Strategic marketing Ice-Fili case


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The strategic marketing presentation for Ice-Fili case

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  • Operational Plan: 1 year time tableSelected Market segment5 PsTime plan ResourcesMonitoring ControlContingency PlanBrand Marketing Plan Objectives Key Issues and opportunity Integrated activity schedules that link: communication, activation , customer, and other marketing activities
  • On impulse channel Ice Fili is going to focus on 3 Ps Promotion, price and products. In this channel we are looking to increase loyalty from the consumer to the brand and increase consumption frequency looking with this improve our market performance through the gaining of a suitable market volume share. TV ads: 30’ with expectation teaserPR related with summer trends. Events in beaches and summer clubs. Create talkability of the brand, media tour in radio stations OOH: main cities most important streets. Focus OOH in high flow places during the summer. (Boards, bustops, shopping centers, schools) Digital: Brand master campaign POS: Activations in kiosks and in mini markets, promotions, off sales prices, prizes and surprises for the buyers and consumers. POS branding material : Karts material, refrigerators to main clients, banners inside stores. Activations on main streets with mobiles kioks.
  • Why In-home with only 2% of the distribution: Impulse channel is already saturated and its difficult to gaining new consumers or settle new kiosks in this channels. While In home is a channel that recently explore that gives Ice Fili the possibility to expand their sales to new occasions of consumption. Super markets is 2% of distribution, but this portfolio can also be sell in minimarkets 29% of the distribution In Home will be focused in 4 ps Proposition, promotion, place and packs with the main aim of increase penetration (increase the # of households with a Ice Fili product). Increasing penetration we are going to increase market share (this time value and volume)TV ad: 30’ with teasers of 10’ appealing to create an emotional bonding with the brand and as an indulgent product. Makes all the family happy.  Emotional message: “Ice Fili is like your family, share it with it” Share happy. Non conventional TV in family programs.PR: related to the benefits of share with the family, this to positioned the new occasion of consumption. Recipes related to easy desserts made up of Ice fili Ice cream to share in any family occasion. Platform exploiting the benefits of family sharing. Free press as editorials. Digital: web page, recipes searcher, editorial content. Bloggers, communities, direct emailing.In-store: aggressive promotions this will help to full the households with the products. (coupons, take one and the second free, refills of products), Trials of the different flavors and variants. POS visibility material.
  • Strategic marketing Ice-Fili case

    1. 1. Ice-Fili Strategic MarketingGroup No. 1 Chiu YiHeng (10103023), Misha Krug (10103007), Yuan Li (10102981), Anne Neidhart (11105135), Bidzina Khutsurauli (11105321), Angelica Sofrony (11105259)
    2. 2. Table of Content Internal and External Environment Business Model Evaluation Competitive Advantage and Position Core Problem Strategy Options Operational Marketing Plan Contingency Plan
    3. 3. Internal and External EnvironmentEconomic New Entrants al O L M S Political Strengths Weaknesse Industry Rivalry s Supplier Customer O I L IL OR OL FI MS S L Opportunity HRM TD PR Threat Substitutes M STechnologica l Social
    4. 4. Business Model Evaluation Back side Of the company Front side • Advice (design company) Producing Ice Interest in Cream Superior traditional Russian Focused • Suppliers of Ice- Customer taste: all-natural milk- cream equipment from Denmark Develop new based ice cream. Group: and The USA Ice cream Traditional Make people smile not specific • Association of tastes Russian Ice and happy Russian Ice cream with Location: Cream Producers natural high Metropolitan • Distribution areas quality Kiosks Companies: Alter- West Imported raw ingredients Mini-Markets Less Wealthy • Small distribution Materials: Milk, with no Pizza Hut regions companies: Milk powder, preservatives TV Advertising Service-Fili, Sugar, Butter Eskimo-Fili, Inka and favor additives Packaging, Changing recipes and Sales on ice cream products Processing Waste Limited mayonnaise production R&D Fat-containing products High Fixed Cost Marketing and Advertising Cost Glaze for ice cream
    5. 5. Value Chain Competitive Comparison Value Chain Nestlé Baskin- Regional Ice-Fili characterist Robbins players ic Inbound Strong Strong Weak Equal logistics Operations Strong Strong Normal EqualPrimaryActivities Outbound Strong Strong Weak Inferior logistics Sales and Very Strong Weak Strong Equal/Inferior Marketing Service Normal Normal Normal Equal Firm Strong Normal Normal EqualSupport infrastructureActivities Human Strong Very Strong Weak Inferior Resource Management Technology Strong Strong Strong Inferior Development Procurement Strong Normal Normal Inferior
    6. 6. Competitive Positioning Nestle- price of an ice-cream 10 rubles (or more) Ice-Fili-price of Regional an ice-cream 6 producers- price of rubles an ice-cream 3 to 4 rubles * 1ruble=3.4cent
    7. 7. Core problem Disease indicators: Sales decrease, market share decrease, increased number of competitors, market segment shift. Company’s core problem: Wrong organization Correct product Correct marketIce-Fili-Stuck in the middle Ice-cream Russia-Moscow In the late 1990, at least five other companies started producing Lakomka.
    8. 8. Strategy optionsStrategy Ways to achieve the strategyDifferentiation strategy Low price through differentiation product, dominate the whole Russian marketMarket penetration Market penetration by developing new occasions of consumptions and distributionsProduct development Focus on the differentiating the products they already have and toward a more focused in-home consumptionCo-operation Investing in equipment and ingredients at home rather than abroad. Cooperate with local ice cream equipment companies in order to decrease operation costCost leadership strategy The biggest Russian ice-cream company with the cheapest in the world to buy
    9. 9. Cost leadership strategy Russia’s top ice-cream producer- opportunity for economies of scale Ice-cream-considered as an inexpensive snack, available for everyone “Lakomka”-company’s flagship brand could not be register as its own trademark 80% of company’s ice-cream was distributed through kiosks and mini-markets.
    10. 10. Operational Marketing Plan ICE-FILI Two mainstream Channels Impulse In-Home (95%) (2%) Focus on other seasons ≠ Focus on Summer Season summer. Starting 1 month prior and Approximately 4 month per ending one month ahead. year. Create excitement with Developed new occasion traditional brands  This will of consumption generate loyalty and increase increasing Ice-Fili consumption presence in the Russian households.
    11. 11. Operational Marketing Plan - ImpulsePropositio Promotio Place Pack Price Product n nRefreshing Flavors Two points of The Impulse Parity price Products that Kiosks for the Summer contact with the channel with local applied to Minimarts consumer. Gastronom packaging must competitors local flavors, 1. Media: BTL & s be clear and and local like the ATL engaging manufactures Plombir. 2. POS through the use . Develop core TV & of: brands in Radio •Branding terms of •Color coding variants and ≠ •Shape coding presentations In- PR Main highlights (popsicles, cones and store 360°  On impulse channel Ice-Fili is going to focus cups) Campaig on 3 Ps Promotion, Price and Products. n  In this channel Ice-Fili is looking to increase loyalty from the consumer to the brand and increase consumption frequency. Digital OOH  Main features of the campaign are OOH, In store activations and digital.
    12. 12. Operational Marketing Plan - In HomePropositio Promotio Place Pack Price Product n n Packs thatSpecially created Two points of Supermarket Premium Products that drives appeal for the lovers of contact with the s (2%) prices. applied to great taste in consumer. Minimarts and is eye Approximatel local flavors family. 1. Media: BTL & (29%) catching, y 15-20% - for in home ATL resulting in a above Ice-Fili consumption. 2. POS better visibility regular •Multipacks TV in POS. portfolio. •Liters •Desserts Main highlights  In- home channel will be developed through 4 360° Ps Proposition, Promotion, Place and Pack. In-store Campaig PR  With this campaign we aim increase market n penetration by developing new occasions of consumption.  In-Home campaign mix will mainly focus on TV (conventional and non-conventional), PR Digital and In-store.
    13. 13. Contingency Plan To protect the critical strategies of Ice-fili`s marketing plan and to minimize risk the following issues will be addressed: 1. Set Up Monitoring Operations  Watching marketplace, actions of competitors and financial results/KPI`s: Sales, Profit and Gross Margin Market Share, Market Standing, Market Penetration Brand Awareness, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Awareness, Customer Retention  Analyzing the implications of any changes  Specifying the criteria (KPI`s) to determine if the strategies have succeeded or failed 2. Define Alternative Plans Of Action  Proactive responses to “What if”- scenarios in order to quickly adapt to changing circumstances
    14. 14. Contingency PlanWhat if - Scenario Developed Contingency PlanWhat will Ice-Fili`s response be Making a trade off in budgets to invest more in trade marketingconcerning its strategy of impulse to activate the sales  ensure that the product is widelyif Ice-Fili`s market share is not distributed and available for the end consumerincreasing by the third month?What will Ice-Fili`s response be if Enhancing current marketing techniques by focusing on whattheir sales objectives will only be Ice-Fili does best and targeted communication  differentiatereached by 50%? itself by advertising its high quality and great taste as well as the fact that it is a Russian companyWhat will Ice-Fili`s response be if Temporary price cuts are not a long-term strategic move their main competitors decrease ensure and communicate that Ice-Fili has a unique sellingits price by 50% of Ice-Fili`s proposition. If Ice-Fili must discount they have to make sureprice? the cuts are communicated as special offers.What will Ice-Fili`s response be if Being aware of these changes and offering a special solutionchanges in customer for the particular needs of the customers  development ofpreferences occur regarding to new or improved products regarding to taste, flavor andtaste, flavor and presentation presentation preferences.(popsicles, cones and cups)?
    15. 15. THANK YOU!!