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Raising Money In This Economy
Exponential Conference 2013 Presentation
Dave Page

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  • Raising Money in This Economy - As a pastor, you will always be raising money to some extent. But raising funds for a church plant in this economic environment can make fundraising more of a challenge than ever. Join Dave Page as he shares tried and true fundraising tools to help you launch in a tight economy.
Time: Thursday 8:45-9:45am

  • http://www.peopleraising.com/index.cfmhttp://www.thebodybuilders.net/Default.aspx
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  • Raising moneyinthiseconomy workshop_davepage_2013

    1. 1. Raising Money in This EconomyThe Ministry of Raising Money to Start a Church
    2. 2. Raising Money• Most church planters don‟t know how• If you can‟t raise money, you can‟t start a church• Big takeaway: People give to VISION, not need.“He who casts the vision must be ableto fund the vision.” – Rick Warren
    3. 3. A Major Study• Planters are unrealistic aboutstartup costs.• Most planters need to raise 100-200K for two years.• Underfunding = Failure• Balance: Too little, too much
    4. 4. Fund Raising vs. Giving?• Fund RaisingColleting money from others in return for a product,service, reward or recognition.• GivingChallenging ourselves and others to give out of our ownresources for spiritual reasons.Focus: Raising disciples not raising funds
    5. 5. Raising $ in a Tough EconomyTIPS …• Think Outside the Box• Make Course Corrections as Needed• Use Your Website Well• Engage Donors with Social Media
    6. 6. Raising $ in a Tough EconomyTIPS …• Empathize with Donors• Get Personal (Face-to-Face)• Be Positive & Enthusiastic• Explain How Their Gift Will Help Start the Church• Just Ask!
    7. 7. What Can You Expect?1. To see some breakthroughs, even some miracles2. To grow spiritually3. To be hassled by Satan4. To sense an affirmation of your calling5. To experience JOY!
    8. 8. Why Do People Give?8 Reasons Why People Give
    9. 9. 8 Reasons Why People GivePeople Give When …① They TRUST the leadership② They catch the VISION, not when they see a needFour Essential Parts of the Vision to Communicate:1. The Purpose (Why?)2. The Need (Why Now?)3. The Possibility (How?)4. The Benefits (What Will Be The Results?)
    10. 10. Reactions from PeopleBe Prepared for 3 Different Reactions:1. Those who will give no matter what you say or do2. Those who will never give no matter what you say or do3. Those who will give when they CATCH THE VISION (Focus on #3)Some people who you thought would give a lot won‟t give at all or will give verylittle and some who you thought wouldn‟t give at all or would give a little willgive a lot. Key: Value every GIVER and every GIFT!
    11. 11. Reasons People Get Upset3 Reasons People Get Upset About Giving:1. Hurt - They are caught up in their own pain2. Guilt – Don‟t want to give or feel they can‟t afford it3. Naïve – They think that everything will pay for itself
    12. 12. 8 Reasons Why People GivePeople Give When …① They TRUST the leadership② They catch the VISION, not when they see a need③ Because it feels GOOD to give④ They are INSPIRED by models⑤ They are INVOLVED in the process⑥ You ASK them to give⑦ You make it POSSIBLE and EASY to give (Show how)⑧ Their gifts are APPRECIATED!FIND WAYS TO THANK THEM FOR THEIR GIFTS!- Rick Warren
    13. 13. 6 Reasons People Give① IMACT of the organization‟s work② EFFICIENCY with which the organization uses funds③ The presence of a COMPELLING VISION④ Donor‟s personal RELATIONSHIP w/the organization⑤ The personal BENEFIT the donor receives by giving⑥ The URGENCY of the need• - Barna Research Group
    14. 14. Practical Tips for Raising $
    15. 15. How to Finance the PlanFinancing the Plan• When God truly calls an individual to start a church, He issimultaneously speaking to others about funding the church. TheChurch Planter‟s job is to find those people and churches.• Pray for God to supply what the church needs.• Share your Strategic Master (Business) Plan that includes yourpurpose, values, vision, strategy, and budget.• Make a list of all potential donors and pray about who to contact.•
    16. 16. Sources of FundsSources of Funds:• Denominations and “Association & District Churches” (EFCA, NAMB, AG, etc.)• Mother Church Support (Share your desire to be part of what they are already doing)• Church Planting Networks (ARC, Launch, Acts 29, Stadia, Converge, PLAN A, etc.• Partner Church Support (Other churches)• Director of Missions• Interested Donors• College & Seminary Grants• Foundations• People you have Influenced• People with a heart for the Area• Family• Friends•
    17. 17. A Strategic Ministry/Business•Wedding Pastors NetworkWedding Pastor DaveA Win-Win Opportunity: Provide a great service Reach out to unchurchedcouples and theirfamilies and friends Make extra money tohelp support your familyand plant the churchwww.WeddingPastorDave.com
    18. 18. What is Needed?Ask People to Contribute by:• Making a Master (Business) Plan – available on website & request• Making a Brochure with the highlights to give out or mail• Send a letter asking them to pray about giving to the project• Enlist Prayer Partners• Create a Newsletter (Constant Contact, Mail Chip)• Seek to get a face-to-face meeting• Seek to talk to them on the phone if you can‟t meet face-to-face
    19. 19. Raising Up Financial Partners• What Financial Partners are looking for:• A solid plan• A conservative (modest) budget• A proven leader• Focus on Churches over Individuals for Financial Partners• Build a Team of Financial Partners with the Mall ConceptMalls secure their anchor stores before they begin construction. Securethe right anchor stores and you will fill in the rest. Ask your Financial Partnersfor others they know who might be interested in partnering with you. Partnersbring other prospective partners.
    20. 20. Organize a “Vision Night”• Host the meeting at your site or home• Invite key partners and potential partnersKey Ingredients of a Partners Vision Night:• Socialize with other Financial Partners• Cast a Compelling Vision• Share Your Heart• Share a Proposed Budget (Pre-Launch Cost, Launch Costs Operating Costs)• Ask for Commitments• Fun!• “How To …”
    21. 21. Priorities for Limited Funds1. Marketing your launch events1. Providing a quality experience at your Sunday services• Meeting space• Equipment, signs, chairs, etc.• Printed materials, bulletin, communication cards• Quality music• Refreshments1. Lead Pastor’s salary1. Free up the time of the Lead Pastor• Office equipment that saves time and money• Office help• Interns• Staff (part time before full time / paid and unpaid)
    22. 22. Support Budget Guideline
    23. 23. Typical Planter ShortcutsDon‟t Take Shortcuts
    24. 24. Greatest GiftThe greatest gift you cangive your wife is to WORKHARD at raising supportand raise the necessaryfunding for both a healthychurch and a healthy family.Can I get an AMEN?
    25. 25. Shortcut: Do Later• We will raise the moneyafter we get the churchstarted.• Should raise two thirds tothree quarters before youstart the church.
    26. 26. Short Cut: InternetI have 1,000 Facebook friends. If eachperson donates just $10, I will have mybudget.
    27. 27. Short Cut: Credit CardDon‟t put start up costs on yourpersonal credit cards.
    28. 28. Short cut: Bi-vocational?• Global Planting: 90% bi-vocational• Some bi-vocational• High Income, Low Time• Most bi-vocational planters• Frustrated: Wearing two hats• Plant small, struggling churches
    29. 29. Additional TrainingPeople Raising Body Building
    30. 30. When Your Tempted to Give Up“Great people are ready to help me at the right time, inthe right way, people I don‟t even know yet.I promise I will NEVER GIVE UP because I don‟t havethe help. But I will trust God to provide. „Commit yourway to the Lord, trust Him to help you do it, and He will.‟(Psalm 37:5). „And my God will supply all your needsaccording to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.‟ (Phil.4:9).God has the resources to help you that you have noteven considered. There are multiplied thousands ofpersons with multiple talents and skills and concerns andcontacts that God can bring into your life in order to fulfillHis plans.So, open your eyes and see the faces around you, openyour ears to hear what they are saying.Today, tomorrow, next week, someone, that someonewho is just the right person you need, will come along atjust the right time, to fill just the right place. And you willmarvel to see how God arranged it so beautifully!”- Rick Warren
    31. 31. The End