles Public Affairs Officer: Jay Field District, USACE. Editor: Dave Palmer Views and opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of the District or of the Department of Defense. Staff: Jennie Ayala, Daniel J. Calderón, Greg Fuderer, Brooks O. Hubbard IV and Address mail to the Los Angeles District Public Affairs Office, ATTN: Kim Matthews NewsCastle Editor P.O. Box 532711, Los Angeles, CA 90017-2325 Administrative Assistant: Beverly Patterson E-mail the Public Affairs staff at: Tel: (213) 452-3922 or Fax: (213) 452-4209. August 2012 3
  4. 4. SECURITYKnow your surroundings The greatest threat to America continues to be the “Insider What is it? announcements, active shooter brochure Threat,” which was painfully Antiterrorism awareness themes focus and wallet card, antiterrorism awareness obvious in the Colorado movieon instilling Army-wide heightened information for parents, children and shooting July 20.awareness and vigilance to prevent family readiness groups, antiterrorismand protect our communities from awareness training presentations and You might ask yourself, howacts of terrorism. Understanding and extensive information on personal is this considered an insidersustaining knowledge of the immediate protective measures. threat?surrounding environment represents the The primary areas of focus forfoundation of antiterrorism awareness. the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2012 After I explain, it should Why is it important to the Army? theme include: understanding the be painfully apparent! This Because the threat of terrorist attack threat environment, the importance individual was homegrown,against our nation and our Army is real, of individual situational awareness raised amongst the people heantiterrorism awareness is a critical and protective measures and ensuring turned against and terrorizedaspect of our profession, both on and all members of the Army community within that movie duty. The continued protection of are familiar with iWATCH Army andour facilities and our people requires the suspicious activity reporting procedures. You soon realize that much ofeternal vigilance of every member of our By assuring individual, proactive his success as a terrorist wasArmy family. By sustaining awareness awareness of their surroundings, Army afforded him because he fitthe community acts as sensors and an community members serve as sensors in and didn’t raise suspicions,extension of our police and security for a broad range of threats. much like an insider couldforces. What continued efforts does the do at your facility should they What is the Army doing? Army have planned for the future? but have the will to carry their In 2008, the Office of Provost On May 3, 2012, the Army released an action out.Marshal General established an executive order to conduct Antiterrorismantiterrorism awareness initiative to Awareness Month in August 2012 and this That is why it is so important,instill a heightened sense of awareness year marks the third annual observance. even more so now, that youand vigilance. Since that time, OPMG The purpose of Antiterrorism Awareness get involved in the safetyhas developed extensive informational Month includes: and security of your workingproducts and tools to assist commanders • Reinforcing the importance of environment. The life you saveand managers responsible for the suspicious activity reporting might just be your own! Seeprotection of installations, standalone • Understand the threat analysis it! Report it! To your securityfacilities and operational forces. process and indicators of possible office! A wide variety of antiterrorism terrorist activitiesawareness products and tools are • Establishing clear understandingavailable on AKO and Army OneSource. of procedures for dissemination Jeffrey E. KoontzExamples of products include: of threat information Chief, Security and Lawantiterrorism and iWATCH Army poster • Reinforcing the importance of Enforcementseries antiterrorism awareness and the asset criticality assessmentsiWATCH Army videos and public service and the process4 NewsCastle
  5. 5. Residents get update on Santa Ana River projectBy Greg Fuderer CORONA, Calif. — About threedozen Green River residents attendeda meeting here July 25 to learn aboutthe progress of the ongoing flood riskmanagement project adjacent to theirhomes and to ask questions aboutconstruction methods and their impactson the local community. Chadi Wahby, a civil engineer whois one of the design engineers for theproject, told residents the project ispart of an overall effort to protect thebanks of the subdivision and the 91Freeway along the Santa Ana River inanticipation of possible increased futureflows there due to water releases fromPrado Dam. “This is part of a much larger projectfor flood risk reduction,” Wahby said.“We need to be better prepared for theexpected increases in release capacityfrom Prado in order to protect thehomes downstream.” Green River is the first housingdevelopment downstream from PradoDam. When all elements of the SantaAna River Mainstem project are inplace, Prado Dam’s release capacitywill increase from 10,000 cubic feet per Chadi Wahby, a civil engineer for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Lossecond to 30,000 cubic feet per second. Angeles District, talks to residents of Green River, a 500-plus homeWithout fortification to the river banks residential community along the Santa Ana River, about the progressand other improvements, the increased of the flood risk reduction project under construction adjacent to theirflows could potentially damage homes, development during a July 25 meeting. (USACE photo by Greg Fuderer)businesses and infrastructure. The segment, officially known as the “Some areas will have grouted stone, compliance with noise restrictions.Santa Ana River Mainstem Lower Santa while others will have sheet pile, for “It’ll be noisy,” Green River boardAna River Channel, Reach 9 Phase 2A, example,” Wahby said. member Roy Kojac told the residents,is part of a 30-year, $2 billion project to Daniel Duarte, representing the “but it has to be done.”reduce the risk of flood damage along contractor CJW Construction, Inc., told Derek Walker, a landscape architectthe river’s 96-mile journey from Seven residents that placement of the rocks with the Corps, told residents about theOaks Dam near San Bernardino to should be complete in about three re-vegetation strategy that will result inHuntington Beach where it flows into months. Installation of approximately both riparian and upland habitats beingthe Pacific Ocean. 500 sheet pilings, that are 40 to 60 feet restored. Wahby told the residents that design long, is expected to take several months. “The vegetation should come backengineers had to consider varying “The upcoming noise was an pretty easily,” Walker said. “It willconditions when analyzing design issue,” said Eileen Takata, the Corps’ germinate at different rates, so thereoptions for bank protection. Because of Watershed Program Manager, “but will be a variety in height and maturity.the proximity of the work to the river overall it seemed they realized that it’s We’ll also plant grasses. They’ll beand the homes, environmental aspects, temporary, and the long-term benefits annuals, so it will come back each year.”topographic conditions, scour analysis, of flood protection would be worth it.” The meeting was the third held bysoil conditions, bedrock elevations and Duarte said vibration monitors will the Corps so far to inform residentscondition, and right-or-way limitations, record measurements during rock about the project and to address theirone solution could not be applied to the placement and pile driving, and noise concerns.entire length of the project, he said. monitors will ensure the contractor is in August 2012 5
  6. 6. District economist represents region in Planning Excellence award Army Corps of Engineers’ Planning Excellence Award. The award recognizes the individual’s innovation, analytical ability and creativity in developing a planning product. “After 17 years, I now understand how special it is to be selected,” said Lamb. “In particular, the award has rarely been presented to an economist.” In the nomination letter, Lamb is described as the SPD region’s technical specialist in coastal storm risk management economics, serving as the lead economist for the District’s largest and most complex CSRM studies. His technical expertise in economics, as well as planning and plan formulation, combined with his professional dedication, has been critical to the successful execution of the District’s planning program. Over his career, Lamb said he has always tried to broaden his knowledge base beyond economics, studying assorted topics like geography, engineering and biology. “I appreciate the opportunity to have a job that involves working on a diverse list of projects; projects that reduce flood damages to homes and businesses, that enhance the environment, re-nourish beaches and improve water supplies forBy Dave Palmer on a 50-year model, no less. local communities,” added Lamb. The San Clemente Shoreline Lamb also credited his mentor, Mike LOS ANGELES — When Joe Lamb Feasibility Study and its ultimate Hallisy, who has been both a co-workergraduated from college with a degree in approval by the Civil Works Review and supervisor, for providing him witheconomics, he never dreamed that he’d Board provided that opportunity and inspiration and advice on improving hisbe using his skills to determine the best has gotten him recognition as the South communication skills and the quality ofway to protect a railway while providing Pacific Division Regional Planner of his economic analysis during his 17 yearsbetter beach access to residents, based the Year, now competing for the U.S. with the District. Downloading the NewsCastle from home? Visit NewsCastle
  7. 7. Arizona project engineer named Employee of the QuarterBy Daniel J. Calderón PHOENIX — James A. Moye, aproject engineer in the RoadrunnerResident Office at the Arizona-NevadaArea Office, received the U.S. ArmyCorps of Engineers Los AngelesDistrict’s Kevin Inada Employee of theQuarter Award for the second quarterin 2012. “First I am honored and humbled,”Moye said. “I know that my fellowteammates are also working with thesame commitment and tenacity; they,too, are deserving of recognition. LarryTriphahn, Daryll Fust and I came toUSACE from the same organization,looking to get a fresh start. USACE hasprovided us with such an opportunity.” In his position, Moye serves as aconstruction project engineer withcontracting officer representativeresponsibility for all types of projectsfor the Tactical Infrastructure Programfor Customs and Border Protection insupport of the United States BorderPatrol. During his seven years inthe Los Angeles District, Moye hasbuilt new border fences; constructedseveral miles of border fence lighting; operation has now grown into a six- the District.maintained and repaired fences as man team, in which I am honored to be “His many achievements inthey were breached by cross-border appointed as a team leader.” managing the Los Angeles District’sviolators; maintained roads; and Among the new projects on the diverse and complex Fence and Roadcleared debris and vegetation caused by horizon for Moye and his team are maintenance contracts and countlessmonsoon activity. remote forward operating bases Border Patrol Service projects “With the advent of the new and remote video surveillance tower during times of significant changeComprehensive Tactical Infrastructure systems. Other construction projects and challenge are derived from hisMaintenance and Repair Program in support of the border patrol include; outstanding professional ability,that will be administered by CBP, constructing of border patrol check noteworthy initiative and strategicthe routine maintenance and repair points and improvements through vision,” the citation reads. “Under theseprograms will be handed over to construction methods and procedures outstanding circumstances he hasCBP, as a whole new aspect of border to the access and drainage of two demonstrated an outstanding ability tosecurity will begin,” he explained. “We international underground storm water lead, mentor, and coach his staff whileare moving away from maintenance drainage tunnels. earning their utmost respect.”and repair and back into construction. The award he received also paysWhat started out to be a one-man testament to the work Moye does forHope you “Like” us on Facebook @ August 2012 7
  8. 8. BUILDING WELLNESSFat: The hidden truthBy Cecy Ordonez foods. These foods include: LOS ANGELES — The American salmon, trout,Heart Association recommends that herring, avocados,fat make up 30 percent or less of your olives anddaily intake of calories. Fat is a critical walnuts. It alsocomponent to life, because it provides includes liquidan important source of energy, is vegetable oilsessential for growth and development such as soybean,and helps regulate blood pressure, corn, safflower,heart rate, blood clotting, nerve canola, olive andtransmission and temperature control. sunflower.Although fat is an important part of a The very badhealthy diet, there are different types fats are man-and they are not all created equal. In made and arefact, there are good fats, bad fats and called trans fatvery bad fats. The type you eat plays or hydrogenateda huge role in your levels of “good fats. They are acholesterol” or High Density Lipo liquid vegetable The CDC reports that trans fat intake has significantlyprotein and “bad cholesterol” or Low oil (unsaturated) decreased in the U.S. as a result of efforts to increaseDensity Lipo proteins. that has been awareness through label changes, industry efforts to The bad fats are the saturated fats turned into a solid voluntarily reformulate foods, and some state and localwhich increase your LDL. Saturated fat (saturated). governments’ restriction of its use in restaurants andfats are chains of carbon atoms where This is done by other food service outlets. (Courtesy photo)each link in the chain can hold a full a process calledhydrogen atom. Think of a line of hydrogenation where the structure of how to get rid of it. To make mattersoffice cubicles (carbon) each being the oil has been chemically changed even worse, you may not know thatoccupied by an employee (hydrogen). by adding hydrogen atoms that create you are eating it. Although food labelsThe chain of cubicles is saturated with a completely unnatural type of fat. In are now required to disclose transhydrogen on their carbon chain. These other words, we have empty cubicles fat in your food, the Food and Drugtypes of fats are usually solid at room that are filled with substitute employees Administration states it only needs totemperature, like butter, cheese, cream, who off-set their cubicle from the disclose those that have .5 grams orlard and fatty meats. They are harmful original chain of employees. This type more PER serving. In other words, zerobecause of how they behave once they of fat is appealing because it is cheap, grams does NOT equal zero. If you findenter the bloodstream. They like to it makes food taste good, and gives a label that says zero grams of transseek each other out and then stick food a longer shelf life. For example, fat, continue to read the ingredienttogether. This bonding eventually leads peanut butter and margarine have list. If it has hydrogenated or partiallyto plaque, the kind that clogs arteries hydrogenated oils to keep the products hydrogenated oils, then the foodand leads to heart disease. solid and keeps them from separating contains trans fat. The good fats are the unsaturated in the jar. What does all this mean? In short,fats that help raise your HDL and Research has now shown that the your body needs fats but prefers youlower your LDL. Unsaturated fats trans fats are very bad because they eat unsaturated fats, limit saturatedare missing a few hydrogen atoms on increase your LDL, like saturated fats, fats and avoid or eliminate trans fat.their carbon chain. In other words, the but they also decrease your HDL. You can do this by shopping at thechain of cubicles (carbon) is missing This coupled effect then dramatically perimeter of the grocery store and focusone or more employees (hydrogen). increases your risk of heart disease. on whole food with the least amount ofMissing an employee in your team can Trans fat also increases inflammation processing, avoid fast foods – especiallydecrease the strength of your work, so in the body. Chronic inflammation is fried chicken and fries – and avoiddoes missing a hydrogen bond in the linked to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, food with hydrogenated or partiallycarbon chain. Missing the hydrogen arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, hydrogenated oils listed in theirmakes the fat unstable in its chemical acne, eczema, psoriasis and multiple ingredients, like baked goods, pastries,composition, which is why unsaturated sclerosis. More importantly, with packaged crackers and cookies. Smallfats are found in a liquid state at room its man-made properties and new changes can exponentially affect youtemperature. Unsaturated fats are molecular structure, your body does and your family’s health in a positivefound mainly in fish and plant-based not recognize it and does not know way! Perez8 NewsCastle
  9. 9. Trans Fat: The Facts Dietary Trans Fat The Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 and the Institute of Medicine recommend that individuals keep trans fatty acid consumption as low as possible.1, 2 There are two main sources of dietary trans fatty acids (trans fat). Naturally occurring trans fat is found in small amounts in the fatty parts of meat and dairy products. Artificial trans fat comes from foods that contain partially hydrogenated oil and is formed when hydrogen is added to liquid oil turning it into solid fat. Often food manufacturers use artificial trans fat in food products because it is inexpensive and it increases the food’s shelf life, stability, and texture. Foods that may contain artificial trans fat include fried items, savory snacks (like microwave popcorn), frozen pizzas, baked goods, margarines and spreads, ready-to-use frosting, and coffee creamers. Trans fat intake has significantly decreased in the U.S. as a result of efforts to increase awareness of its health effects, Nutrition Facts label changes, industry efforts to voluntarily reformulate foods, and some state and local governments’ restriction of its use in restaurants and other food service outlets. However, on average Americans still consume 1.3 grams (0.6% of energy) of artificial trans fat each day.3 The amount of trans fat can vary within food categories3 Food Category Range of Trans Fat Per Serving Margarine and spreads 0.0-3.0 g Cookies 0.0-3.5 g Frozen pies 0.0-4.5 g Frozen pizza 0.0-5.0 g Savory Snacks 0.0-7.0 g What Are the Health Consequences of Consuming Trans Fat? • Consuming trans fat increases low-density lipoprotein (LDL, or “bad”) cholesterol. This effect contributes to increased coronary heart disease and death.1 Trans fat may also have other adverse health effects like decreasing high-density lipoprotein (HDL, or “good”) cholesterol. • Further reducing trans fat consumption by avoiding artificial trans fat could prevent 10,000–20,000 heart attacks and 3,000–7,000 coronary heart disease deaths each year in the U.S.† † These estimates of heart attacks and CHD deaths were calculated using FDA data related to current mean intake of artificial trans fat (0.6% of energy)3 as well as FDA estimates of 600-1200 heart attacks and 240-480 CHD deaths each year that could be prevented in the U.S. by a 0.04% of energy decrease in population TFA consumption.4 Using the estimate from FDA and adjusting to current U.S. statistics on heart attacks and CHD deaths5 results in the numbers presented above. For more information CDC: FDA: National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and ObesityCS231322 August 2012 9
  10. 10. SAFETYIt’s An Augustare recommended this fluJenner and prevent many terrible illnesses. have become What antiviral drugs Month, Yes? available to season? Salk, a multitude of vaccinationsBy Steve McCombs If you’re a veteran like me, then you’ve been vaccinated There are two FDA-approved antiviral drugs recommended by laundrythis of diseases. The moment you for off the against a CDC list season. The brand names get these are Tamiflu® you are wondering just what the heck bus at(generic name zanamivir). and you get stuck in both LOS ANGELES — If (generic name oseltamivir) and Relenza® Boot Camp, they line you up Tamiflu® is availablethe title of this article means, then look up the word “august” arms about half a dozen times. And that’s just round one – as a pill or liquid and Relenza® is a powder that is inhaled. (Relenza® is not for people with breathingand you’ll find its origins dating back to the Romans. It’s some vaccines require several doses. As a Navy corpsman, one problems like asthma or COPD, for example.)always the Greeks or Romans and Latin words that get all the of my responsibilities was to keep the crew’s vaccinations upglory. I once asked my biology professor why this was so, and to date. This was not only for their general health, but also as athe answer wasshould antiviral drugs be taken? How long so easy I was a bit embarrassed. Simply put, control measure should enemies decide to do the unthinkableLatin is a dead language – not spoken outside of academic and and release a biological weapon.religious circles anyway – and is therefore used to usually prescribed for 5 days, although people has been a significant To treat the flu, Tamiflu® and Relenza® are reference Sadly, in my point of view, there hospitalized withmany modern words, the medicine for longer than 5 days. opposition to vaccines in the past decade or so, and the internet the flu may need particularly in the medical profession.Latin words never change their meaning, so they are perfect is full of sites that purport everything from conspiracy theoriesreference words. The word august comes from the Latin to outright lies. The result has been a number of people whoword, sextilus, which referred to the sixth month in the then drugs?not get vaccinated or have their children vaccinated. It Can children and pregnant women take antiviral will10-month Roman calendar. It was renamed Augustus (August) should be no surprise that there has been an increase in thesein 8 BC in honor of andfirst Roman women can take antiviral drugs. Yes. Children the pregnant Emperor, Augustus Caesar. often-deadly diseases. And most of us remember Joe Mauhar,It also means noble, dignified or imposing. I like the “noble” a valued member of Asset Management who contracted thepart sinceshould take antiviral drugs? Who I was born this month….but I digress. H1N1 virus (Swine Flu) and passed away. There was no H1N1 August is National Immunization Awareness Month. vaccine when this disease reared its ugly head and killed Joe.The modern history of that antiviral drugs against various to There is one now. It’s very important vaccinating humans be used early treat is generally credited to Dr. with the flu (for example This link is to the Centers for Disease Control websitediseases people who are very sick Edward Jenner, a Britishphysician, in 1796. He noticed that humans who had regarding some common misconceptions about vaccine use:contractedwho are in the hospital) and people farm folk) people “cowpox” (usually milk maids and other who arerarely contracted smallpoxhave a greater chancethose days, sick with the flu and during an outbreak. In of getting This link, also from the CDC, provides general informationthey didn’t even know what a virus was;because of their age orand links to a multitude of topics: serious flu complications, either but, he experimentedand the rest, as they say, is history. We eventually discovered vaccines/events/niam/default.htm because they have a high risk medical condition. Other Educate yourself and speak with your medical vaccines work; by introducing a weakened or dead formof people also may be treated with antiviral drugsto the the germ, the human body develops an “antibody” by their doctor this season.the CDC of all the health andpeople Below is a list from Most otherwise-healthy age factorsorganism. The next however, do not need to be the body that are known to increase a person’s risk of getting serious who get the flu, time the organism invades, treated with antiviral ready to defend itself. Because of Dr. Jenner’s work, the complications from the flu.smallpox virus was formally declared eradicated and age factorsAnd, asare known safe, drive sober and buckle up! ~ Steve Following is a list of all the health by the World that always, drive to increase a person’sHealth Organization in 1979. And since the days of Doctors risk of getting serious complications from the flu: Asthma People younger than 19 years of age on long- term aspirin therapy Blood disorders (such as sickle cell disease) People with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Chronic lung disease (such as chronic obstructive Disease (COPD) pulmonary disease [COPD] and cystic fibrosis) People with weakened immune systems due Endocrine disorders (such as diabetes mellitus) to disease or medication (such as people with Heart disease (such as congenital heart disease, HIV or AIDS, or cancer, or those on chronic congestive heart failure and coronary artery steroids) disease) Other people at high risk from the flu: Kidney disorders Adults 65 years and older Liver disorders Children younger than 2 years old Metabolic disorders (such as inherited metabolic Pregnant women and women up to 2 weeks disorders and mitochondrial disorders) from end of pregnancy Morbid Obesity American Indians and Alaska Natives Neurological and neurodevelopmental conditions10For more information visit or or call NewsCastle 1-800-CDC-INFO.
  11. 11. Fight the flu • Protect yourself, protect others— get a flu vaccine every year. • Prevent the spread of germs— cover coughs and sneezes. To learn more, visit Get the flu vaccine, not the flu.CS226328-A August 2012 11
  12. 12. District Toastmasters looking forward to distinguished recognition Among the achievements: • 4 members completed Competent Communicator requirements • 2 members completed Advanced Communicator requirements • 2 members completed Competent Leadership requirementsThe award-winning Essayons Club #988. Front row, from left: Christina Chavez, Guest • 9 new members- Charity Hanson, Cynthia McManus and Stephanie Eaves. Back row, from left: Guest - joinedArnel Bicol, Alexander Rosas, Sam Weatherly, Robert Stuart, Edward Louie, Benjamin • 5 officers educatedNakayama and Guest - Mark Ching. (Courtesy photo) through weekend training twiceBy Essayons Club #988 awarded to clubs completing seven of • 2 reports were submitted on the ten goals. Only clubs carrying out time LOS ANGELES — The U.S. Army at least nine of the goals achieve the “Congratulations, Essayons! GoodCorps of Engineers Los Angeles President’s Distinguished Club. job pulling together to meet all of theDistrict’s Toastmasters International “Being the group of over-achievers requirements and working in unityclub, the Essayons Club #988 is looking that we are, we were aiming for the towards this prestigious recognition,”forward to receiving the “President’s highest recognition,” said Eaves. “Over Eaves said. “Stay tuned for our progressDistinguished Club” designation from the past few months, the Essayons Club as we run this relay, passing the batonToastmasters International. has held bi-monthly working- lunches from member to member to strive for “With a 2012 deadline of June focused on achieving the President’s the Gold.”30 to meet the requirements, we Distinguished Club award.” Eaves said the club is always lookingaccomplished the last of the series of The Essayons Club was founded for and welcoming new members togoals on June 14, making us eligible more than 55 years ago by members join them. District employees who areto apply for this prestigious award,” of the Army Corps of Engineers and is interested in joining or receiving moresaid Stephanie Eaves, the club’s vice now home to well-seasoned members information should contact Ed Louie atpresident of education. “We are slated and some “newbies.” strategically arrange to meet these The group accomplished all 10 goals.goals for a second year in a row, givingus the Presidential DistinguishedAward for two years in a row.” There are three levels of recognitionthat can be earned by a single clubeach fiscal year; Distinguished Club,Select Distinguished Club, and thehighest recognition of President’sDistinguished Club. In order to receivethe recognition, clubs work to achieve Christina Chavez giving aas many of the 10 goals of individual speech entitled, “M.O.Bcommunication and leadership - Mother of the Bride.” Aachievements outlined. Toastmasters meeting is Each award recognizes achievements a learn-by-doing workshopby club members throughout the where participantsyear. Clubs receive the Distinguished sharpen their publicClub award by achieving five of the 10 speaking and leadershipgoals. The Select Distinguished Club is skills. (Courtesy photo)12 NewsCastle
  13. 13. Hard work recognizedDistrict employees recognized asSouth Pacific Division nominees LOS ANGELES — This year’s Installation Support Professional Chief of Engineers Design andEngineer Day featured 28 employees of the Year Environmental Awardbeing recognized for their years of • Randi Elder • Tropicana and Flamingo Washesvaluable service. • Tres Rios Another group of individual CP-18 Activity Career Program • Fort Irwin Hospitalawardees were mentioned as District Manager of the Yearnominees for various awards, but they • Rick Leifield Lean, Clean and Green Awardcan now be recognized as South Pacific • Fort Irwin HospitalDivision recepients of the following CP-18 Senior Journeymanawards. of the Year Green Inovation Award • Doug Chitwood • Fort Irwin Hospital Civilian of the Year • John Keever Hispanic Engineer National Green Dream Team Award Achievement Award • Fort Irwin Hospital Project Manager of the Year • Betty Melendrez - Professional • Karl Ahlen Acheivement Award Outstanding Planning • Juan Dominguez - Civil Achievement Award Construction Management Engineering/Environmental • San Clemente Shoreline Excellence Distinction Award Feasibility Study • Ellie Encinas Project Delivery Team Planning Excellence Award of the Year • Joseph Lamb • Fort Irwin Hospital Public Affairs Recognition The District Public Affairs team recieved honors in the Herbert A. Kassner Public Affairs Competition that recognizes superior achievement by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers public affairs specialists. The team won first place in the Website Category. Daniel Calderon took first place in the Commentaries and Television Sports Report categories. His entries went on to the Army-level competion and the TV Sports Report earned a third place award. Brooks Hubbard was honored as producer for the first place Command Information Campaign, “Building Strong People,” which went on to win first place in the Army-level competition. The Army-level competition is the Maj. Gen. Keith L. Ware Public Affairs Competition. August 2012 13
  14. 14. Familiar faces vie for table tennis gloryBy Dave Palmer LOS ANGELES — The U.S. ArmyCorps of Engineers Los Angeles Districtand URS Corporation have heldping pong leagues for several yearsand ultimately hold a championshiptournament on the seventh-floor patioof their downtown Los Angeles officebuilding. This year’s Ping-Pong Extravaganzamen’s championship was held July 26,featuring a chili dog lunch to raise fundsfor and promote membership in theDistrict-sponsored Toastmasters club. “Another great year,” said Ed Louie,member of Essayons Toastmasters Club988 and One-Alarm Chili chef. “Wehad some scheduling issues, so only the battle to Roxanne Vidaurre (in white), point in 2006 to present, it’s two winsmen’s final was held today.” engineering division. for URS men and five wins for the Corps In the men’s division, it was an all- This fun rivalry got its start when Ed men. For the women, its four wins forDistrict final as ACE-IT contractor Bee Louie attended a Toastmasters meeting URS and two wins for the Corps women.Cha (above left) won three sets to one in URS’ conference room and noticed The Corps is looking for future men andagainst David Coltharp of the asset a ping pong table in the patio area. A women players to division. URS Toastmasters member asked him “If this year is any indication, the men Corps vs. Corps lined up as the if he would like a quick game after the and women of the Los Angeles Districtwomen took the table on July 31. meeting. After the match, the two and URS Corporation will continue thisPerennial finalist and 2006 champion decided it would be fun if the district friendly challenge, and I may have toRosa Ramirez, programs and project and URS challenge each other to a add another ‘alarm’ to my chili,” addedmanagement division lost a hard fought friendly ping pong match. From that Louie.14 NewsCastle
  15. 15. FINAL WORDWords are relative – beware multiple meaningsBy Daniel J. Calderón of limits on something like gun control or the possibility of homosexual marriage, the whole piece - no matter which side Brilliant. you happen to be on - is thrown out or marginalized with If someone said that in a conversation (or out of one, for ridiculous stretches into mockeries of logic that have nothingthat matter) it could mean a number of things. It could be to do with the ideas being presented. Conversation ends anda reference to the clarity or color of a gem. It could be about discussion degenerates into name calling and posturing. Itthe intelligence of a specific person. And, with that meaning, gets silly and, quite frankly, a little more than sad. I think weit could be used sarcastically. Then, there’s the Harry Potter have forgotten how to accept ideas and words for what theyversion which could mean “cool” (another word that doesn’t are – opportunities.really maintain its original meaning) or it can be just an New ideas, whether we agree with them or not, are chancesexpression of frustration used to end a conversation. to gain some new insight into the wider world. Words are When we have a great understanding how we shape ideas and figure out whetherof the language it’s only too easy to or not we can make those ideas a reality,assume that we understand it all. Words whether or not we can incorporate themare not the only thing we have to listen to into our world view. Change is frightening.when we have a conversation. We have to I understand that. But words, with their“listen” to body language, the tone with multiple meanings and the ideas they helpwhich the words are imparted, the context frame, are our best hope of allowing us toaround which the conversation runs and manage that fear and use it for the benefiteven the environment in which we are of us and for our posterity.having the conversation in the first place. Look back to the changes, the words, theConversations don’t always occur in person. ideas that have come before. It wasn’t easySo, we also have to mind the media (since and it took an almost inconceivable amountit may end up in multiple forms – print, of courage to work against the grain ofphone and even face-to-face) in which we conventional thought when the changesare conversing. were both proposed and implemented. As Sarcasm is a hard thing to convey an example, democracy was a radical idea(believe me, I try very hard) in a print medium. If you’re in the age of monarchies. Rule by the people, the mob? Antrying to be funny with a snide remark, it could very well absurd and dangerous notion when it was first proposed. Yet,fall flat if you’re trying to do it via e-mail or in another kind here we are. Another example? Women voting and workingof writing, like social media. This is especially true if you’re outside the home were notions considered against bothnew to an organization or if the person you’re writing is nature and society. God made women second to men was thenot familiar with you. It’s best to be straight forward and conventional thought and having a woman educated enoughas unambiguous as possible when you’re writing. If you’re to have a voice in society and to have a seat in the workplacetrading e-mail barbs, make sure it’s with someone whose would upset the balance of nature and thwart the will of thequill is as sharp as yours and someone who understands your Almighty. So, since the time those ideas were stood uponparticular brand of quip. Otherwise, you could have some their head and tossed away, has the world ended or societyawkward moments explaining things later on. collapsed? Not that I can see. The same is true with snarky comments made in person Words are important and the ideas born from them canor over the phone. Although you might think it’s an A and change lives. Use them both carefully. Don’t be afraid to thinkB conversion and anyone else can C themselves out, the and to speak; but, use your words well. I’m not advocating afact is there are lots of people who do pay attention to the total ban on flippant speech or writing. I’m not saying anyoneconversations of others. If they don’t get your humor or can’t should take political correctness to heart and just say “nice”hear the other side of the conversation, you may end up with things. Sometimes things are said in anger and sometimesan annoyed or offended eavesdropper. misunderstandings occur even when the communicator That, however, brings up another point. We’re far too thinks the meaning of the words and the thoughts behind thesensitive to what people say and do right now. To be honest, I ideas are as plain as possible. Mistakes are made and shouldthink we’ve let the constant influx of communication, mostly be expected.from electronic corners, thin out our skin to the point where However, learn from what you say and what you do. It’sit’s almost non-existent. Jokes aren’t just jokes and people an easy thing to learn from your mistakes. After all, if you’rewho are upset demand for comics or anyone else they feel paying attention, you’ll see where you went wrong andhave wronged them to publicly apologize. It seems like we’re (hopefully) take steps to not do the same thing the nextconstantly looking for ways to become offended and almost time you’re in the same situation. If you’re truly brilliant andhungry for things that offend us so we can vent our righteous open to the people around you, however, you’ll learn fromindignation at such an outrage. the mistakes of others and not follow their errors. Words are If someone touches on a hot-button issue, like the notion strong. Be brilliant with yours. Just a thought… August 2012 15
  16. 16. ONLY YO U C A N P R E V E N T W I L D FI R E S. w w w . s m o k e y b e a r . c o m