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20 Social Media Business Trends in 2011


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20 social media business trends for 2011. Created by Dave Fleet - VP of Digital at Edelman Toronto, with contributions from Steve Rubel (@steverubel) and David Armano (@armano). …

20 social media business trends for 2011. Created by Dave Fleet - VP of Digital at Edelman Toronto, with contributions from Steve Rubel (@steverubel) and David Armano (@armano).

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  • 1. 20 Social Media Trends for Business Thought-Starters for 2011 Dave Fleet VP Digital, Edelman
  • 2. Themes 1. Silo busting 2. Maturation of social media 3. Rise of the „less shiny object‟ 4. Communication accelerates 5. Ubiquitous social
  • 3. Theme #1:Silo busting
  • 4. Trend #1: Integration Organizations will increasingly realize that social media achieves little unless they integrate it with other communication forms and with other business functions
  • 5. Trend #1: Best practices • Structure social media across silos • Integrate and share intelligence across the enterprise • Plan communications across functions • Bring diverse departments together for planning
  • 6. Trend #2: Social customer supportMultiple factors lead companies to adopt social supportactivities alongside their traditional channels
  • 7. Trend #2: Best practices • Engage proactively AND reactively • Where possible, solve problems in public • Support resolution by the community • Reward third-party advocates Photo: angelaarcher
  • 8. Trend #3: Social impact drives reputation BP‟s deep-water disaster reminded organizations – and people – that their social impact affects their reputation
  • 9. Trend #3: Best practices • Look towards social impact of business • Invest in CSR activities… and communicate them effectively • Avoid „greenwashing‟
  • 10. Theme #2:Maturation of social media
  • 11. Trend #4: Death of the campaignCompanies look beyond campaigns and towards ongoingactivities as drivers of results in social media activities
  • 12. Trend #4: Best practices • Identify an executive sponsor • Budget, staff, plan for ongoing activities • Diversify responsibility for activities – Between functions – Within functions
  • 13. Trend #5: ConsolidationConsolidation in social media tools will continue in establishedsectors such as blogging platforms and monitoring. We‟ll seethat expand to sectors such as social CRM and campaignmanagement platforms in future years.
  • 14. Trend #5: Best practices • Build your social media presence around a „home base‟ • Plan your social presence carefully • Don‟t chase after shiny
  • 15. Trend #6: "Influence" maturesCompanies evolve their approach to influence beyond justconsidering reach. Thought leadership and experts takeprecedence.
  • 16. Trend #6: Best practices • Consider context • Consider spheres of influence outside the top tier • Measure outcomes to refine approach
  • 17. Trend #7: Democratization of voiceCompanies continue the path broken by others to allowadditional corporate spokespeople in the online space
  • 18. Trend #7: Best practices • Set boundaries for free engagement • Develop community guides to ensure consistency in approach • Hire experience and train for success
  • 19. Trend #8: Return of websitesAfter several years of being told to “fish where the fish are”businesses realize that social integration to existing web sites doesn’tonly help them become relevant—users will expect it.
  • 20. Trend #8: Best practices • Incorporate social data from connections, friends • Design for function & form • Be conservative on privacy
  • 21. Theme #3:Rise of the “less shiny object”
  • 22. Trend #9: Digitally driven crises No-one thinks theyre going to experience a crisis until they do. More and more organizations will realize too late that they need to incorporate digital into their crisis plans.
  • 23. Trend #9: Best practices • Identify potential sources of crises • Plan ahead • Monitor continuously for emerging issues • Practice through crisis simulations
  • 24. Trend #10: Digital Curation Social media allows everyone to produce content. Some is good; some is bad. As the volume of information increases, companies may benefit from curating the former.
  • 25. Trend #10: Best practices • Identify under-served niches and meet them • Frame up issues and discussions; editorialize • Make curation collaborative and social Photo by chrisjbarker
  • 26. Trend #11: Search strategyCompanies will increasingly factor search considerations intothe earned and social realms of their online activities.
  • 27. Trend #11: Best practices • Think beyond SEM and on-domain SEO • Factor search considerations into communications planning, not just content • Optimize activities to realize long-term benefit from short-term campaigns
  • 28. Trend #12: Community managementCommunity management evolves beyond random engagementand towards rigorous, measured strategic activity
  • 29. Trend #12: Best practices • Engage community members and encourage participation • Personalize interactions while reinforcing corporate priorities • Act transparently • Engage respectfully • Act as a real-time first line of defense for online issues
  • 30. Trend #13: Developer EngagementDevelopers are driving innovation across all key digital platforms.Marketing innovators will begin working with developers to scaletheir programs and boost their surface area. Photo by bugbbq 30
  • 31. Trend #13: Best practices • Make valuable assets available for developers – e.g. art, text, videos, data • Build APIs and cultivate a rich developer network • Adopt developer creations 31
  • 32. Trend #14: Measurement maturesMeasurement has long been an Achilles heel for PR.Advertising agencies are still stuck measuring impressions.Measurement will, by necessity, evolve in 2011.
  • 33. Trend #14: Best practices • Mandate metric sharing between company and agencies, & between agency partners • Measure outcomes of activities, not outputs • Consider measurement at the beginning and middle – not just the end • Tailor reports to the audience • Insist on context alongside numbers
  • 34. Trend #15: Rise of the content strategist As campaigns evolve to sit alongside ongoing community management, content creation and optimization takes a central place at the social media table.Photo: John Two Persons Benedick
  • 35. Trend #15: Best practices • Place audiences at the core of content • Plan and maintain a flexible content calendar • Create social objects to drive attention • Optimize based on previous results
  • 36. Theme #4:Communication accelerates
  • 37. Trend #16: Listening becomes mandatory Increased occurrences of social media-driven issues, combined with the potential for insights and for building brands and reputations drives monitoring as a core social activity
  • 38. Trend #16: Best practices • Formalize monitoring for the organization • Tailor search taxonomies to functional needs • Establish processes to route and escalate conversations as needed • Extend monitoring boundaries beyond the organization to a wider context
  • 39. Trend #17: Marketing in StreamsIncreasing prevalence of streams of news means that “what”and “where” no longer answer enough questions. “When”becomes an important consideration.
  • 40. Trend #17: Best practices • Analyse your audience activity • Schedule updates throughout the day • Post content at optimum times
  • 41. Trend #18: Social media overloadSocial media overload is nothing new to early adopters, but itwill become an increasing issue for “average” users
  • 42. Trend #18: Best practices • Don‟t over-extend your presence • Keep participation simple • Integrate social networks into website sign-ins
  • 43. Theme #5:Ubiquitous Mobile
  • 44. Trend #19: Ubiquitous social Mobility has already expanded beyond mobiles. The market for tablets will become saturated in 2011, and competition will drive even more innovation
  • 45. Trend #19: Best practices • Plan content for multiple digital experiences & platforms • Optimize for mobility, not just mobile • Combine social sharing integration
  • 46. Trend #20: Location, location, Facebook 2010 was Foursquare‟s year, but it never broke through. Facebook is now paying attention to location, and is poised to make location-based marketing relevant.
  • 47. Trend #20: Best practices • Think “LoSoPhoMo,” particularly on Facebook • Combine real and digital world engagement • Reward advocates with additional privileges and rewards
  • 48. Questions? 416.849.8940