Gamification Level 2 Certification Project: Raising Awareness for Special Effect


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Gamification Level 2 Certification Project: Raising Awareness for Special Effect

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Gamification Level 2 Certification Project: Raising Awareness for Special Effect

  1. 1. Raising Awareness for • Special Effect is a charity that strives to help people with disabilities enjoy games. • The idea of this proposal is to give an example of how a Social Media game with an online based treasure hunt, could help raise awareness of the charity.
  2. 2. Part 1: A Gamified Social Media Campaign. • Existing supporters are sent an email with a unique link. • They are allowed to send this link to only 5 people. • If one of those 5 registers using the link, the sender gets points. • The invitee is given two links. One that they can send to 5 people and one that they can send out over social media to anyone. • When anyone retweets one of the social media links, the original supporter and the invitee whose link it is gets points
  3. 3. Part 1: A Gamified Social Media Campaign.
  4. 4. Part 1: A Gamified Social Media Campaign. • People only earn points if people they have invited into the game share their social links. This is why the initial invite list can only be 5, we are looking for them to only invite people they know will want to support the charity – rather than just spamming social media with a link. • Using a standard leaderboard, people will be able to see how many points they have and also how many people are in their network. Drilling down, they will be able to see who is in their network and will be able to connect to them (social discovery). • This part of the game should appeal to Bartle’s Socialisers and Marczewski’s Philanthropist types. • At the end of the campaign, a prize could be offered to the person with the largest network, appealing to the achiever. The warning here would be that offering a tangible prize, could upset the balance of those playing to help vs those playing to just get the win.
  5. 5. Part 2: A Virtual Treasure Hunt The second part of this is a treasure hunt. • Everyone who has registered in the first part, is offered the chance to have their website or blog (or a friends website or blog) entered into an online treasure hunt. • Each site will display the Special Effect logo on their site and a link that they have to hide somewhere on the site. They then send a clue to Special Effect about where it is hidden. • People are then invited to read the first clue, this will lead them to one of the websites. When they click the link they find, it will give them a clue to find on another site and so on until the final clue is found. Prizes would be offered for the first X-number of people who complete all the clues.
  6. 6. Part 2: A Virtual Treasure Hunt This would have benefits to all involved. • The player gets the chance to win something as well as an opportunity to explore a little. • The site owners get traffic. • Special Effect get raised awareness as they will be at the centre of it all. • Explorers and Achievers will be engaged here. • Note. The expansion of this would (with large budget) be the Orange Baloon Race that ran some years ago.
  7. 7. Disclaimer This presentation is the work of the author for the purposes of the Engagement Alliance Level 2 Certification Course and does not constitute or represent any official policy or process of SpecialEffect, planned or otherwise.