Service Oriented Approach to Application Modernization sept 2010


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Dave Mayo Everware-CBDI
10th SOA for eGov Conference

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Service Oriented Approach to Application Modernization sept 2010

  1. 1. Specialists in Service Oriented Application Modernization A Service-Oriented Approach to Application Modernization SOA for eGov Conference September 16, 2010 Dave Mayo (
  2. 2. Everware-CBDI Credentials Worldwide SOA Leadership in Advisory Reputation Groups & Standards Bodies Keynote Speakers on SOA ACT/IAC CBDI Forum Website: Chair: EA-SIG/Services over 25,000 subscribers Committee SOA Methodology in Sharepoint Lead Role on Practical SOA Metamodel Guide to Federal SOA Submission to OMG Federal SOA Community of Practice: Co-Chair Authors/Publications Object Management CBDI Journal (100+ Editions) Group (OMG) Articles (eg, EA Journal, Co-Chair: GovDTF Microsoft Journal) Instruct on EA & SOA White Papers (eg, Federal CIO National Defense U/ Council, IAC, AFEI) EA Program Books (eg, Service Industry Conferences Orientation, Information Public/Private Courses Modeling) 2 V1.0 0710 © 2010 Everware-CBDI Inc
  3. 3. Topics How Did We Get Here? Service Orientation Model-Driven Development Application Modernization What is Service-Oriented Application Modernization? Service Architecture Views Transition Engineering – Iteration & Releases 3 V1.0 0710 © 2010 Everware-CBDI Inc
  4. 4. What’s wrong with us?! Despite… technological advances, methodological advances, tons of money being dumped in, the increasing importance to get it right… 60-70% of large projects fail! In a word… Complexity 1964 – Introduction of System/360 Dawn of portable code and reuse Early programs still running today! Billions of lines of new code are written every year We’re buried in code! 4 V1.0 0710 © 2010 Everware-CBDI Inc
  5. 5. How Have We Tried to Solve This? Modeling to understand the problem and solution Support communication «Capability» Goods Handling «Capability» Security Enable analysis prior to build Evolution of implementation strategies «Capability» «Capability» «Capability» Food Handling Hazardous Material Hazardous Material Structured programming… Handling Securilty Gave way to Object Oriented programming… Got wrapped in Components with CBD… «Capability» Hazardous Material Containment Now offered up as Services in SOA…in the Cloud. And, of course, Agile methods. We’re Really Getting at: Abstracting – Simplifying and generalizing Encapsulating – Data and internal design Modularizing – The architecture into “bite-size” pieces Loose coupling – Minimizing interdependencies to reduce impacts of change Separating Concerns – Managing each class of issues independently 5 V1.0 0710 © 2010 Everware-CBDI Inc
  6. 6. Why Service Oriented Architecture? “Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is the principles, patterns and policies that enable application functionality to be provided and requested as services published at a granularity relevant to the Service Consumer, which are abstracted away from the implementation using a single, standards-based form of interface.” (CBDI 2003) SOA Benefits SOA should provide: • Structured approach to Business IT deliver loose coupled, Business Process Assemble Solutions abstracted information Automation Reduced integration solutions effort Standardized business • Reference architecture for practices Productivity through – Service Customer Partner reuse of standardized classification/taxonomy participation Services – Policy implementation Time to Market Reduced cost and and governance Improvement in Data and complexity by Portfolio – Contracts Process Quality Rationalization – Determining sharing and Consistency Virtualization of IT generalization at many Reduced Risk resources levels Virtualization of Business Flexibility or • Basis for a repeatable resources Specialization engineering process Consistency across channels Multi Channel delivery 6 V1.0 0710 © 2010 Everware-CBDI Inc