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Looking to find out more about Social Media Usage in Australia? Demographic stats? See our presentation and check out our website:

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Social Media in Australia

  1. 1. Social Media Overview By David Cowling Twitterhash Tag: #gcsm
  2. 2. Topics for Discussion• What is Social Media?• Social Media Statistics in Australia• Facebook• Twitter• LinkedIn• Geolocation Applications, eg Foursquare• What should clubs be doing• Common Social Media Mistakes• Clubs doing a good job• Conclusion
  3. 3. What is Social Media?• Social Media refers to the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue• Blogs, Forums, Social Media Sites, Mobile Applications
  4. 4. Social Media Content• What sort of Content do we post to Social Media Sites? Generally Text, Pictures, Video about - What are we doing? - Where are we? - What are we thinking at the moment? - What are we working on?• Compelling content, Text – easy, Picture – medium, Video - hard
  5. 5. Main Social Media/ Networking Website• Facebook – 800 million• Twitter – 100 million• LinkedIn – 120 million• MySpace – 60 Million• Google Plus – 50 Million
  6. 6. Social Media Statistics Australia (Sept 2011)1. Facebook – 10,628,600 users in Australia (up 100,380 from Aug)2. Youtube – 9.9 million UAVs / mo (down 100,000)3. Blogspot – 4.6 UAVs / mo (down 100,000)4. – 2 million UAVs / mo (steady)5. LinkedIn – 1.8 million UAVs / mo (down 200,000)6. Twitter – 1.6 million UAVs / mo (down 200,000)7. Flickr – 1.3 million UAVs / mo (steady)8. Tumblr – 1 million UAVs / mo (steady) Source:
  7. 7. Social Media Stats (Continued)9. MySpace – 930,000 UAVs / mo (up 10,000)10. Google Plus – 622,050 Users11. StumbleUpon – 150,000 UAVs / mo (steady)12. Digg – 100,000 UAVs / mo (steady)13. Reddit – 100,000 UAVs / mo (steady)14*. Foursquare 62,000 UAVs / mo (up 5,000)15. Delicious – 47,000 UAVs / mo (up 4,000)16*. Gowalla – no data, May 2011 was 9,500 UAVs / mo Source:
  8. 8. Facebook in Australia• Australian Population = 22,725,092• Australian’s on Facebook = 10,628,600• % of Australian population on Facebook = 46.7%• Global Facebook Population = 1.43% * Under 13’s not allowed to signup to Facebook Source: ABS Population Clock and
  9. 9. Facebook Australia Demographics• 10,628,600 Users• Female – 5,675,672 (53.4%)• Male – 4,952,927 (46.6%)
  10. 10. Facebook Australia Demographics (Continued)• = 13yrs of age = 114,000 (1.1%)• 14 – 17yrs of age = 1,261,500 (11.9%)• 18 – 24yrs of age = 2,626,140 (24.7%)• 25 – 34yrs of age = 2,766,200 (26.1%)• 35 – 44yrs of age = 1,775,540 (16.7%)• 45 – 54yrs of age = 1,136,960 (10.7%• 55 – 64yrs of age = 592,680 (5.6%)• 65yrs of age + = 337,980 (3.2%)
  11. 11. Why Should Clubs use Facebook?• You can connect with your Clubs members and people interested in your Club, ie Facebook fans.• You can create deals, or send promotional messages through your Facebook page• People can ‘check-in’ to your venue – which broadcasts to that users friends. Say 10 people check-in to your Club everyday. And each person has 200 friends. That is possible exposure to 2000 Facebook users about your club.
  12. 12. Facebook Analytics• Facebook has detailed Analytics for Page owners• How many people Like your Page? New Likes this week?• Reach your updates are getting?• Demographic stats, gender/ age• Location, eg Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast• Content Views (video, audio)
  13. 13. Facebook Page Owner Info
  14. 14. Facebook Page Owner Info (Cont)
  15. 15. Facebook Insights (Overview)
  16. 16. Facebook Insights (Overview)
  17. 17. Facebook Insights (Users)
  18. 18. Facebook Insights (Users)
  19. 19. Facebook Insights (Users)
  20. 20. Facebook Insights (Interactions)
  21. 21. Facebook in Australia• The Average Facebook user in Australia is spending around 8 hours per month on the site.• With over 10.6 million members this represents a great opportunity to ‘connect’ with your target market/ audience.
  22. 22. Twitter• Around 1.6 – 2 million Australian’s are using Twitter every month.• More a Tech Savvy/ Business orientated crowd (Baby Boomers). Still plenty of young people are on Twitter.• Worth ‘covering your bases’• Easy Facebook to Twitter Integration• You can setup email alerts to minimise time spent on the site. When someone talks to you – get an email.• Similar to SMS – 140 character max – can still show pictures/videos
  23. 23. Twitter Profile
  24. 24. @replies
  25. 25. LinkedIn• Professional Business Network – around 1.8 million Australian’s are registered to the site.• From my research around 1 million active accounts.• Create a professional identity for your Business – good social network for sales and management team to use.• Provides additional exposure to your business from an affluent and educated user base.
  26. 26. Geolocation Applications• What is a Geolocation Application? - Foursquare - Gowalla Foursquare is most popular so concentrate your efforts there.
  27. 27. Foursquare• Allows the user to share their location when they ‘check-in’ to a physical location.• Why would they do this? To write reviews, eg Restaurants, Bars, Cinema, Service Industry.• Businesses can offer a ‘deal’. Eg check-in on Foursquare and get a free softdrink with your meal purchase.• Foursquare is a mobile application on iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Android• Integrated with Facebook and Twitter so each ‘check- in’ can get huge reach/exposure.• Celebrity Check-ins
  28. 28. What Should Clubs be doing with Social Media• Facebook• Foursquare• Twitter (optional)• LinkedIn (optional)• Using Facebook will build customer loyalty and engagement, and increased sales through deals.• Foursquare can increase your exposure and sales• Twitter will reach a market not necessarily on Facebook (some Baby boomers)• LinkedIn for your professional identity
  29. 29. What Should Clubs be doing with Social Media (Cont)• Have 1 or 2 people in your organisation allocate a small amount of time to Social Media Promotion, as required• 15 minutes per day, 30 minutes per week – depends on the scale of your business.• Good for a sales/ marketing/ or admin person to do.• Keep your club promotion/initiatives front of mind
  30. 30. What Should Clubs be doing with Social Media (Cont)• Update your Club website – have prominent links to your Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare pages.• You may find more people contact you through social networks than your own site (eg email, phone, post).
  31. 31. Common Social Media Mistakes• Setting up a profile then not using it• Not training employees on how you want the company portrayed• Wrong employees, junior staff Voda UK Example• Overly Self promotional updates• Not measuring ROI on time put into social media marketing
  32. 32. Clubs doing a good job on Social Media•••
  33. 33. Parramatta RSL
  34. 34. Parramatta RSL Facebook
  35. 35. Parramatta RSL Wall
  36. 36. Parramatta RSL Foursquare
  37. 37. What should you do on FacebookMinimum:• A custom welcome page. Looks pretty and ‘inviting for users’• Run polls (what do you like, customer service, new features at the club).• Status updates – club news, deals, promotional offers• Upload Pictures and Videos – your audience will comment
  38. 38. Adding Social Media to your website• Add Social Media icons to the front page, and sidebar of all other pages (top right is standard)• Contact Page• Subscription page• Incorporate social media links into email newsletters
  39. 39. What can you do after Social Media?• Blogging• Around 300 million blogs globally – a new ‘social’ way to interact with your customers.
  40. 40. Overwhelmed?Happy to help get you setup on:- Facebook- Twitter- FoursquareThen handover to your staff