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Creating Award-winning Integrated Marketing Campaigns
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Creating Award-winning Integrated Marketing Campaigns


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Learn how to create award-winning Integrated Marketing Campaigns, as discussed at Dscoop6 by Dave Rosendahl and Joe Manos.

Learn how to create award-winning Integrated Marketing Campaigns, as discussed at Dscoop6 by Dave Rosendahl and Joe Manos.

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  • 1. Creating Award-WinningIntegrated MarketingCampaignsJoe Manos Dave RosendahlMindFireInc MindFireInc
  • 2. #dscoop6#mindfireinc
  • 3. Today’s Roadmap• Why Cross-media?• Best practices for how to: – Sell – Build – Drive more value• Q&A
  • 4. • Are you currently offering these services today?• Planning to launch in 2011?• Still evaluating the opportunity?• Offering, but need help?• No plans to offer?
  • 5. Why Cross-media?• More than just hype• Future of the Graphic Arts Industry• Traditional marketing is undergoing radical change• The past: primarily print and mass media• The future: Cross Media Marketing
  • 6. What is Cross-Media?• More than adding a PURL or email• Refers utilizing a variety of media formats• Provides a high level of interactivity• Is inherently engaging• Provides improved results
  • 7. Cross-media Drivers• Social Media 600+ million Facebook users, 700+ billion minutes p/mo 65+ million Tweets p/day• Mobile 3,000+ texts sent by teens p/mo[1] 1 in 2 people w/smart phones by end of ’11 [1]• Direct Mail 12% drop in mail volume[2]• Digital Coupons 60% YoY increase, 1% of total coupon utilization[3]• Increased Digital Spend $100 billion projected spend by 2014[4] [1] Nielsen, 2010 [2] United States Postal Service Annual Report [3] Marx, a Kantor Consumer Promotion Unit [4] Forrester Report
  • 8. One Touch Point Is Not Enough• Study: “Capturing the Cross Media Direct Marketing Opportunity” Infotrends, Oct, 2010• More electronic/online marketing + more channels• Surveyed marketers use average of 2.7 media channels p/campaign
  • 9. One Touch Point Is Not Enough
  • 10. Direct Email Invite Mail Personal Donation Site Invite to campaign Invite to campaignInvite to join fan page Refer A FriendInvite to join fan page Guests Follow Up Email
  • 11. One Touch Point Is Not Enough • Consumers available on an average of 7.2 channels, including: – Landline phone – Mobile phone (or two if counting voice and text!) – Skype – Facebook – Twitter – Personal & business e-mail – Membership in online forums – A home address for traditional mail • Need to be combined with mass media like: – Catalogs – Magazines – Signage – Events – Traditional broadcast media
  • 12. Why is Cross-Media Important? • Drive deeper into your accounts • Generates new + recurring revenue from existing customers • Cheap insurance • Protects your customer base • If you aren’t offering, a competitor will be • Your customers are searching for partners to help
  • 13. How to SellSuccessfulCampaigns
  • 14. Selling Cross Media It starts with self- promotion.
  • 15. Self-promotion Case Study Hemlock Printers LimitedLocated: British ColumbiaFounded: 1968Business: 79,000 sq/ft facility, 170+ employeesLocations: Victoria, British Columbia; Seattle, WA San Francisco, CA
  • 16. Self-promotion Case Study• Campaign Objective: – Secure new business by August 31 – Renew relationships with customers – Bring in business during the slow summer season – Raise awareness of its cross-media capabilities• Targets: Cross-section of 1,551 existing customers, including: – Graphic designers – Ad agencies – Corporations w/little or no business in past 12 months
  • 17. Relevant Messaging
  • 18. Relevant Messaging
  • 19. Relevant Messaging • Customers have a choice • Collected critical marketing intelligence for future use!
  • 20. Clear Next Steps
  • 21. Results• 473 (30.7%) visited• 183 (11.7%) entered the contest• 21 new printing projects = $331,000• ROI: 25x the amount invested
  • 22. Examine New Opportunity Areas• Cross Media Marketing Services• TransPromotional Campaigns Personalized Statements Invoices• Packaging & Label Programs• Remember: Varying decision makers
  • 23. Develop the Expertise• It’s a solution sale!• Focus on improved results• Established account development processes• Design a blueprint for sales engagement• Develop tools and support
  • 24. How to Build Successful Campaigns
  • 25. 22,170
  • 26. #1: The Plan is KeySet clear objectivesLearn and implement the process
  • 27. Tip:Half a plan beats noplan. Get crystalclear on objectives.
  • 28. Was This Planned?
  • 29. #2: Invest in DataGIGO: must have good dataNot always easyRequires discipline and time
  • 30. Tip:Take a step at a time.How about cleaningup email addresses?
  • 31. #3: Relevance is King
  • 32. #3: Relevance is King Personas
  • 33. Tip:Use personas tocraft compellingcreative & content.
  • 34. Which offer increases likelihoodprospective buyer clicks? Source: IDG Connect & Marketing Sherpa, 2010
  • 35. Tip:Test and challengeassumptions.
  • 36. #4: Optimize TouchesConsumers available onan average of 7.2channels. But …
  • 37. #4: Optimize Touches• 91% unsubscribed from opt-in e-mails• 77% more cautious providing their e-mail (versus last year)• 81% “unliked” or removed a brand’s posts• 71% more selective “liking” a company (versus last year)• 41% have “unfollowed” a company Source: ExtactTarget “The Social Break-Up”
  • 38. Tip:Wisely usemultiple channels,leveraging thestrengths of each.
  • 39. #5: Follow Up!Q: How quickly should companies call web-generated leads for optimal contact and qualification ratios?A: Odds, if called in 30 min versus 5 min, of: contacting: -100x qualifying: -21x Source:
  • 40. Tip:Don’t f-up andneglect to f-up!Put a process inplace.
  • 41. What Do You Think?Consider: 39 survey questions, branched to 75Q: What conversion rate would you expect?a) <25%b) 25-50%c) 50-75%d) >75%e) Justin BieberA: 88% conversion• Visit Rate: 15.85%• Response Rate: 13.94%
  • 42. “Hell, there are norules here — weretrying to accomplishsomething!”-Thomas Edison
  • 43. Case Study
  • 44. Case Study: Rider-DickersonDean Petrulakis Senior Vice President, Business DevelopmentRider Dickerson | innovation made visible – In business since 1903 – Transitioning from traditional sheet-fed operation to a total solutions provider helping clients deliver better marketing results – Cross Media offerings through strong partnership with MindFireInc – Educate our clients year-round through printForum
  • 45. Let’s Examine an AwardWinning campaign step-by-step• Clear Objectives• Targeted Direct Mail Piece• Great messaging to the individual• Email touch• Landing page interactive dynamics• Redirect to social media
  • 46. Challenge for Robert Morris• Current approach didn’t deliver the results they desired• Key component: targeted letters and postcard mailings to prospective high school students• During a campaign planning session, RMU asked Rider Dickerson for ideas on how to increase the response rate and improve campaign ROI
  • 47. Robert Morris UniversityCampaign Objectives• Increase Awareness of Robert Morris University Among Prospective Students• Drive Students to Campus Visit Day• Encourage Students to Apply on line with Link to Online Application• Encourage Students to Join RMU Social Media Communities
  • 48. Solution for Robert Morris• Rider Dickerson consulted with Robert Morris University on how to target prospects by variables: – including degree preference – scholarship level (test scores) – campus location – athletic talent• From this analysis, Rider Dickerson recommended a cross-media campaign that would invite prospective students to visit a personalized URL• An online dashboard would track all site visits on a daily basis
  • 49. Robert Morris University
  • 50. Direct Mail Piece
  • 51. Welcome Page
  • 52. Survey Page
  • 53. Update Profile
  • 54. Thank You (Attending) Page
  • 55. Thank You (Not Attending) Page
  • 56. Thank You (Maybe Attending) Page
  • 57. Thank You (Attending) Email
  • 58. Thank You (Not Attending) Email
  • 59. Thank You (Maybe Attending) Email
  • 60. Results for Robert Morris• The ability to view responses on a daily basis allowed the enrollment management team to respond in real time• Adjusted campaign messages in successive rounds of communications• Increase its lead pool over the previous year’s campaign by 79%
  • 61. Reason for Success• Multiple Channels—Print, • Teamwork between Rider Email, Social Media, Phone and RMU Follow up – We analyze data and response rates after each campaign• Incredible Use of Data to Segment – make adjustments to outbound creative and – Variables in campaign landing pages accordingly include: – Drive added value by • Male/Female managing campaign from • major preference start to finish • campus preference • athletics vs non athletics • RMU relies on us as a • in state vs out of state strategic partner • test score determines scholarship offer displayed • We drive the success of on card or letter their efforts not execute deliverables
  • 62. How to Drive More High-Value Pages
  • 63. Drive More High Value Pages• Use Cross Media Marketing for more targeted direct mail campaigns• 400,000 pieces can grow to 1.6 million pages• Leverage expertise for you and your customer• Use tomorrow’s technology today
  • 64. Success in 2011 • Your success is tied to meeting the marketer’s needs • Become a critical resource • Provide new insight and education • Establish credibility • Deliver results
  • 65. What’s Required for Success?1. A flexible, proven technology platform2. Cross Media Marketing Training for all key team members • Executive Staff • Technical Staff • Sales Team3. Go-to-Market Business Plan4. Business Development Tools • Sales tools, demo sites, marketing programs • Case Study and Proof Sources • Business Development Tools5. Comprehensive support
  • 66. Closing Thoughts… • 2011 is the year of Cross Media Marketing • Where else is their similar growth potential? • If GROWTH is one of your key objectives, this can’t be ignored!
  • 67. Q&A Stop by our booth #808 to pick up your copy of the case study.Joe Manos: @jemanos 916-284-8112David Rosendahl: @daverosendahl 949-375-4459
  • 68. Thanks for your time!