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2008 Trip to China

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China davehite

  1. 1. 18  Days  in by  Dave  Hite
  2. 2. So,  why  China?Chance  to  study  Asian  business  and  cultureTo  explore  somewhere  very  differentSee  where  most  of  America  is  made  ;-­‐)Other  than  air  fare,  trip  was  free  (sponsored  by  a  federal  education  grant)
  3. 3. Where  did  I  go?
  4. 4. BeijingShanghaiHangzhou
  5. 5. X=  sh -­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐ ann)ang =    ong like  in  bong   not  like  tang      -­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐ Shanghai    (Shong hi)Z  =  j      -­‐-­‐-­‐ Hangzhou    (Hong  Joe)Other  interesting  facts  about  spelling:Q  =  Chee (ex.  Qing  dynasty  sounds  like  Ching)C  =  tsU  =  O
  6. 6. Who  went?Students  and  Professors  from  UVA,  Emory  and  Henry,  and  Virginia  Intermont
  7. 7. Shanghai
  8. 8. Shanghai
  9. 9. Population:  18+  Million  (over  30-­‐million  during  the  day  when  people  from  outside  city  come  to  work).  Economic  and  transportation  hub  for  ChinaLargest  Port  in  the  WorldHas  two  of  the  largest  buildings  in  the  worldHome  of  300  of  the  Global  Fortune  500  businesses
  10. 10. SISU  Campus   where  we  stayed   while  in  Shanghai
  11. 11. The Bund: Most recognizable symbols ofShanghai. Site of the earliest foreignsettlements after the Opium war of1842.
  12. 12. Did you know?
  13. 13. Smog and Growth gohand in hand inShanghai
  14. 14. PeopleOld Rickshaws used for transportation.
  15. 15. per 2-BR apt.
  16. 16. These folks kept staring at me at the Boat ride on the Haungpau smile river in the Bund area.took THEIR picture.
  17. 17. They do EVERYTHING andANYTHING with abike
  18. 18. Ride sharingMobile Astronomy
  19. 19. Places Large outdoor park near SISU Campus where our group stayed.
  20. 20. My penpal Kate Professor teaching HRand English course at her University(SISU)Cool fact:prounced Dà wèi
  21. 21. The campus was very well groomed, had lots of nice green spaces yet in the middle of the city. Go U.T. 1st Volon SISU Campus
  22. 22. Other students and instructors meeting their pen-pals
  23. 23. Things to DO or SEE Shopping in Yu Gardens during the day
  24. 24. Shanghai Museum
  25. 25. TheOlympictorch waspassingthrough thenext day.This was thepresentationstage
  26. 26. Garden  Near  Lhasa  temple
  27. 27. Note: They catch the pole withAcrobat Show at night their hands.
  28. 28. Shanghai at night
  29. 29. Hangzhou
  30. 30. The Liuhe Pagodaof Hangzhou,built in 1165 duringthe Song Dynasty.
  31. 31. Hangzhou is very similar to East TN, terrain wise. I eitherTea Plantsgrowing in one ofthe oldest areasknown for Tea inChina
  32. 32. West Lake a top 10 tourist destination for ChineseA lady selling funnygag gifts near our boat.
  33. 33. Our group needed abreak in the 85-degreeheat
  34. 34. Temple of the SoulsRetreat: One of the largestBuddhist temples inChina Laughing buddha
  35. 35. Laughing buddhas
  36. 36. Cool statues carved instone were everywhere
  37. 37. BIG Buddhas!
  38. 38. Real Buddhists
  39. 39. TEA Time. Sorting, shaking, and drying tea leaves
  40. 40. Our group Tea Ceremony See the tea Smell the tea Drink the tea
  41. 41. After tea, we attended a silk show at a museum atthe heart of Silk Road which was a famous roadfor silk traders.
  42. 42. Pottery Detailing by hand
  43. 43. @ Ming Tomb
  44. 44. Leaving HangzhouAmbulances line thestreets waiting forEarthquake victims toarrive by train.
  45. 45. Beijing
  46. 46. Tiananmen Square
  47. 47. Forbidden CityThe Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial palace fromthe mid-Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty.Built from 1406 to 1420, the complex consists of 980 survivingbuildings with over 9,990 rooms.
  48. 48. 2000 lb firefighting bucket
  49. 49. A pagoda is the general termin for a tiered tower withmultiple eaves
  50. 50. The GREATWALL Built in 6th Century B.C.
  51. 51. How long? 4000+ Miles
  52. 52. It has been estimated that somewhere in therange of 2 to 3 million Chinese died as partof the centuries-long project of building the wall A local guide said that they were buried in the wall. They call it the
  53. 53. I hiked 4-6+ miles atdifferent points of theWall.
  54. 54. In the Badaling section(touristy section) you found manypeople wanting to sellpostcards.
  55. 55. So, why this long of a wall?to protect the northernborders of the ChineseEmpire from Xiongnuattacks during the rule ofsuccessive dynasties
  56. 56. I visited theMutianyusection whicha verydifferentsection of thewall thanBadaling.
  57. 57. Forbidden City
  58. 58. Many times Englishtranslations wereinterpreted a littlebit differently.
  59. 59. OlympicGames will be held.
  60. 60. Bike parkingwas everywhere.There are evenspecial lanesjust for bikes.
  61. 61. Beijing OperaI saw a Wal-Mart
  62. 62. Summer Palace
  63. 63. Views of Bejing from Summer Palace
  64. 64. Food
  65. 65. Cicadas and Seaweed on my plate. Actually those were pork ribs
  66. 66. Peking Duck Duck head
  67. 67. Hooter Hot-wings..yumm
  68. 68. Misty Buell at entrance ofHostel in Hutong area
  69. 69. So how much does stuff cost?Cab ride pretty much any where in the city $4-5Memory Card for Camera $5Tommy Bahamas Shirt $7Back Massage $6Awesome meal (Restaurant like Applebees or Cheddars) $84-star Hotel $40 per night
  70. 70. View outside my hotel windowTrain Ride to
  71. 71. My friend Tracy(aka: professor Meowwho teaches English.Eating stuff on sticksat a Chinese-Muslimrestaurant.
  72. 72. One of many streetNight view outside myhotel window vendors selling unique food
  73. 73. Last view outside my On this day, they celebratehotel window Kids Day display in a local mall
  74. 74. Tour of one of the first Neolithicvillages (Banpo) which dates back to5000 B.C. and a local terracottapottery factory with my guide Sarah
  75. 75. Terra-Cotta Soldiers(dating back to 210 BC)
  76. 76. Before unearthing, the warriorsused to be very colorful.
  77. 77. My guide took me to a small townnear the warriors where I met oneof the four farmers who discoveredthe Warriors in 1974. This dude
  78. 78. a tour of the 10 mile wall around thecity.
  79. 79. 40-ft high wall 12 miles around the main city
  80. 80. Freshmen English class where I taught a lesson about our region -- Thanks MSNBC!!!
  81. 81. Train Ride backto Beijing
  82. 82. Sunset from the train ride home on the last night
  83. 83. Beijing Airport
  84. 84. The End