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  • Now we are going to give a quick intro into our platform itself.
  • Safe Harbor
  • Disruptive changes require fast and agile development – we are now seeing the business results of being in a Post-PC world, as Steve Jobs called it. Our users, your users, your employees, your potential customers – they are all becoming more mobile, more social – they are more engaged with each other, with business process and with corporate branding than ever before.
  • Why is mobile and social such a powerful combo?Engagement. Facebook, Twitter, Yelp – all have 4-5x more usage on their mobile apps than their web browsers.
  • We’ve built Apps that range from Field Service to Mobile Surveys to Clienteling.B2B and B2C ApplicationConnected Mobile Applications – Internet of Things etc.
  • Apps for customers:Make every app an opportunity to know your customer or partnerEngage more deeply by embedding the customer recordCreate loyalty by creating communitiesApps for Employees:Deliver business processes using standard templatesDrive field workforce productivityRe-use existing web development skillsApps for Consumers:Deliver engaging social and mobile consumer experiencesQuickly create and test new customer channels and applicationsChoose your programming language
  • Customer story: is the largest insurance company in the world with over 100 million customers all around the world representing 57 countries. In a time of global financial crisis, they needed to think differently in order to maintain profitability. The CEO had a vision of being the best service delivering company for insurance markets and he wants to build "the Apple for service in insurance".  In DF’12, AXA introduced us to Project iNov-an iPad app to improve agent productivity. Background of Project iNov:AXA uses number “5” to summarize the old world: When sales reps were visiting the client, it took them 5 minutes to start the laptop, 5 kilo to carry with laptop, forms and maybe even a printer and average 5 visits to finalize a deal.15 months ago, AXA decided to launch Project iNov and built a complete business solution on iPad, which is mobile, paperless and can be used even when disconnected to Internet.Goals:AXA wants to improve operational efficiency and ease network animation.Improve operational efficiency: AXA wanted less administrative tasks for sales reps, so they can have more meetings, more sales and more revenue. When the contract is signed at the end of the meeting, there would be no no homework and the sales reps can go to visit another client rather than spend 30 or 40 minutes to catch the data from the paper form they have complete before.Ease network animation: With Siebel, the managers don’t have the real time visibility of their team activities; with Salesforce, they can. How many opportunities are out, how many meetings the team are having next week. Now the managers easily see it and manage it. Solution:AXA App demo: (Demo starts at 8 min and 18 min)Agents use their iPads to sell insurance in a fully digital sales process captured in a mobile app. This customer-facing sales tool allows agents to simulate various lifeinsurance package scenarios and calculate premiums. Information and orders input into the app will synch with AXA’s back office and a contract will be generated and sent to the customer. Over 200 agents are now using this application in the field with tremendous adoption.Security: AXA used AirWatch to get security around their app. It is already a solution AXA had out of the box so this is what they used to make the app available on the AXA store and also to remotely delete data in case of robbery or loss of an iPadResult:AXA uses number “1” to summarize the new world: 1 second to start the ipad, 1 pound to carry and 1 meeting to close the deal.Business results of the 6 month 100-user pilot300% increase in usage during customer meetingsLess work back at the office (about 20 minutes saved per new customer)74% see improvement on daily organization (time saving, real-time schedule, real-time access to info)90% positive feedback: “our customer data is available all the time and everywhere”AwardsAXA’s Group innovation award for “Distribution and Digital items”“Argus d’or” at the insurance annual “Golden Globe” of innovationWhy Salesforce?After a decade of Siebel, AXA needed something new, more agile, and they were also yearning for mobility for new sales rep. They launched the first version of the mobile app on Salesforce in less than 4 months. In the two years adventure with Salesforce, AXA have actually delivered more versions than what they have done in 10 years of Siebel.
  • Live Demo available on SFDC sales store improves business visibility and efficiency with platformChallengeLeading supplier of orthopedic devices, dental implants, and related surgical products needed real time, global business visibilityUsing Access, Ariba, Outlook, SAP, and numerous other systems to manage customer information resulted in disjointed, manual processes and siloed informationNeeded greater visibility into lead generation activities and events, and an easy way to track and monitor compliance with strict legal and regulatory guidelines SolutionChose and created a “Center of Excellence” team with representatives from all global constituencies to set strategy and guide implementationDeployed Unlimited Edition to approximately 700 sales, marketing, support, and legal employees across the U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan, and SwitzerlandTapped Consulting, and Training and Support resources to maximize the deployment; Premium Support helps administrators get answers quicklySales CloudConsolidated customer information from multiple worldwide systems; Web-to-lead automatically creates new recordsConsolidated campaign management in the Sales Cloud for improved visibility and program measurement; installed ExactTarget from the AppExchange for integrated email marketing with real time tracking informationLeveraged opportunity management functionality for deployment of global sales tracking programForce.comCustomized the system to maintain secure and separate views of surgeon information for sales and consulting groups; information is consolidated to ensure compliance with FDA regulationsConfigured workflows to ensure that approvals of physician-specific expenses from sales and consulting managers are monitored for complianceBuilt a custom application using sites for real time, integrated visibility of global event registrationsAdded custom objects to show market share and help reps determine the best strategies for increasing itIntegrated with SAP to add real-time and historical purchase informationProvided mobile access to let reps view and update records from the roadService CloudAdded the Service Cloud call center to help reps manage cases and quickly respond to distributor questions and issues ResultsIncreased lead volume and visibility through integrated marketing and sales systemsImproved email campaign effectiveness (achieving deliverability rates of 95 percent, with 35 percent open rates)Greater sales and marketing efficiencies through fast access to information and automated processesImproved business planning and decision-making capability by providing a single location for comprehensive, global business viewsImproved compliance through simplified processesTime and cost saving through retiring legacy systems and standardizing on one platform
  • Critical Systems. Keeping Greater Atlanta safe from fire with and an iPhone.Jim Boudreaux, IT Director: " reduced our fire alarm inspection process from weeks to hours. Now, with, reports are sometimes emailed to clients before the inspector has even left the building."Critical Systems offers fire alarm and testing services to help businesses comply with local and national fire codes. The company, which is based in Marietta, GA, had been running its business on a combination of older technologies: paper floor plans to locate equipment on site, Excel on a laptop to record inspection data, and CDs to transport repairs to headquarters. It wanted an easier solution and began looking for a mobile application that could display electronic floor plans and accept inspection results. Critical Systems' goal: to be able to generate reports for its clients in real time.Jim Boudreaux, IT director, considered building a solution from scratch using PHP and SQL, but chose instead for its flexibility, rapid development time, and cloud computing model. quickly delivered a solution. In less than 4 weeks a single developer created a custom inspections app for the iPhone and deployed to the field inspection team.The new app included crucial features. . Customized desktop and mobile interfaces track data on individual buildings, maintaining it in one place. Jpegs of building floor plans can be easily updated and expanded to include extinguishers, security systems, or other devices. Field inspectors can update information on their iPhones, and workflow rules automatically generate reports and email them to clients after an inspection is completed.Critical Systems estimates it developed its custom app 10 times faster on than it would have using an on-premise platform.The new app provided some major advantages. Only one inspector is needed per site because it is easy to locate fire alarm devices and record results on an iPhone, saving time and money. Managers have better oversight thanks to custom dashboards that show inspection results and completion rates in real time. In addition, capturing information in the cloud has improved data integrity and eliminated the risk that information will be lost in a computer helped Critical Systems met its goal. " reduced our fire alarm inspection process from weeks to hours,” said Jim Boudreaux, IT director. “Now, with, reports are sometimes emailed to clients before the inspector has even left the building." BENEFITS Rapid development Improved oversight with custom dashboards Increased productivity; only one inspector is needed to complete a job Increased data integrityChallenge Fire alarm inspection and testing provider needed an easier way to manage, track and test the status of fire alarms and equipment in over 320 buildings each year Previously depended on paper floor plans to locate devices on site, Excel (on laptops) to record inspection data, and multiple inspectors to key results into spreadsheets (which were burned on CDs to transfer to headquarters) Wanted an applications that could work with electronic floor plans, be deployed via mobile devices including the iPhone, and provide an intuitive interface for inspectors to input results while onsite Needed a mobile solution to automatically send results to headquarters so reports could be generated in real time and provide operational visibility Solution Considered building a solution from scratch using PHP and SQL, but chose for its flexibility, rapid development times, and cloud computing model A single resource developed the custom inspections app using and deployed it to the field inspection team via iPhones in less than 4 weeks Customized the desktop and mobile interfaces to track data on individual buildings, and used code and Apex triggers to present updatable jpegs of building floor plans with fire alarm locations; status can be changed with just a click Added mobile access so field inspectors can view and update reports via their iPhonesAdded workflow rules to automatically generate reports and email them to clients after an inspection is completed Consolidated sales, installation, and service data on one system for more efficient service delivery Results Developed and deployed the solution 10 times faster than using an on premise platform Saved time and money because inspectors can quickly locate fire alarm devices on site and record results via their iPhones, and only one inspector is needed to complete a job Increased efficiency because electronic floor plans can be updated and reused annually and easily expanded to include extinguishers, security systems, or other devices; reports are automatically compiled and emailed to clients Improved oversight via custom dashboards that show inspection results and completion rates in real time; headquarters can also track an inspector’s progress within a building in real time Increased data integrity because information is automatically captured in the cloud; data is accessible throughout the company and the risk of loss while using local machines is eliminated
  • The Mobile SDK allows you to easily create iOS and Android applications that run on the Salesforce Platform.
  • provides a host of Mobile SDK’s – Native, Hybrid, HTML5 – to help streamline your mobile app development efforts.These SDK’s are the fastest way to connect mobile apps on the extended Salesforce platform. In fact, they were designed so you can mobile-enable features from any of the major platforms that Salesforce offers.Mobile SDK’s can be found online at along with a handy developer workbook.
  • Mobile architecture overview

    1. 1. Mobile Architecture David Scruggs Platform Engineer @davescruggs
    2. 2. Safe Harbor Safe harbor statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: This presentation may contain forward-looking statements that involve risks, uncertainties, and assumptions. If any such uncertainties materialize or if any of the assumptions proves incorrect, the results of, inc. could differ materially from the results expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements we make. All statements other than statements of historical fact could be deemed forward-looking, including any projections of subscriber growth, earnings, revenues, or other financial items and any statements regarding strategies or plans of management for future operations, statements of belief, any statements concerning new, planned, or upgraded services or technology developments and customer contracts or use of our services. The risks and uncertainties referred to above include – but are not limited to – risks associated with developing and delivering new functionality for our service, our new business model, our past operating losses, possible fluctuations in our operating results and rate of growth, interruptions or delays in our Web hosting, breach of our security measures, risks associated with possible mergers and acquisitions, the immature market in which we operate, our relatively limited operating history, our ability to expand, retain, and motivate our employees and manage our growth, new releases of our service and successful customer deployment, our limited history reselling products, and utilization and selling to larger enterprise customers. Further information on potential factors that could affect the financial results of, inc. is included in our annual report on Form 10-K for the most recent fiscal quarter ended July 31, 2011. This document and others are available on the SEC Filings section of the Investor Information section of our Web site. Any unreleased services or features referenced in this or other press releases or public statements are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase our services should make the purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available., inc. assumes no obligation and does not intend to update these forward-looking statements.
    3. 3. We are witnessing the Post PC Revolution 456 Million Tablets at Work 782 Million Smartphones at Work 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013(E) 2014(E) 2015(E) 2016(E)
    4. 4. Touch Revolution 4x * comScore Mobile Metrix (March 2012) Mobile app users are more engaged*
    5. 5. How do we Apply this to the Enterprise? Access to data from anywhere, anytime Improved engagement - real-time, push, geo Redesigning processes for the mobile-first world A mobile platform strategy, not just mobile apps Mobile is an extension to the enterprise, not a standalone solution
    6. 6. Use Cases & Customers
    7. 7. Field service Retail ExecutionClientelingOrder Management Consumer Apps Custom Use Case Mobile SurveysDigital Sales Aid Mobile Apps Powered By Salesforce Platform
    8. 8. Mobile App Use Cases Apps for Customers Apps for Employees Apps for Consumers
    9. 9. AXA Increases Agent Productivity 400% With iPad App World’s largest insurer launches award-winning mobile app in under 4 months Agents simulate life insurance scenarios and input orders Synchronization with AXA’s backoffice saves over 20 minutes processing time for each new customer
    10. 10. Zimmer Engages Healthcare Professionals With iPad App Leading supplier of orthopedic devices provides surgeons with key surgical content in operating room Reps access customer information and demo how medical devices function Integrates with SAP to deliver real time, global business visibility
    11. 11. Critical Systems Reduces Fire Alarm Inspection Process From Weeks To Hours With iPhone App Inspections app tracks building data and presents floor plans with fire alarm locations Field inspectors can view and update reports in real-time Reports are emailed to clients before the inspector has left the building Developed in less than 4 weeks
    12. 12. Salesforce Platform Mobile Architecture
    13. 13. It Starts With Data • Connect to – existing systems – any cloud – partners, vendors, customers • Access beyond the firewall • Rapid innovation atop existing systems • Powerful access control, enforced across all apps, including mobile • Every object instantly REST enabled Legacy Cloud Partners Data
    14. 14. Add Some Social Collaboration • Collaborate with employees, customers & partners • Insights come to you • Leverage leading social networks • Build new social and mobile-first business processes Legacy Cloud Partners Data Social
    15. 15. Rapidly Create Business Logic • Business users can create business logic exposed for mobile devices • Reporting & analytics available on any device • Workflows & approvals available via mobile APIs • Create custom REST endpoints Legacy Cloud Partners Data Social Logic
    16. 16. Leverage a Single Trusted Identity • Extend corporate identity to mobile devices • Mobile app policies managed by admins, not developers • Customizable provisioning flows • Sign-on to mobile apps with Salesforce, Twitter, Faceb ook...Legacy Cloud Partners Data Social Logic Identity
    17. 17. Run on Any Device • Developer freedom: completely open source tools and libraries • Build for any device with leading JS frameworks • Native SDKs for iOS & Android Device Legacy Cloud Partners Data Social Logic Identity
    18. 18. Secure Enterprise Container • Secure storage for customer data • OAuth2 authentication, access to local device features • SmartSync for managing offline and data sync • Administrator controlled • Policies for PIN protection, access controls Device Container Legacy Cloud Partners Data Social Logic Identity
    19. 19. Device Container The Fastest Path to Mobile Apps • Instant access to the mobile apps you need via enterprise app store • Access data & logic via REST APIs • Choose the right app strategy for your business: web, hybrid, or native • Experienced mobile architects • Partnerships with leading mobile implementation providers Legacy Cloud Partners Data Social Logic Identity Apps
    20. 20. So, What’s the Right App Strategy for You?
    21. 21. Native • Full access to all device features • Objective C (iOS), Java (Android), etc + Potential for offline use + Can deploy to AppStore - Reliant on user to update app - Lack of in-house development skills ✓Great for ISV apps
    22. 22. Hybrid Local • Container provides access to device features • HTML5, JS, CSS resources distributed with app + Potential for offline use + In-house development skills more plentiful + Can deploy to AppStore - Reliant on user to update app ✓Great for ISV apps
    23. 23. Hybrid Remote • Container provides access to device features • HTML5, JS, CSS loaded at runtime – - Can’t load page when offline (but can cache) - Can’t deploy to AppStore (but can distribute within enterprise) + In-house development skills more plentiful + App updates on every restart ✓Great for internal apps
    24. 24. Web Apps • HTML5 provides access to some device features – Geolocation, camera (partial)… • HTML5, JS, CSS loaded at runtime – • Can share resources with hybrid apps - Can’t load page when offline (but can cache) + App updates on every restart + Widest possible footprint – every smartphone! ✓Great for internal apps
    25. 25. But Don’t Think of a ‘Versus’ Approach to Mobile! It can lead to a silo’d mobile app strategy HTML5 Hybrid Nativevs vs
    26. 26. Think of a Mobile Platform It opens the opportunity for re-use and sharing HTML5 Hybrid Native+ + Salesforce Platform
    27. 27. Mobile SDK iOS and Android SDK for developing with
    28. 28. Mobile SDK: Accelerate App Development API Wrappers Interact with Salesforce REST APIs with popular mobile platform languages Secure Offline Storage Store business data on a device with enterprise- class encryption Push Notifications Dispatch real-time alerts directly to mobile devices Tools for building native, hybrid, and HTML5 apps on iOS and Android OAuth2 Secure authentication and refresh token management App Container Embed HTML5 apps inside a container to access powerful native device functionality
    29. 29. Hands On: Lab 330: Create a Visualforce Mobile App obile/getting-started/html5#jquery