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Sales Management Presentation

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  • Start with overview of agenda and set up time expectations for meeting.
    Intro Susie.
  • Belief systems are important to establish fundamental, consistent principals. Every one can and will have an effect on your “Quality of employment” at Lewis.
  • On
  • Measure- Traffic, Close %,Volume, Ups, Performance rating average sale
    Use that for goal development
    Performance Agreements
  • We will be implementing the 14 step selling program, with the dialogs and role play this is a process and will be
    Dissected and introduced, observed, and reinforced.
  • Sales team presentation

    1. 1. What to Expect From Your Sales Manager
    2. 2. Outline Project Focus Sales Management Creed Our Beliefs Customer Driven Selling Sales Manager Role Goal Setting UPs System Sales Tracking Sales Performance Measurement Observations Feedback Client Development Client Appreciation Negotiations
    3. 3. Project Focus Sales Management is centered around two goals: • Creating a better place to shop and work • Helping sales associates reach their personal goal
    4. 4. Sales Management Creed Change the focus of sales from things in the store to rooms in the customer’s home Change the focus in the store from company goals to individual salespeople’s goals Team up with each sales associate to help them achieve their goals Make the goal the thing. Keep goals at the front-of-mind every day Measure the key factors. Traffic, close ratio and average sale. Improve the average sale Keep score daily and give feedback to the salespeople Meet at least monthly with each person to review performance versus goal for the year- to-date and to establish future performance agreements Provide training and coaching when needed Be accountable for the performance of each individual and of the team as a whole Be accountable for building long-term customer relationships through the sales associate’s clientele development system
    5. 5. We believe that our business is driven by the needs our customers have to create a beautiful home environment. We believe that our sales mission is to help customers understand how to use our products to enhance their quality of life, not just how to buy them. We believe our store must be Customer-Driven We believe customer satisfaction must be the basis for all policies and procedures. We believe professional courtesy is essential to the overall harmony and growth of our business. We believe each individual is ultimately responsible for his or her own growth and success, and the company’s success is dependent upon the success of each individual in the company. Our Beliefs
    6. 6. We believe each customer who enters our store is deserving of, and will receive, an equal and specified level of service. We believe our store must offer an above-average combination of values that include merchandise, pricing, and most importantly sales service. We believe open communication is an essential ingredient to good working relationships between management and sales personnel. We believe good working relationships are every individual’s responsibility. We believe our store must be PROFITABLE. We believe we must have a strong sense of pride in our store and in ourselves. Our Beliefs (cont.)
    7. 7. Measurement Staffing/Scheduling Goal Development Observation Performance Agreements Conflict Management Feedback Sessions Client Development Follow up Coach Sales Managers Role
    8. 8. “Every customer is deserving of an equal and specified level of service” Customer Engagement Strategies Steps-to-Selling Customer Driven Selling
    9. 9. 1. Sense of Accomplishment 2. Sense of Recognition 3. Sense of Belonging 4. Compensation Factors to Happy Employees
    10. 10. Goal Setting The store has one goal — Be here tomorrow The individual goals of each sales associate should be the company’s sales goal Goals are the income goals of each individual sales associate
    11. 11. UPs System The purpose of the UPs system is provide each sales associate with equal access to clients Use of Traffic Log UPs Desk On-Deck Desk Consistent Set of Rules
    12. 12. Standard set of rules for counting traffic Correct method for filling out tally sheets daily Consistent use of sales reports Sales Tracking
    13. 13. Sales Performance Philosophy A. Never expect anyone to do something a number of people are not doing everyday B. Never allow people performing below a standard to comfortably remain there
    14. 14. Determining Potential
    15. 15. Observations “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing everyday and expecting a different result” A task needs to be performed at least 10 times in a row to become a habit; it takes only three times for a habit to be broken — Two formal observations per month — Continuous observations daily
    16. 16. Feedback “What you cannot measure you cannot change” Continuous Feedback One Minute Praising One Minute Reprimand
    17. 17. Client Development “A good sales associate will make sales happen and not just let sales happen” Customers need to be reminded of need to purchase Customers need reinforcement of need to purchase Customers need to feel like sales associates cares about their decision to purchase Tracking Interactions with Clients  Use of Client Cards/Client Database
    18. 18. Client Appreciation Decisions to buy are voluntary and customers need to know that decision was appreciated The least expensive marketing is referrals or repeat customers Sales Associates Need to Use:  Thank you cards  Gifts  Coupons
    19. 19. Negotiations “A customer must possess a rare skill in order to get a fair price” A. The profitability of the company is determined by individuals that have no ownership B. Customer never knows if he/she got the “best” price C. Customers talk to other customers - Differences in prices leads to discrimination