PMRM first assignment


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PMRM first assignment

  1. 1. Finding resources for your first assignment: WorksheetUniversity of Manchester LibraryWork through the examples listed below in order. When you have finished you will have some highquality information resources which will help you to complete your first assignment. You will alsohave a pretty good idea about how the University of Manchester Library works as well! Good luckN.B. The Prezi slide show which illustrates these search techniques is available on the EverythingEngineering BlogExercise 1: Find and bookmark the library website:  Go to  Bookmark this site – You will use it a lot during your studies at the UniversityExercise 2: Find and locate some relevant books  From  Select Library catalogue  Try searches such as “gender organisations” or “women leadership”  Make a note of any books you find – You will need to visit the relevant library to look at and borrow printed books  Keep an eye out for any E-books – You can access these from anywhereExercise 3: Find and bookmark the Business & Management subject page  Go to  Click on the A-Z of subjects (bottom left of page)  Follow the link through to the list of subjects  Select Business & Management from the long list of available subjects  Bookmark this site – Again, you will find it invaluable during your studies at ManchesterExercise 4: Find and locate some journal articles using Business Source Premier  Go to the Business and Management subject page (that you bookmarked above)  Click on the Journal Articles tab  Scroll down to the Management Literature box  Select Business Source Premier  Try out your search terms e.g. “gender AND management” or “gender AND leadership”  Remember to set the search to scan the ABSTRACT of the article  Refine your search results by using some of the Subject headings on the left hand side
  2. 2. Exercise 5: Find further articles  Now try some of the other databases (Emerald or ABI Inform) and repeat the search strategies detailed on the prezi – You should now begin to have a useful number of relevant articles to look throughExercise 6: Try a search using Google Scholar and see how results compare  You can also try out some Google Scholar searches to see how these results compare  Google Scholar can also be accessed from the Business and Management subject page  Click on the Journal Articles tab  Scroll down to find the Google Scholar search box on the left hand side  Use a variety of combinations e.g. “women and management styles”Dave HirstTeaching & Learning Librarian, University of Manchester Library.September 2012