Facebook is Pay to Play


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How to Adapt your Business Strategy to Facebook's Recent Changes

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Facebook is Pay to Play

  1. #LikeableWebinar   PRESENTED BY Dave Kerpen CEO and Founder Likeable Local Dave@likeable.com Facebook is pay to play How to adapt your business strategy to Facebook’s recent changes
  2. #LikeableWebinar   •  Likeable story •  Pay to play: How to use Facebook ads better •  Exploring other networks: Should I be on LinkedIn/Twitter/Instagram? •  Content is king! How to use engaging and shareable content •  Special offer and grand prize! We Will Cover
  3. #LikeableWebinar   Our Story
  4. #LikeableWebinar   Social Media 101
  5. #LikeableWebinar   1.3 billion monthly active Facebook users 45-54 year olds are the fastest growing demographic on social networks 1 Facebook Fan has 200 potential word of mouth connections 84%of global consumers believe recommendations from friends and family are the most trustworthy sources of information about products
  6. #LikeableWebinar   Facebook: What’s Changed? •  Look and feel of business pages •  News Feed algorithm •  Organic reach down to 0-2%
  7. #LikeableWebinar   Look and Feel Single column timeline
  8. #LikeableWebinar   Look and Feel Information on left column
  9. #LikeableWebinar   Simplified administrative menus Look and Feel
  10. #LikeableWebinar   News Feed Organic reach will be at 0-2% of total likes With 250 fans, only 5 of them will see your post 250 Likes 5
  11. #LikeableWebinar   Don’t Break Up With Facebook!
  12. #LikeableWebinar   Graph Search The new way to be found
  13. #LikeableWebinar   Three Solutions 1.  Pay to play: advertise on Facebook 2.  Explore other social networks 3.  Generate amazing and shareable content
  14. #LikeableWebinar   1. Pay To Play: Advertise On Facebook
  15. #LikeableWebinar   Use Facebook’s ad platform to •  boost engaging posts •  generate clicks to websites •  get new fans •  generate leads Pay To Play
  16. #LikeableWebinar   Pay To Play boost engaging posts
  17. #LikeableWebinar   boost engaging posts Pay To Play
  18. #LikeableWebinar   boost lead generating content Pay To Play
  19. #LikeableWebinar   generate clicks to websites Pay To Play
  20. #LikeableWebinar   hypertarget your audience Pay To Play
  21. #LikeableWebinar   hypertarget your audience Pay To Play
  22. #LikeableWebinar   hypertarget your audience Pay To Play
  23. #LikeableWebinar   2. Explore Other Social Networks
  24. #LikeableWebinar   Explore other social networks Twitter •  Twitter lets you post short (140 character) posts with images and links to your followers. •  Its public profiles, hashtags, and search features make it casual and easy to be found.
  25. #LikeableWebinar   Pros: ●  100% theoretical organic reach ●  Twitter search ●  Link to site Cons: ●  Younger audience ●  Smaller audience ●  Limited characters ●  Brief exposure Twitter Explore other social networks
  26. #LikeableWebinar   Ads on Twitter Explore other social networks
  27. #LikeableWebinar   Explore other social networks LinkedIn •  LinkedIn is the premier business to business social network. •  Users’ profiles center around their professional resume and portfolio.
  28. #LikeableWebinar   LinkedIn Explore other social networks Pros: ●  B2B optimized ●  Active & engaged audience ●  Rich content opportunities ●  Focused on professionals Cons: ●  Smallest audience ●  Content search is less viable ●  Less consumer focused ●  Ads more expensive
  29. #LikeableWebinar   Hypertarget on LinkedIn Explore other social networks
  30. #LikeableWebinar   Explore other social networks Instagram •  Instagram is owned by Facebook and their photos and videos are fully optimized for Facebook’s website.
  31. #LikeableWebinar   Instagram Explore other social networks Pros: ●  Purely visual ●  Hashtag marketing Cons: ●  Challenging to less visual SMB’s ●  Mobile only ●  No ads
  32. #LikeableWebinar   3.Generate Amazing And Shareable Content
  33. #LikeableWebinar   Shareable Content Share is the new like!
  34. #LikeableWebinar   Encourage shares to increase organic reach Shareable Content
  35. #LikeableWebinar   Download today at storytellit.com Use storytellit A FREE social media management tool •  Mad Libs style ideas •  Trending articles •  Resonating pictures •  Easily share content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Shareable Content
  36. #LikeableWebinar   How Likeable Can Help
  37. #LikeableWebinar   Offline Marketing Solution To Turn Customers Into Fans
  38. #LikeableWebinar   Content Scheduled And Managed For You
  39. #LikeableWebinar   Monthly Advertising Done For You Boost lead generating content
  40. #LikeableWebinar   Refer a Friend Website
  41. #LikeableWebinar   Schedule a FREE consultation with us in the next 48 hours! Email learnmore@likeablelocal.com or call 212-359-4347 Use secret code “webinar18” to waive the set up and training fee of $199! Special offer!
  42. #LikeableWebinar   Thank You and Grand Prize Winner CONTACT Dave Kerpen TWITTER @davekerpen EMAIL Dave@likeable.com PHONE 212-359-4347 Questions?