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Spiritual Formation Comprehensive Plan
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Spiritual Formation Comprehensive Plan



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  • 1. Spiritual Formation Master Plan
  • 2. The Role of Spiritual Formation
    • Calvary’s Current Mission Statement:
      • Attract, Build, Care
    • Spiritual Formation’s Place in this Mission
      • Primarily Concerned with BUILDING
      • Secondarily Concerned with attracting and caring
    • MTF/CTF are primarily concerned with attracting
    • Pastoral Care is primarily concerned with caring
  • 3. The Method of Spiritual Formation
    • LIFEGroups.
  • 4. LIFEGroups for building believers
    • LIFEGroups are formative – believers are formed to the image of Christ and equipped for obedience to God
    • LIFEGroups are caring – believers care for one another’s needs and are cared for with the love of Christ.
    • LIFEGroups are missional – together believers adopt and carry out the mission of Christ to relieve suffering and redeem sin in the world around them.
  • 5. Supporting Vehicles for LIFEGroups
    • Sunday Morning Gatherings
      • Biblical content is preached
      • Opportunity is given for communal worship
      • Relational connections are made
    • University of Calvary
      • Biblical content is taught
      • Potential and Current LIFEGroup Drivers are trained
      • Relational connections are made
  • 6. Supporting Vehicles for LIFEGroups
    • Discipleship Communities
      • Biblical content is taught
      • Relational Connections are made
    • Deacons/Deaconnesses
      • Structures for care giving within LIFEGroups are developed
      • Measures are created for assisting LIFEGroups in meeting larger needs
  • 7. Supporting Vehicles for LIFEGroups
    • CTF
      • Opportunities for Missional Expressions are identified
      • Coordination of Missional Projects is accomplished
    • MTF
      • LIFEGroups are educated regarding global missions
      • Relationships between LIFEGroups and missionaries are established and fostered
  • 8. Goals for Spiritual Formation
    • 100% of people affiliated with Calvary will be connected with a formative, caring, and missional LIFEGroup.
    • Every LIFEGroup will multiply itself at least once every 12 months.
  • 9. Plans For Accomplishing Goals for Spiritual Formation
    • Connecting people into LIFEGroups
      • Engage CONTACTS so they will EXPLORE Calvary
      • Relate to EXPLORERS so they will BELIEVE Christ
      • Connect BELIEVERS so they will PARTNER with a community
      • Form PARTNERS so they will SERVE those they engage.
  • 10. The Definition of Spiritual Formation
    • The formative work of the Spirit by which we are transformed into the image of Christ who is the perfect representation of the Father.
      • The Spirit is the primary actor.
      • The Church is a vehicle through which the Spirit acts.
      • The Church assists the individual in opening themselves to the formative work of the Spirit.
  • 11. The Marks of Spiritual Formation
    • Those being formed to the image of Christ will be obedient to the commands of Christ to:
      • Love God
      • Love Other Believers
      • Love Those Around Them