The Future of Cross media Marketing


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Learn about the future of cross-media marketing, as presented by Joe Manos at Dscoop6.

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The Future of Cross media Marketing

  1. 1. The Future of Cross Media MarketingJoe ManosExecutive Vice PresidentMindFireInc
  2. 2. Agenda• During this session you will learn about the next generation of Cross Media Marketing that is now upon us!• What are today’s marketers doing most often• The Six Must Have dynamics for next generation marketing• How tracking and measurement has already moved to the next dimension – have you?• The Marketers Portal – what is it and how do you play• Case Study of Success How Will You Leverage This Opportunity• Q&A
  3. 3. Making the Journey• Cross Media Marketing is more than just hype• It is the future of the Graphic Arts Industry• Traditional marketing methodologies are undergoing a radical shift and change• More marketing touches exist today so an integrated approach is a requirement for success
  4. 4. To Start With…Cross Media Marketing haschanged over the last yearLet’s look at what today’smarketer is focusing on
  5. 5. Cross Media 101• Cross Media Marketing is more than adding a PURL or email to a campaign• In fact, most email campaigns today don’t leverage a personalized approach• The marketing world of the past that primarily used print and mass media…has exploded with many media choices
  6. 6. The Cross Media Opportunity• There are three areas of opportunity for marketers leveraging Cross Media Marketing: – Cross Media Marketing Services – TransPromotional Campaigns • Personalized Statements / Invoices – Packaging and Label Programs• Each opportunity area has varying decision makers
  7. 7. • Traditional media has been augmented with the new use cases for mobile, social, online and interactive media• All of these new channels demand an integrated marketing approach different from the past• This leads to greater complexity for today’s service providers• For those willing to accept the challenge it presents an incredible growth opportunity
  8. 8. New Revenue Growth and Profit• Over the last five years many have made the journey successfully• There are hundreds of PSP’s that have reinvented themselves• They have made the transformation to a MSP• In spite of what the industry experts(?) say it is possible!
  9. 9. Cross Media Marketing Today• Cross Media Marketing is the all- encompassing term for launching one marketing campaign across a spectrum of media formats• The new dimension for this approach is the experience, and that involves a high level of audience interactivity• These campaigns are designed to engage the target audience and get them more actively involved• Marketers that successfully engage their customers are rewarded with significantly higher results in all areas
  10. 10. Cross-media campaigns are designed to engagerespondents on a more personal and relevant basis usingmultiple touches Direct Email Invite Mail Personal Donation Site Invite to campaign Invite to campaign Invite to join fan page Refer A Friend Invite to join fan page Guests Follow Up Email
  11. 11. • The demand for new, innovative use cases impact both marketers and service providers• The CMM train has left the station and is picking up speed!• If you have been considering this area of opportunity…• It is time to get on the train and start the journey
  12. 12. Another Important Consideration • The playing field is no longer level • The level of campaign sophistication has increased quickly and significantly • The number and type of media touches has grown • The design elements for campaigns has moved to the next level as well
  13. 13. The Next Step or Dimension • The Next Step: – Persona data tied to persona media – Data has a life cycle • Leading marketers are achieving results significantly higher than others using this approach
  14. 14. First National Bank SouthAfrica
  15. 15. Campaign Objectives• FNB’s objective was to create a highly- personalized environment focused on four customer segments: – engage customers in an ongoing conversation • “Personalized URL For Life” – educate customers regarding offers related to the service(s) held by the customer – entice customers to follow-through on new offers
  16. 16. “Financial Freedom” Campaign- Four Customer Segments: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Smart Platinum- Segment-specific content and 4 triggered email notifications
  17. 17. Campaign Results• Campaign is ongoing – “PURL for Life”• Initial results have far exceeded bank’s previous marketing activities: – Visit rates and response rates in excess of 10% across all segments far exceeding FNB’s expectations – FNB is considering re- allocation of internal resources to keep up with the new generated demand
  18. 18. Building New Opportunities • Let’s examine the value associated with these programs • The deliverables the marketer enjoys helps them drive new sales • It also provides them with the ability to meet their marketing objectives • Delivering these types of results is how you become a critical partner for their needs
  19. 19. What’s Driving the Adoption of New UseCases• Social Media 500+ million Facebook users, 700+ billion minutes p/mo 65+ million Tweets p/day• Mobile 3,000+ texts sent by teens p/mo[1] 1 in 2 people w/smart phones by end of ’11 [1]• Direct Mail 12% drop in mail volume[2]• Digital Coupons 60% YoY increase, 1% of total coupon utilization[3]• Increased Digital Spend $100 billion projected spend by 2014[4] [1] Nielsen, 2010 [2] United States Postal Service Annual Report [3] Marx, a Kantor Consumer Promotion Unit [4] Forrester Report
  20. 20. InfoTrends Study• In October 2010, InfoTrends conducted an in-depth study• The study reported a shift toward not only using more electronic and online marketing, but also more channels• Survey results indicated that marketers are using an average of 2.7 media channels per campaign
  21. 21. Study Data
  22. 22. The Six Must Haves for CMMSuccess• Why do some CMM campaigns achieve success• While others fail• What are the ingredients for success?
  23. 23. How Do YouProduce Award- winning Campaigns?
  24. 24. Know the Ingredients
  25. 25. What’s the Objective?• Write it down• Few words• Look at it often
  26. 26. Great Data• GIGO – you have to have good data• Most companies have no idea how good or bad their data is• How about your data?• ICP?
  27. 27. Compelling OffersConsider both for:• Responding• Completing the ultimate objective
  28. 28. Use Personas for Relevance
  29. 29. Maximize Touches • Use multiple channels • Use Contact’s preferred channel • Create cohesive experience
  30. 30. Follow Up!• Don’t f-up and neglect to f-up!• Marketing Sherpa/MIT Study – 100 times greater opportunity – 21 times higher conversion level• Maximize, maximize, maximize – Non-responders: Do you have emails for some of them? – What about your hand raisers? Call them!• Map it all out, look at each opportunity
  31. 31. Sometimes, It’s Pretty Logical.• Use common sense• Consider: – 39 survey questions, branched to a total of 75 – How do you think this would do?• Well … – Visit Rate: 15.85% – Response Rate: 13.94%
  32. 32. Break a Rule! “Hell, there are no rules here — were trying to accomplish something.”
  33. 33. Simplify the Launch Process• Simplifying the Launch Process for the marketer• Marketers are resource challenged• Seeking partners with the solutions to their needs• Your ability in this area speeds the sales and launch process!
  34. 34. Tracking and Measurement – TheNext Dimension• Marketers must have tracking and measurement• It’s your key deliverable• Take it to the next dimension
  35. 35. Tracking & Measurement• Marketers need the ability to compare and contrast their activities based on performance data• It must be “Real Time” results data• They are currently searching for partners to provide these capabilities
  36. 36. Response by Media Type Press Release 1%Social Media/Viral 12% Email 87%
  37. 37. Social Media/Viral Detail Facebook, 3%Email Footers, 4% LinkedIn, 1% Twitter, 3%
  38. 38. Marketers Get It!• The increased use of multi- media in a single campaign represents a clear understanding by marketers of the need and value• Today’s marketer is more effective because they leverage the use of print, mobile, Web, and social media in an integrated and targeted fashion• Couple this with tracking and measurement and you now have the “silver bullet” for your customers!
  39. 39. The Marketers Portal• How do you tie a customer’s CRM or other applications into the Cross Media Marketing Campaign?• The value of a fully integrated lead-to-rep-to- CRM application• What Other Key Marketer Applications can be leveraged?
  40. 40. Better Technology Will Mature OnlineMarketing• A Forrester Research study stated that marketers must make better use of technology to mature their online marketing capabilities• The study recommended that they maximize the cost efficiencies and direct customer relationships that online tools allow• Tie all online technologies together through open standard API’s
  41. 41. This Capability Exists Today• The ability to provide the marketer with a robust portal / dashboard like Forrester outlined exists today• New innovative use cases are being developed daily• The value delivered for the marketer is a “must have” by all marketers
  42. 42. The Suite Brings New Value• Primary Function Support the end-to-end interactive process• User Interactive marketers of all levels, agencies, and marketing personnel• Data Model Unified data model that integrates at the targeted level• Integration Capabilities Built on an open source platform to allow an easy connection with a limitless partner network• Delivery Model Hosted / On-Demand
  43. 43. Self Promotion Best PracticeHemlock Printers LimitedLocated: British ColumbiaFounded: 1968Business: 79,000 sq/ft facility, 170+ employeesLocations: Victoria, British Columbia; Seattle, WA San Francisco, CA
  44. 44. What Was the Objective?• Campaign Objective: – To renew relationships with customers – Bring in business during the slow summer season – Raise awareness of its cross-media capabilities• Key Sponsors: – Dirk Ottevangers, Director of Business Development – Barbara Mallin, General Manager for Digital Print Services• Approach: A cross-media campaign
  45. 45. Objectives (cont’d)• Sought to end fiscal year on a strong note• Business down (economy + summer holidays)• Tell customers about Nametag™ and other capabilities.• Nametag™ is Hemlock’s branding for its cross-media product• Goal: Secure new business by August 31, while raising brand awareness and engage clients in conversations about upcoming projects
  46. 46. • Reconnect with customers & reacquaint them wider range of services• Show the power of Cross-media (Nametag™) by using it• Target Audience: – Hemlock sales reps provided customers – Selected a cross-section of 1,551 existing customers – Included graphic designers, ad agencies and corporations that had done little or no business with Hemlock in the past 12 months
  47. 47. Great Messaging
  48. 48. Personal & Relevant
  49. 49. Personal Incentives • Customers have a choice • Collected critical marketing intelligence for future use!
  50. 50. Great Wrap-up and Call to Action!
  51. 51. Campaign Results!• 473 people (30.7%) visited the landing page• 183 or 11.7 percent entered the contest• 21 new printing projects generating $ 331,000 for Hemlock Printers• A return on marketing investment 25 times greater than the amount invested• “We knew the jobs were out there,” recounts Ottevangers. “We just wanted to secure the business so we added something to the offer to bring in the jobs”• “Most people asked for the upgrade or add-on,” says Mallin, “and the most common request was for carbon neutral printing”
  52. 52. Critical Steps for Success1. Well defined campaign objectives2. All about marketing nothing else3. Excellent data preparation4. Sufficient planning and execution time5. Everyone in the organization is ready for launch and follow-up activities6. Great offer7. No less than three touches
  53. 53. Closing Thoughts… • This is the year of Cross Media Marketing • Where else is their growth potential like this? • If GROWTH is one of your key objectives, this can’t be ignored!
  54. 54. There are Two Paths for 2011• The path for Cross Media Marketing success is clear and well defined• The opportunity for growth and success has never been greater• We are here to help you
  55. 55. Questions & Answers• Don’t forget to stop by our booth to pick up your copy of the case study• Feel free to refer questions or comments to: – Joe Manos: • 916-284-8112 mobile
  56. 56. Thanks for your time!