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9 steps to Optimizing Your Website for SEO and Profits


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  • 1. 9 Steps to OptimizingYour WebsiteBy Escape The Matrix
  • 2. If you build a business you put asign on the building and the side ofthe road right?If you have a websitebuilt and you want it toget some traffic thereare some very basicthings you NEED to dothat will make a hugedifference in yourresults!
  • 3. The followingComprehensive 9 steps willhelp you optimize yourwebsite to attractcustomers, and get yousome love from Google
  • 4. 1. Make a spreadsheetof your sites main pages.Recordthefollowing
  • 5. Existing Domain URLs
  • 6. Titles, Descriptions and Meta Tags(keywords) Entered for all URLS
  • 7. 2. Create a list of the Keywordsyou would like to rank for Think “What would some one type into a search engine to find my site?”
  • 8. 3. Use todeterminewhatrankingsyour sitealreadyhas
  • 9. *VERY IMPORTANT!*Check whichpage is rankingfor whatkeyword!
  • 10. If a subpage is ranking 15th forthe Keyword “brass trinket,” thenyou are going to optimize thatpage for “brass trinket,” NOT yourhome page!
  • 11. 4. Use SEM Rush and Google’s External Keyword Tool to determine which words are most relevant for your site.
  • 12. Believe it or not, there is adifference between “GreensvilleOrthodontics”and“GreensvilleOrthodontist”
  • 13. 5. Re-write the Meta-Titlesof your pagesThe title should start with the most important keyword you want to rank forThis is usually the keyword with the most traffic, but isn’t alwaysWhen in doubt, aim for the higher traffic Keywords
  • 14. 6. Re-write your PageDescriptionsInsert your keywords wherever they make the most senseRemember the purpose of the description is to SELL a web surfer on your site!It is NOT to force in unnatural sounding keywordsYour description should draw the visitor into visiting your site
  • 15. 7. Enter the main keywordand it’s derivatives into theMeta-Tags.Don’t over do itwith keywords!!3-4 derivativesis plenty!
  • 16. 8. Re-write the H1 title ofyour pagesThe H1 title of your page should include your main keywordThe keyword should be placed atthe beginning or close to thebeginning of the title
  • 17. 9. Check your content forSecondary wordsUse secondary keywords throughout the page wherever theysound naturalYour primary keyword doesn’t need to be used any more thane 3 or 4 times throughout your whole pageAny more than this annoys Google and your reader
  • 18. Remember!!Usability and ReadabilityALWAYS come beforeoptimization when it comesto content!
  • 19. For a more in depth guide to thisprocess click the image below
  • 20. For more fantastic Informationabout SEO, Social Marketing andinternet marketing tips visit EscapeThe Matrix’s Website: