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Digital Merchandising Service that provides merchandising opportunities connecting fans to merch they love on streaming and ticketing sites through a universal database and API.

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Dave Kusek

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  • Music is effectively free, consumption is moving to the cloud (streaming). Services like Spotify and Pandora are experiencing significant growth, but are looking for revenue to monetize the traffic. \n\nMerchandise is the most profitable, yet most under utilized element of the business. No standards, no centralized catalog, no understand of who, what, where. \n\n
  • Connecting Merchandise with Streaming Music\nThink about how many times a song for Katy Perry has been streamed since we gathered here\nCorrelated by brand from multiple suppliers\nIntegration of the merchandise into a single consumer experience\nAt the time, in the moment, emotional purchase\n\nMerchluv Leverages Streaming Music to Sell Branded Merchandise - listening online or at a live show\n\nThe merchandise follows the music\n
  • no industry standards, highly fragmented\n\nno collective understanding of what is authorized\n\nno centralize place to see\n
  • already built\n
  • Backend demo – stats, make money even when we don’t sell\nAfter sale support\nMore than just a “widget” more than Music\nCreate Value for Entire Supply Chain\nPlatform to market their merchandise, makes hard for next guy\nNetwork similar to Ad Network but the next evolution\nWe put the commerce into the ad\n
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  • Make merch more convenient for fans to find and buy on streaming services\n
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  • Merchluv Partner Deck

    1. 1. Digital Merchandising Solution© 2012 Confidential
    2. 2. Platform for aggregating and selling music merchandise on streaming music services, ticketing sites and mobile apps • Universal merch database and API • Provides single point of access for the market Merchluv leverages existing marketplace infrastructure to accelerate revenue for all parties Business model provides a revenue share of all transactions Merchluv provides after-sale customer service© 2012 Confidential
    3. 3. The Opportunity The $2.2 billion U.S. merch supply chain is highly fragmented and ripe for a disruptive solution No convenient way to buy merch when listening to streaming music or purchasing tickets online Scattered on many sites, and separated from music consumption No efficient way to sell merch in the context of streaming music 45 billion songs/videos are streamed monthly and no merch is presently sold against this engagement Buying merch at live event merch tables has numerous issues Long lines, limited availability, often don’t accept credit cards© 2012 Confidential
    4. 4. The Solution Universal database and API provides single point of access for entire merch marketplace • Embedded stores sell merch on streaming sites and apps • Full administrative access for merch vendors and management • API for integration into other music services • Mobile application for selling merch via mobile apps System is built, tested, and protected with filed patents© 2012 Confidential
    5. 5. How Merchluv Works 1 Engage with Artist 2 see merch 3 buy Music consumers listen to music on their favorite streaming site or artist app. Streaming Store T-shirt order Merchluv API 4 Transmit presents relevant merch merchluv sends order dynamically Universal to vendor within the merch listening database 5 Fulfill experience. vendor product stock input picks/packs/ships 6 Deliver Merch Vendors delivery to fan Artists & Managers© 2012 Confidential
    6. 6. Streaming/ Ticketing Merch Store • See demo at:© 2012 Confidential
    7. 7. Mobile Merch Table ! Mobile merch table lets fans purchase via mobile apps.© 2012 Confidential
    8. 8. Customer Funnel Deliver merch directly to fans listening online Fan listens to a song or Attract looks for a ticket online Engage Fan clicks on “get merch” button Explore Fan explores online catalog and offers Convert Fan buys merch and provides data© 2012 Confidential
    9. 9. Benefits for all parties Fans Merch Vendors ‣ Get access to merch while listening and ‣ Sell merch via streaming sites and mobile exploring music online and mobile. merch table. ‣ Exclusive access to discounts and custom ‣ Establish new retail distribution channels products. and customer relationships. Artists / Managers Streaming/Ticketing Services ‣ Gather valuable fan data and analytics. ‣ New revenue stream. ‣ Accelerated merch sales. ‣ More customer engagement, analytics.© 2012 Confidential
    10. 10. Competition Traditional merch tables at concerts and live events Online web stores for individual artists Merchluv competes by complementing these efforts: We sell merch at the greatest points of interest in the artist When listening to streaming music online and mobile When purchasing tickets online We aggregate and provide all merch for all artists We connect merch to social networks to increase the fanbase© 2012 Confidential
    11. 11. Management Team Andy Young-CEO Founder of Tunipop, Inc. Business Development, IKON Office Solutions. Serial Entrepreneur - Emerge, PDF Zone, Tunipop. Six Sigma Blackbelt. David Kusek-Chairman / VP CEO/General Partner - Digital Cowboys Consulting. VP Berklee College of Music / CEO - Berkleemusic Online School. Co-author “The Future of Music”. Co-founder Tastemate. Todd Siegel-VP Product Founder, Product, and UX at the merch innovation marketplace . User Experience, Giga Information Group (Forrester Research). Product Strategist, Metanex, Inc. Co-founder Tastemate. Butch Pocaro-VP Operations Co-Founder and former COO, Tunipop, Inc. VP Operation and Technology for IKON’s, Digital Express VP Operations for R.R. Donnelley. Advisor Singapore Economic Development© 2012 Confidential
    12. 12. Directors / Advisors Coleman Sisson CEO Bubbleup Jimmy Buffett, Keith Urban, Toby Keith Keith Garde President Paid, Inc. VIP Celebrity Services, Aerosmith Jordan Harband Software Engineer, Web Apps - Revenue at Twitter.  Director of Development & Technology, at MixMatchMusic Kevin King CEO at MusicHype Advisor at Mobbase & MixMatchMusic© 2012 Confidential
    13. 13. The is the fan data we collect Which Fans buy merch? What do they buy? How much do they spend? What products are bundled? What products sell across brands, genres, geography? Which Fans share? What events to they attend? What other artists do they like?© 2012 Confidential
    14. 14. Merchluv Summary Complete merch 360 solution • Universal aggregator of merchandise for digital sales • Experienced team with track record of success • Integrates with existing services • Web, mobile app and API solutions • A proven technology • Enhances artist revenue streams Merchluv is the future of music merchandising© 2012 Confidential