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Blogging Webinar


Published on Ever get stumped on what to write about in your blog? Get ideas to have a post for every day. Ever get stumped on what to write about in your blog? Get ideas to have a post for every day.

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  • 1. Blogging Secrets
    For Building Your Credibility, Your Brand and Your Business
    Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010
    9 – 10pm ET
    Dave Saunders
    Internet Branding Specialist
  • 2. The Model
    • Your online presence leads people to you
    • 3. As they are exposed to you, they begin to know, like and trust you
    • 4. Your trust-equity leads to effective recommendations and referrals
  • What Is A Blog?
    It’s a view of you: a collection of text or content (video, pictures, links) put together to offer information, news and context.
    Posts do not have to be a huge articles.
    Seth Goden, the author of “Tribes” has a very popular blog which runs on a free blogging site. He writes one almost every day and they are usually no more than 200 words.
  • 5. Why Should YOU Blog?
    • Share your passions and interests
    • 6. Be a thought-leader: create context for your readers
    • 7. There’s already plenty of data and information online
    • 8. You help others make sense of it
    • 9. Create “virtual real estate” which positions you as a leader in your field
    • 10. Build your personal brand: Be distinctive, relevant and consistent
  • Benefits of Blogging
    Create Authority
    Help Build an Audience
    Help Build Your Brand
    For Motivation
    For Attraction
    To Monetize
  • 11. 1. Create Authority
    Authority – people recognize your interests, aptitudes and skills
    you do not have to be the ultimate “guru” from the very beginning. Get your voice out there and let your audience watch you grow.
    Don’t get hung up on the term “expert”. The reality is that if you know more than the person who wants your help – you are the “expert”.
    Use that & recognize that as in all of nature, you should continue to grow & evolve.
    *If you’re green, you’re growing & if you’re ripe, you’re rotting!
  • 12. Julie & Julia
    Julie Powell did not start her blog as a master chef.
    She started where she was as a modest cook and built her audience around her journey.
  • 13. 2. Build an Audience
    Be the leader and guide others are seeking
    not just a source of “news”
    People may not always agree with your opinion – but this can either drive them away or draw them closer.
    (i.e. Howard Stern in Private Parts)
    Rush Limbaugh
    Jim Cramer
  • 14. 3. Build Your Brand
    Your brand is build through the relationship you create with others.
    Use YOU in your blog
    Create context
    What do you stand for/against?
    What are your rituals?
    What’s your kryptonite?
  • 15. 4. For Motivation
    Let others watch you go!
    A milestone or goal for a project
    Making goals public puts pressure on you to follow through and succeed.
    (i.e. the tri-athlete who blogged about learning how to be an athlete and all the necessary steps taken to compete in a triathlon)
  • 16. 5. For Attraction
    The more “real” you are, the more you will attract true fans.
    Trying to be “perfect” on your blog makes you unappealing – show your trials and tribulations for others to identify with.
    Creating a facade of the perfect you will be impossible to maintain as your audience grows & is attracted to someone that you are not.
    *Posers attract Posers!
  • 17. All of You Is Your Asset
    Superman: Even though he was this super, amazing, indestructible man – His vulnerability to Kryptonite makes him more identifiable.
    Gary Vaynerchuk: The creator – can be annoying, and he knows it! He’s stayed authentic and has a tremendous amount of followers.
  • 18. 6. To Monetize
    Use the blog to promote your own products and services
    By building authority through your blog, you position yourself as an expert to people who are also interested in what you do.
    Have your blog contain links that say “here is how to hire me” – and that is what it will attract.
    Can also promote affiliate products.
    (i.e. internet marketing & products that you are endorsing)
  • 19. To Monetize (continued)
    Can have sponsors:
    Google Adsense
    Commission Junction – banners
    Partners – local businesses
    ** Don’t do this right away. Build an audience & momentum first so as not to turn people off with a lot of advertisements.
  • 20. Where To Blog
    • Free Options
    • 21.
    • 22.
    • 23.
    • 24. And many, many more…
    • 25. Host your own
    • 26.
    • 27. Or find hosting that offers “C Panel”
    • 28. Install software for free
    • 29. Start Free and transition later
  • Types of Blog Posts
    News & Commentary
    The Elephant in the Room
  • 30. 1. “How to”
    People are looking for “how to” do something on the internet.
    They are not usually looking to learn a brand new skill – rather how to get a desired end result from something they already have an idea about.
    (i.e. people may not need to know how to cook, but may want to learn how to cook healthier)
    Add pictures from a camera or phone.
  • 31. 2. News & Commentary
    In every industry there are current events, news that is happening.
    (i.e. nutrition, travel, legal, healthcare)
    Google News: a great source of news and up to date information.
    Research the news and then report on it with your own commentary and perspective.
    (i.e. talk radio)
  • 32. 3. Definitions
    Create posts to help people understand
    Tricks of the trade in your field
    Train your future customers to be mini-experts
  • 33. 4. The Elephant in the Room
    A topic that no one wants to talk about.
    Your industry has them
    Have the courage to talk about these topics. Controversy will foster communication and debate.
    Learn the difference between OPINION and FACT
  • 34. 5. Lists
    One of the most popular type of posts
    People on Digg, Facebook, and Twitter share lists frequently
    Can be long or short
    Easy to build a blog in this framework and easy for audience to read
    Gets attention
    i.e. Dave Letterman
  • 35. 6. Multimedia
    Over 200,000 videos are uploaded to YouTube every day. Share them through your blog
    • Copy the Embed code from a video
    • 36. Paste into the HTML View of your Blog Post
    • 37. Always include comments to explain what the video is to you
  • Blog Headlines
    Headlines are what sell our content.
    Model what works: (i.e. Parenting, Reader’s Digest, Prevention, Cosmopolitan magazines – all top sellers)
    The cover sells the content.
  • 38. 5 Headline Formulas
    “Who else wants to _______________?”
    Implies social proof that other people are doing it (i.e. lose weight, whiten teeth)
    “5 Types of _________, which one are you?”
    Creates curiosity (i.e. lovers)
    “Little known ways to _______________.”
    Feel they are getting inside information (i.e. save gas)
    “What everyone should know about ______.”
    They don’t want to miss out (i.e. traveling on a cruise)
    How this solution can make your problem disappear.
    Goes back to the “how to” type (i.e. Tempurpedic mattress can make your back problems disappear.)
  • 39. Blog Article Length
    • Match your style
    • 40. Match your audience
    • 41. Provide a mix
    • 42. Short articles may be read more and forwarded more (i.e. Twitter – people only want little bites of information at a time)
    • 43. Long articles provide deep-thinking opportunities and may generate better long term traffic (can outsource a research topic to increase your credibility and authority on that topic)
    • 44. Minimum 300 words for best results with search engines
  • Actions and Risks
    • Be an idea creator
    • 45. Post at least once a day
    • 46. Be an idea creator: don’t simply consume from other authors
    • 47. Getting Started
    • 48. Momentum falls off when you don’t see enough feedback
    • 49. Blogging is not a magic button
    • 50. Those that stick with it, reap the rewards
    • 51. Handy Tip: Mindmap blog ideas from subjects you enjoy
  • Do’s & Don’t of Blogging
    Do’s: the 4 Es
    Sell in your post
    Endless pitching
    There are appropriate places for links & talking about products.
    Can talk about things you are working on to generate excitement that does not involve sending out a salespitch.
    (i.e. conversation at a chamber of commerce meeting)
  • 52. Engage Others on the Turf
    • Leave comments for other blogs
    • 53. Under “website” put the address of your blog
    • 54. DO NOT put your website in the comment
    • 55. Leave a relevant comment
    • 56. Relate to the post
    • 57. Use to find other blogs
  • Engage Others On Your Blog
    • When people leave comments on your blog, answer the comments
    • 58. Comments are FREE CONTENT!
    • 59. Activity sends a signal to search engines like Google
    • 60. Personal example: How To Brine a Turkey – 5,800 hits in one day
    • 61. Moral: Seasonal tie-ins for blog posts rock!
  • Promote with Social Media
    Share your activity through other social media sites
  • 62. Getting Traffic
    • Add your blog to directories
    • 63.
    • 64. Use keyword research to match your content with what people are searching for
    • 65. Don’t get obsessed with “keyword optimization”
  • When you receive BAD commentsDon’t Feed the Trolls
    • Do not get into a fight with the commenter.
    • 66. Do not engage them, it can consume you.
    • 67. Be a professional.
    • 68. May offer new content as an indirect response.
  • Challenges
    Give yourself the challenge to write something every day.
    Give yourself permission to have not so great content sometimes. You will not get it perfect every day.
    Give yourself time – your blog may take a while to gain momentum.
    (i.e. Julie & Julia were both ready to give up at times)
  • 69. Are you ready? It Doesn’t Matter!
    Start a blog today
    Make it yours
    Have fun
    Share your passions
    Take a stand
    Aim for daily posts for at least 1 year
    Most blogs allow you to post date an entry so you can preload before vacation
    Create a relationship through your blog
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    Power Presence Secrets to Developing a Following Online
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