Nutritional magic from the ocean


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Nutritional magic from the ocean

  1. 1. Omega Three Oil Brought to you byBest All Natural
  2. 2. Have you ever in your life tried taking fish-oil from a spoon? Ugh-Yuk. I recallwhen I was a youngster taking cod liver oil from a spoon a long time ago! Thesedays, if you take Omega Three Oil capsules, you are able to supply your body withthis very important supplement without that dreadful taste.That being said, you have to use a bit of caution since all fish oil supplementsarent created equal. The fact is that many contain unhealthy toxins along withother nasty stuff which is not good for our bodies. This is a concern recognized bythe FDA as being industry wide.
  3. 3. You have to be aware that quite a few Omega three oil nutritional supplements can infact harm your health. Unfortunately there is a lot of hyped-up information aroundand a lot of "health and wellness" companies are jumping on the Omega-3 bandwagon. So there are plenty of things to take into consideration before taking Omega 3fish oil, or any other health supplement for that matter. But at least there is some goodnews. You can find out all you need to know about Omega 3 and improving yourhealth.If youre thinking about taking Omega three fish oil nutritional supplements, yourprimary consideration needs to be its degree of purity. To answer this concern all youneed to do is just ask the supplier. You ought to follow this route before taking anydietary supplements.
  4. 4. So what Do We Know regarding the Health Benefits of Omega Three Oil?The great benefits of fish oil in general are well known and omega three oil itselfcontinues to be subject to many scientific studies about its known benefits to health.Each day our brains have to maintain a good level of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)which is an essential fatty acid that you need to restore and rebuild brain cells. Itsactually a long-held belief that fish is beneficial to the brain because it includes thisfatty acid.Research studies have established that the fatty acids present in fish oil help todeliver optimal brain function. Upping your intake of omega three oil can alsostrengthen your memory and general IQ.A variety of health conditions are known to be linked to the lack of DHA includingdepression, multiple sclerosis and attention deficit disorder. Omega three oilcapsules can help protect us against these conditions.
  5. 5. From all the studies that are being carried out its pretty obvious that most of us needOmega three oil and fish oil supplements to preserve our levels of both EPA andDHA fatty acids. Specifically, we really need one thats high in DHA. Trouble is, veryfew products currently available contain DHA in sufficiently high levels.Regrettably, a lot of companies dont know enough concerning the manufacturingprocess of health supplements in general. The oils are obtained from all around theworld and may easily go rancid.If omega-3 fatty acids are taken on an everyday basis, they can even prevent and easethe symptoms of osteoarthritis since they work as a great anti-inflammatory. TheAmerican Arthritis Foundation actually recommends fish oil dietary supplements forArthritis patients as well as for a fundamental preventative measure.
  6. 6. Its even been indicated in some scientific studies that somebody having lower thanthe necessary levels of omega-3 may be more prone to some types of cancer.Many people are aware of omega-3 fish oil supplements having seen them promotedin the media as well as local supermarket.If youre thinking about buying omega-3 fish oil you must always look at quality andonly buy molecularly distilled fish oil. As a result of our research weve learned thatthe process for producing supplements in New Zealand is considered the most strictin the world, far beyond the specifications of the FDA.
  7. 7. Whats The Main Difference Between The Various Qualities Of Omega-3 Fish Oil Capsules?Simply speaking, its the degree of molecular distillation. This is the method that makes thebig difference between the grades. The distillation eliminates toxins and othercontaminants from the fish. Things like heavy metals including mercury and PCBs.All contaminants, both natural and man-made, must be removed from the fish oil beforehuman consumption. If you buy prescription quality Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules, as long asthey have a good level of molecular distillation you will get the very best quality productavailable.
  8. 8. But its not only the distillation that accounts for the highest quality of omega-3fish oil. It also depends where the fish come from. It is every bit the same as high-quality beef originating from specific areas of the world. The content of theessential fatty acids EPA and DHA differs a lot based on location.With that in mind, we can state with confidence that the best omega-3 fish oilcapsules come from unspoiled and pristine locations like New Zealand. An addedbenefit is the fact that they are still molecularly distilled.
  9. 9. What About Adverse Effects?The very best kind of fish oil, in addition to being molecularly distilled to get rid ofharmful toxins and pollutants, is also tasteless and odorless. You should invariably stickto the manufacturer’s instructions or those from your medical professional. Its alsopreferable to take your supplements with a meal to help avoid stomach upsets.You should always have a talk to your doctor when considering dietary healthsupplement, including multivitamins, just in case there arent any effects or interactionswith other medications you might be taking.Now that youve made a decision to buy a certain supplement, you have to choose whereyou will get it from. You should look into things like how long the companys been inbusiness, are they trustworthy have a good brand etc.
  10. 10. The fact is that, a lot of companies selling vitamins and supplements are quite unethicaland only care about how much profit margin they can make. They typically obtain alltheir raw ingredients in large quantities with hardly any quality control. Somecompanies buy prepackaged supplements from overseas for pennies on the dollar, addtheir own brand and sell them for a substantial markup. It beats me just how some ofthem still get away with it.Consumer groups quite often take random samples which have revealed that manysupplements dont even contain whats printed on the label, and crucial ingredients willoften be diluted for greater profits. Thankfully for us however, dependable companieswill always guarantee quality, content and customer satisfaction.Some of the questions you need to be asking yourself before buying omega-3supplements include things like: where does the fish oil originate from; are there anyartificial additives such as colorings, flavorings or chemical preservatives; does itactually contain fish oil - many do not.
  11. 11. Here Are Several Fish And Fish Oils You Should Stay away from. Stay away from cod. Cod has become over harvested and the trawlers used tocapture them frequently damage the habitats of other species of fish. Additionally,the waters they swim in are generally quite polluted Farmed Atlantic salmon. The fact is that, fish farming is connected with higherthan usual levels of dioxins and pesticides Shark, since the population numbers are shrinking and also as a result ofmercury contamination Atlantic halibut, yet again due to over-harvesting and mercury contamination.
  12. 12. You will notice that mercury contamination is rather widespread. These days its notuncommon to find significant amounts of mercury in fish and fish oil. This is exactlywhy its especially important that you only buy fish oil thats been molecularlydistilled. The good news is, this technique gets rid of all toxins including Mercury.Studies have shown that the best type of fish for producing fish oil is the Hoki fishfrom New Zealand. The population of this species is abundant and sustainable andeven more importantly, the Hoki has no known health threats from mercury andother harmful toxins.
  13. 13. Where Do They Catch Hoki?Most of us have heard about industrial waste, PCBs, mercury, dioxins, as well as otherpollutants that poison many of our oceans. Its a sad and troubling fact that fish in theAtlantic Ocean have got high quantities of these contaminants. The waters off Alaska aswell as the Northern Pacific are not as polluted however the fish there have been overharvested which unfortunately is impacting other wildlife that rely on fish for food.Thankfully, the Hoki fish inhabit the clear and sparkling ocean waters around NewZealand. Fishing techniques in New Zealand are also really eco-friendly and these richwaters are under no danger from fish farms or hatcheries.
  14. 14. Is the Fish Oil Molecularly Distilled?It seems quite strange that quite a few nutritional companies promote fish oils that,according to them, are more healthy as theyre not distilled. Absolutely wrong!! If fishoils dont go through the molecular distillation process theyll most probably containthe very toxic contamination that we want to avoid!Lastly, here are a few important things to keep in mind about Omega Three Oil: Omega-3 fatty acids are fantastic for people of any age, offering many healthbenefits. Fish oil is proven to be the most effective source of omega-3 fatty acids. The very best fish oil supplements are derived from fish that swim in clean andunpolluted ocean waters and include no chemicals or preservatives. These are the onlykinds of supplements that you ought to consider buying. The most effective fish oil supplement that you should choose is one that containsboth EPA and DHA, with a high proportion of DHA being the most significant factor.
  15. 15. Be sure to click here todiscover the only Omega-3Fish Oil Product We Fully Recommend