Exercise Word 5


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Exercise Word 5

  1. 1. Exercise Word 5: Correct & AutoFormat What you will do: correct typing errors modify the text use Find & Replace AutoFormat the document Start with: , Show Marks is on. World Travel Inc. has written a letter in response to the letter you edited in Word Project 2 from AAA Sales about the Tahiti trip. You will correct the errors in the letter, rearrange the paragraphs, and use AutoFormat to improve the document a. From the Drive C, open the document response.doc in the resource folder. You can't save changes back to this file. Read the letter! b. Save the document in the ppt folder of your Drive D disk as letter-World Travel.doc. Open the file. Now you can make changes. c. Correct spelling & grammar: Correct the spelling errors that are underlined. There are at least 2. (The correct name is Luis ). Grammar errors may not be actual errors. If so, make Word ignore them. d. Correct wrong words: In the first paragraph there is a not missing in the last sentence of the paragraph and the word in is used for is. These are the hardest kinds of errors to spot. e. Replace phrase: Open Find & Replace from the menu or from Browse Objects. In the Find What box, type special offer and in the Replace with box, type special anniversary trip offer . Type carefully! There are 3 replacements to do. f. Modify and Move: Break the first paragraph into two paragraphs at
  2. 2. Since April and November… by placing the cursor in front of Since and pressing the ENTER key twice. Move the paragraph that starts The hospital to be above the paragraph that starts Scuba training… In the last paragraph, delete the words that are included in our anniversary special and then modify the sentence to read which lists choices of excursions and activities for the trip. Change the words trip planning guide to Trip Planner . g. AutoFormat the letter using the Style Gallery's Professional Letter template. If the format of World Travel Inc. changes, change it back to Matura Script Capitals, 24 pt., green. h. Make one page: Delete the paragraph marks between the Closing and the Signature, and one below the Signature. Be careful not to delete the Signature by selecting too much! With the cursor on page 1, on the vertical ruler, drag the boundary between the white and gray parts at the bottom of the ruler downward just barely enough for the Enclosures to show back up on page 1 and page 2 to vanish. You may also need to delete other blank lines. The new paragraph styles include blank space after the paragraph, so you don't really need whole blank lines. If necessary, fix the alignment of the enclosures by moving the text over with the TAB key. i. Header: View the header and type your name on the left, two spaces, and insert the date. Tab twice. Type Exercise Word 5. The right tab is too far right.
  3. 3. It might not print. Drag the tab stop on the far right of the header over into the white part of the ruler. On the ruler's left drag the box below the pointer left to line up with the left edge of the graphic in the letter. j. Save. [letter-WorldTravel.doc] k. Go through the Pre-printing Checklist, discussed in Word Project 1. Make changes if necessary. (The letter must fit on one page.) Then print. Close the document.