Is health and safety just a load of old bull


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Is Health and Safety just a load of old bull - Some people would agree? There was been a number of changes in health and safety law of which some was much needed to simplify business requirements to comply. DGB Health & Safety Solutions assist businesses in managing their risk management requirements.

This article includes information from the HSE on accident stats. So what is your response!

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Is health and safety just a load of old bull

  1. 1. Is Health and Safety just a load of old bull? Is health and safety just a load of old bull? There has been talk about cutting “legal red tape” from health and safety for some time from the government. The HSE has started this process by reviewing the current laws and either removing or revising current legislation in the name of simplifying the burden on industry in complying. I agreed that change was needed. Incidents still happen and always will however is health and safety just a load of old bull or is there a need to have systems in place to manage risk. The HSE publish reports known as ebulleting. I have attached one below: What's new - latest publications and releases Health and safety statistics 2012/13 Published online today (30 October) the latest statistics on work-related health, safety and enforcement in Great Britain 2012/13 and includes the following key annual figures:  148 workers killed at work - data over the past five years indicate a levelling off in the previous downward trend.  78 222 injuries to employees were reported under RIDDOR – due to changes in legal reporting requirements it is not possible to compare directly with previous years although statistical modelling suggests the downward trend is continuing.  An estimated 175 000 reportable injuries leading to over-7-day absence occurred (Labour Force Survey).  An estimated 5.2 million working days were lost due to workplace injury in 2012/13, on average 8.1 days per injury.  In 2011, there were 2291 mesothelioma deaths caused by past exposure to asbestos, a reduction compared with the previous year (2360 in 2010). Despite this, the number is expected to continue to increase in future years before peaking towards the end of this decade.  13 503 enforcement notices were issued by HSE and local authorities in 2012/13, a decrease of 15% from the previous year.  HSE (and the Procurator Fiscal in Scotland) completed 597 prosecution cases (covering 973 offences) and secured a conviction in 95% of cases.  Workplace injuries and ill health (excluding cancer) cost society an estimated £13.8 billion (in 2010/11, based on 2011 prices) - down from the 2006/7 estimate of £16.3 billion. DGB Health & Safety Solutions assist businesses to manage their risk management requirement through audits, various risk assessments, training and toolbox talks. For more information please visit our website at or e-mail at Dave Bennion Owner of DGB Health & Safety Solutions - Wednesday, 30 October 2013 - END -