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  • 1. February 8, 2011
  • 2. Who is PR Newswire?
  • 3. PR Newswire is the global leader in innovative communications and marketing services, enabling organizations to connect and engage with their target audiences worldwide.
  • 4. Engage opportunity across all channels Social Web sites Search Mobile Video sharing Content Blogs Microblogs Print Broadcast
  • 5. Engage opportunity with all key audiences Investors The Media Decision Bloggers Makers Content Influencers Consumers Shareholders
  • 6. The case for engagement• Shining Example New York New York State Energy Research & Development Authority Integral to two-year campaign Multifaceted, multimedia to save more than one engagement initiative million megawatt hours of to drive broad scale awareness electricity by installing of and participation in "Shining 16.9 million light bulbs Example" program to saveenergy by switching to ENERGY STAR® qualified compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) Deliver results Drive engagement by driving NY residents to through video/essay Facebook fan page and website content
  • 7. The case for engagement• Shining Example New York New York State Energy Research & Development Authority Geo-targeted wire distribution High-impact video of news releases and production to create key strategic web placement audience engagement asset Results: over 4,000 Facebook fans Interactive media player in first month driven from video embedded in websites embedded in over 1,500 blogs and blogs and continually and social media sites updated with fresh content
  • 8. Engagement construct Rich video content that educates National reach with and activates Rich ability to focus locally Custom Engaging Distribution Content Dynamically Robust Online Updatable Newsroom Content Engage influentials to play the messageAll assets, in one forwardlocation ready for rapid Deep Socialdeployment Centralized Media Assets Engagement Access to Listen and learn Measurement Beyond Industry the Numbers Experts from what the Search Easy access to thought- community is saying Optimized leaders/experts and Content content Dominate organic search engine presence to capture information seekers and local media
  • 9. Engagement construct Content TargetingDistribution Online Multimedia Investor & & Engagement & Broadcast Relations AnalysisSyndication
  • 10. Content Distribution & Syndication
  • 11. PR Newswire distribution process Processing/Editing Distribution PR Newswire editors process copy in PR Newswire’s Distribution via satellite, state-of-the art editorial system, looking for errors, typos, internet, e-mail and RSS. etc., and prepare it for distribution. Reaching news organizations, individual reporters and bloggers, websites, financial Reach networks, search engines and mobile devices. Reach traditional and non-traditional media, investors, customers and general public around the world, generating media coverage in print and TV, social media buzz, investments and purchases.UploadUpload release andmultimedia. Selectnewsline distribution(ie. Global) plus createtargeted list from ourmedia database.
  • 12. PR Newswire global distribution network All distributions worldwide: 75,441 Web distributions: 10,238 Journalists & Media: 65,203Source: June 2011
  • 13. Reach your target audience by selecting from PR Newswiresnational, regional, local and specialtynewslines – all releases are coded to reach influencers interested in your news.
  • 14. 170+ countries, 40+ languagesPR Newswire has offices in 16 countries, plus partnerships with leading news agencies around the globe.
  • 15. Reach multicultural audiences The combined annual purchasing power of the Hispanic, African American, Asian and Native American communities is $1.5 trillion and growing. Source: Selig Center for Economic Growth, Terry College of Business, The University of Georgia, May 200756% of adult U.S. 2.5 million people 84% of African The estimatedHispanics are online. aged 5 and older American households population of speak Chinese at have cable TV and American IndiansBy 2012, nearly 30 home. After Spanish, 87% listen to the and Alaskamillion adult U.S. Chinese is the most radio in a given week, Natives is 4.5Hispanics will be widely spoken non- while 81% watch English language in dedicated Black TV the country. channels Source: 2006 American Source: “Black America Today” study, Source: U.S. Census, Community Survey by Radio One Inc. and Yankelovich May 2008Source: eMarketer, July 2008
  • 16. Target news influencers by geographic areas or vertical market industries, such as finance, automotive, energy, health/biotech, metals and technology.Young Adult / Public Interest Corporate Social EnvironmentalUniversity Responsibility
  • 17. Target news influencers by geographic areas or vertical market industries, such as healthcare, biotech, finance, automotive, energy, metals and technology.Young Adult / Public Interest Corporate Social EnvironmentalUniversity Responsibility
  • 18. Target news influencers by geographic areas or vertical market industries, such as technology, health/biotech, automotive, energy, metals and finance.Young Adult / Public Interest Corporate Social EnvironmentalUniversity Responsibility
  • 19. Get lasting visibility withSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) • Increase visibility • Higher search results ranking • Extend message life • Reports allow for improvement
  • 20. News release views & referral sources PR Newswire’s web platform is optimized for social channels, search engines and is widely viewed on mobile devices. The numbers below show monthly figures for June 2011.Source: Newswire’s Web analytics, June 2011
  • 21. OptimizationMax SEO tool See your content like a search engine – After uploading your content, the tool provides an analysis that reveals keywords as they would be seen through the “eyes’ of a search engine. Maximize keyword usage – OptimizationMax suggests related terms, along with their popularity and competitiveness among searchers. Terms most likely to generate results are highlighted.
  • 22. OptimizationMax SEO tool SEO Score – Your content is given an algorithmic score based on keyword placement & weight, relevancy of outbound links, and a number of other factors. Improve Your Score – OptimizationMax provides actionable feedback, giving you specific ways to improve your SEO. See your score improve as you make edits to your content following the tool’s revision prompts.
  • 23. Social media distribution – taggingQuick share buttons for easy posting to themost popular social networks: Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn and GoogleBlog it – uploads yourreleases link to theirpost on chosenblogging platform. Share it – shares your release on social networking and book-marking sites, or for reference on the reader’s customized Yahoo or Google homepage.
  • 24. Typepad Choose your news – receive streams of all industry/subject. news, or just by Blogger MySpace Friendster Facebook Squidoo Hover SpotSocial media distribution – widget Univision Mipagina Webs PerfSpot Windows Live Page Flakes iGoogle Web Wag Netvibes
  • 25. Your story’s potential reach Traditional Social media media Your Release Web coverage
  • 26. PR Newswire offers the industry’s most comprehensive press release analytics.(No one else comes close.)
  • 27. Measure the effectiveness of your release Total Results – See the number of release views, postings and views resulting from search engines (SEO) Release Trends – Review charts of release views, postings or search results over time; all compared against the cumulative total. Visibility & Engagement – Quickly gauge how well your release did compared against the average Improve over time – Compare your releases against your previous efforts.
  • 28. Review effectiveness of your release’s SEO Search Visibility – See the number of search views and click-throughs resulting from search engines (SEO) Referring Sites – See which sites generated the most views. SEO Growth – See the daily and cumulative search views of your release over time. Search term details – See which search terms generated the most views.
  • 29. Monitor your release’s online posts Postings by hour – Shows when your release was posted as sites around the Web refresh their content. Postings by industry – See top industries who posted your release online. Details – See where your release was posted, including post link, industry and potential audience. Sharing Options – Print out or export reports to Excel, CSV or PDF.
  • 30. Using multimedia in your releases increases journalist and publicengagement by up to 77%.According to internal sample research comparing press releases that contain multimedia with those that do not.
  • 31. more multimedia = more views Increase in average online views per press release, when multimedia elements are added.Source: PR Newswire web analytics.
  • 32. Fashion Show Mall, Las Vegas Get your photos in front of millions. Reach the Media: • Photo editors at newspapers & magazines, TV producers, bloggers, etc. • Puts your photo in archiving systems relied on by media around the world Reach consumers via: • Up to 1,000 sites like Yahoo!, ABC News, etc. • Reuters Sign, Times Square, NYC • Fashion Show Mall, Las Vegas Reuters Sign, Times Square
  • 33. Multimedia News Release (MNR) LogoBranding andclick through link Text formatted and distributed into editorialSocial media systemslinks In-text hyperlinksVideo player Media contactsHi-res photos andadditional videos Related linksEmbedded Twitterstream
  • 34. Multimedia News Release (MNR) examples
  • 35. Measuring the impact of your MNRsSample Video & Audio StreamsMNRReportSummary Page Hits File Downloads Media Outlets Represented Online Video & Web Clips Embedded – See where your video and Video Views – release was distributed. See viral effects Includes potential audience of your video. numbers.
  • 36. Tabatha Coffey is a professional hair stylist and television personality with various appearances on network and cable TV. Case study: JOICO Tabatha Coffey MNR Over 20,000 views of the MNR8-months after distribution, still occupied 80% of the top threepages of organic Google results Online video views YouTube: Almost 10,000 Total: Over 25,000
  • 37. The Flex Release Attached documents Images – photos or logos Video
  • 38. Online Engagement
  • 39. Engage your audiences like never before with the ARCTM Engagement PlatformAccess Reach ConnectARC lets you compile ARC distributes your ARC enables you toyour multimedia content content everywhere dynamically update or– videos, images, opportunity exists – and add to your content oncedownloads, links, offers everywhere audiences distributed – andand more – in a interact with content. measure activity anddynamic, engaging Thousands of websites. engagement. So you candigital package thats Blogs. Social networks. keep programs andready to launch... Video sharing sites. campaigns fresh,literally in days. Email. The media. And it optimize content and enables consumers to drive even more share your content engagement. virally.
  • 40. The ARCTM Platform: Interactive media player & landing page Customized Branding: your logo and color schemeMedia Player engagesaudience with video,photos, graphics andanimation Links to Transactions- sellPhoto & products, enroll subs, train,Graphics link to website etc. Additional Video Window Share and encourage viral distribution
  • 41. The ARCTM Platform: Interactive media player & landing page
  • 42. The ARCTM Platform: Interactive media player viral distribution blog blog fan site blog blog“Share” button allows fan siteviewers to embed the news siteIMP into their blogs or company siteWeb sites. blog
  • 43. The ARCTM Platform: Interactive media player viral distribution blog blogChange your content at fan sitethe source… blog blog fan site… and each embedded news sitelocation now shows thenew content too. company site blog
  • 44. Spark interaction & create a captive Facebook audience for your brand or organization • Automatic posting of your PR Newswire news releases to Facebook • Promote ARC assets, boosting visibility and supporting your overall message • Generate traffic back to your other Web properties
  • 45. 93% of journalists use a company’s website as aninformation resource when researching a story. Source: 2010 PRWeek/PR Newswire Media Survey
  • 46. A home for your releases, right on your site Design-Matched – Seamlessly integrates into the site. Social Media Tools – Helps your news go viral. Automatic Upload – Releases posted to site automatically as part of our distribution process. Intuitive Interface Design – Our default site organization and menus are easy to use, and require no additional set-up.
  • 47. Communicate your CSR activities
  • 48. Give your digital assets a home on your site • Automatic Upload • Design-Matched • Social / New Media • Intuitive Organization & Menus
  • 49. Multimedia & BroadcastProduction & Placement
  • 50. Strategic video placementWalmart Check-out Pharmacy Network Gas Station TV Health Club NetworkMedical Offices Times Square Las Vegas DirectTV
  • 51. In-flight video placementAudience Figures for One Month Placement: 3,254,725 3,207,045 4,200,000 1,900,000 1,900,000 Total possible audience 14,461,770 Custom Packages Available
  • 52. PR Newswire is the only newswire with full multimedia production facilities, making it easier andmore cost-effective for you to create video and distribute it with one seamless partner.
  • 53. Multimedia production servicesAudio Production & Video Production & Satellite Media Tours Co-op Media ToursDistribution DistributionRadio Media Tours Webcasting Podcasting DVD/Tape Production
  • 54. Targeting, Monitoring & Measurement
  • 55. Targeting: Our media database 2,000+ Bloggers 150,000+ Media Outlets 15,000+ Financial Analysts 525,000+ 200+ Individual Countries Media Contacts (6 Continents)
  • 56. Sample media database entry Name, title & media organization Contact details Pitching profile – shows the influencer’s scope of coverage and recent articles.
  • 57. We make targeting the media quick & easy Match suggestions as you type save time and increase accuracy. Full profile available by holding mouse over contact name to limit clicks and save time. Outlet profiles available too.
  • 58. Living lists keep your contacts up to date To save a list as a living list just check this box and the software will take care of the rest Automatic alerts keep you informed of changes and replacements. You can also make edits within the database if you’re not satisfied with updated contact.
  • 59. Get your experts quoted in the media.ProfNet Opportunities: A daily stream of queries from reporters & meetingplanners looking for stories or speakersProfNet Profiles: Profile your experts in a database accessed by reporters &bloggers from 27,000+ news organizationsProfNet Alerts: Send your experts’ opinions to reporters across the U.S.
  • 60. PR person posts Reporter searchesyour organization’s database andexpert profiles to contacts yourdatabase. expert.Reporter PR person respondsopportunities sent to to all relevant ones.PR person via email. Reporter sees itPR person sends either via an emailexpert opinion alert or by searchingover the wire. on PRNJ.
  • 61. Who’s talking about your brand?
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