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Happiness is Overrated


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  • 1. MehHappiness is overratedWhy we should stop designing services to delight ourusers, and start focusing on what makes them miserable.Dave Burke, VP User Experience, APCO Worldwide
  • 2. Washington Post
  • 3. Washington Post
  • 4. Washington Post
  • 5. Former subscriber survey 1 # 2 #
  • 6. Service plays more of a role in disloyalty Why customers stay Why customers leave Product Brand Service
  • 7. CEB Study • 3-year study • Over 75,000 customers surveyed • Several hundred service managers interviewed • Covered services including phone, IVR, web, chat, and email • Controlled for service rep tenure and other variables • Cross-industry • Worldwide
  • 8. Conventional Wisdom 89 /100 Customer relations heads said their primary strategy is to exceed customer expectations
  • 9. Service plays more of a role in disloyalty Why customers stay Why customers leave Product Brand Service
  • 10. Service plays more of a role in disloyalty
  • 11. What makes customers unsatisfiedEffort.The work the customer must doto get their problem solved.
  • 12. Effort makers: Repetition and Channel Switching # 1 2 #
  • 13. Repetition and Channel Switching [[ Five minutes of Q&A to authenticate me ]]
  • 14. Common metrics miss on customer effort Company Metric Consumer Metric • FCR: First contact resolution • Overall effort in the relationship • Call center resolution • Website conversion • Call times • Time on site • CSAT: Customer Satisfaction Score
  • 15. The problem with FCR 22% of repeat contacts come from downstream issues related to the original contact, even if the original contact “resolved” the problem.
  • 16. The problem with FCRThe most successful companies don’tjust solve the current issue. They alsohead off the next one.
  • 17. Ferreting out repetition: Fidelity Investments Call to change Get renters Order new checks address insurance25% of self-service transactions are promptedCalls per household 5%
  • 18. Ferreting out repetition: Bell CanadaCalls per event 16% Customer churn 6%
  • 19. Ameriprise Financial: “No” Audit Eliminated 26 outdated policies $1.2 million in efficiency savings
  • 20. For better metrics, zoom out.
  • 21. Survey methods to project loyalty
  • 22. CES Customer Effort Score: “How much effort did you personally have to put forth to handle your request.” Scale of 1 (very low effort) to 5 (very high effort)
  • 23. Areas to explore further• The emotional side of digital interactions• The impact of convergence
  • 24. To sum it upFocus service on unsatisfied customers Increase their satisfaction by reducing effort Kill repetition & channel switching Zoom out your metrics
  • 25. Read more
  • 26. That’s it.Questions? Dave Burke @daveburke Get the slides: