Good housekeeping Oct 2013
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Good housekeeping Oct 2013



A training presentation called "Good Housekeeping" by DGB Health & Safety Solutions. A safe workplace is the key to a more productive and profitable companies as well as an employers duty to provide a ...

A training presentation called "Good Housekeeping" by DGB Health & Safety Solutions. A safe workplace is the key to a more productive and profitable companies as well as an employers duty to provide a safe environment. A significant number of avoidable accidents occur because simple safety measures are not followed through The financial damage can be significant!



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Good housekeeping Oct 2013 Good housekeeping Oct 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • DGB Health & Safety Solutions (Est. 2011) Toolbox Talks - Training Dave Bennion BSc(Hons); Tech IOSH; SIIRSM; MInstLM; CIHM; ACQI; AMIIAI Health & Safety Consultant/ Owner 25/10/2013 1
  • Welcome to Basic Health & Safety Training 25/10/2013 2
  • Slips 25/10/2013 3
  • Trips 25/10/2013 4
  • falls 25/10/2013 5
  • Good Housekeeping • Discussion: • • • • HOUSEKEEPING is important in order to protect people and materials. Combustible materials left lying are a FIRE HAZARD. Other materials left in the way can cause people to trip over them Careless and untidy stacked materials can topple over causing damage and injury. • Filing cabinet drawers left open can cause injury if someone walks into them and may cause the cabinet to fall over. • A tidy workplace is likely to be a safe site and vice-verse. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires that we have a safe place of work! 25/10/2013 6
  • Good Housekeeping 25/10/2013 7
  • Good Housekeeping • Key Points:     Keep rubbish & loose objects clear of floors and walkway areas. Put all rubbish into waste bins, skips or designated areas. Stack / store all materials safely. If rubbish is regularly collected and put into waste bins or skips, in the event of fire, the danger is confined and more easily dealt with.  If you see anything lying on floors etc which could cause a trip and fall pick it up and put in a safe place – DO NOT WAIT FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO MOVE IT.  If you notice rubbish pilling up which you cannot remove, bring this to the attention of your Supervisor or Line Manager.  ACCESS WAYS may also be escape routes. A safe place of work at all times includes a safe means of access and egress to all places where work is done. 25/10/2013 8
  • Good Housekeeping 25/10/2013 9
  • Good Housekeeping 25/10/2013 10
  • Good Housekeeping • Further points:  Close all desks and filing cabinets immediately after use.  Keep all tools and equipment in their proper places except when in use.  Do not leave materials/ tools/ benches etc , in gangways/ corridors where they might impede someone’s escape or cause a tripping hazard. (It might be you or your best mate who needs to get out in a hurry!)  Do not trail extension leads or hoses across gangways. If unavoidable then close off that access route and ensure everyone is made aware that the route is TEMPORARILY closed.  Dismantled wood must always have all the nails removed or made safe by hammering them flat. 25/10/2013 11
  • Good Housekeeping 25/10/2013 12
  • Good Housekeeping • Continued:  Damaged tools or equipment need removing immediate to have them repaired and put somewhere safe. If not repairable classify as rubbish, discard immediately and responsibly.  When work is finished, put overalls and other PPE away in lockers or other safe places. Do not leave belonging lying around. Good housekeeping is everybody’s business in the workplace; it is an on going activity. Once a week clean up is NOT ENOUGH! 25/10/2013 13
  • Any Questions? 25/10/2013 14
  • On behalf of DGB Health & Safety Solutions Thank you for watching! 25/10/2013 15
  • For further information: • • • • • • Contact on: PO Box 122, Bingley, West Yorkshire. BD16 9BF. Web: E-mail: Skype: david.bennion21 Mobile: 07900431649/ 07887459551 25/10/2013 16