Ajax and symfony


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Presentation slides used at symfonycamp I'll try to integrate notes into these when I get a chance. Feel free to email me ;)

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Ajax and symfony

  1. 1. symfony, AJAX and me you Dave Dash Spindrop LLC Minneapolis USA Dave Dash // Spindrop.us // 2007 September 7 * Beginner’s track: Ajax + symfony * Who’s used symfony/other frameworks/ajax? Who’s a novice? * Who can tell us what Ajax is? * AJAX makes web pages more responsive by exchanging small amounts of data with server behind the scenes * interactions are recorded quickly * AJAX is secretly DRY (=
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  3. 3. As easy as riding a bike * Google Maps API * I started biking (not like Amsterdam in Minneapolis) * Bike Routing over Google Maps * AJAX interactions to retrieve/set the route coordinates * Soon, digg posted a tutorial about creating a digg like interactions using a PHP framework
  4. 4. * creating a digg like interactions * This was my gateway to the askeet tutorial for symfony and I was sold immediately * AJAX has been around a while * Gmail, g-apps made it very popular, pushed envelope * Open to a whole new world * Digg meaningless w/o AJAX * 849 people aren’t going to wait for a form to submit * Cope with info-overload. * Many articles to digg! * Increase in responsiveness/usability opens door to new features/apps * star-raters * getting a perspective into web2.0 users mind * web apps > collection of database driven modules/actions * each page fully featured interactive tools * pull/push data as needed * Francois suggested we can turn pages into static and using AJAX to populate the dynamic parts * Questions?
  5. 5. Steps symfony and AJAX * AJAX manually = slow * sf bundled with Prototype/Script.aculo.us * helpers? * helpers make AJAX in symfony easier * coding consistent = no JS required * AJAX Javascript Helpers in symfony mostly work in four steps * There is an object * It has an event * The event triggers an AJAX call * The response usually replaces the content of a target div. * There's plenty of useful variations on this theme pattern DEMO!
  6. 6. * Everything so far relies on Prototype and Script.aculo.us * Some of us don’t like being boxed in.
  7. 7. boxed in? * symfony does not box you in. * helpers, bundling libs are great * prototype/script.aculo.us no for everyone * jQuery, YUI (like Dustin in the other talk), mooTools, dojo * lots of good libraries, more than one way to * sf is decoupled, dependencies are minimal if any. * even the ORM swappable * As for using other libraries, you can find plugins to do your job, and if none exist Fabien tomorrow will show you how to write your own. * all it takes is writing a helper and bundling the library and you can be prototype free in no time. * Don't go home thinking you have to learn proto/scrip * any more questions, or demos?