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Wyndham green ns


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  • 2. Wyndham Worldwide has initiated the Wyndham Green program because it fits thecompany’s global commitment to corporate social responsibility and theenvironment. Wyndham Green is not just about one or many green programs – it’sa way of living and working based on our vision and values. Wyndham Worldwideunderstands that our business activities impact the earth, our resources andpeople’s lives.
  • 3. Wyndham Green & Magnum Energy SolutionsMagnum Energy Solutions LLC is a world class supplier of wireless energy management solutions. Magnum Energy Solutions achieves its sustainability mission by offering simple, affordable products, produced and packaged with minimum environmental impact.After years of testing with proven studies and positive results, Wyndham Strategic Sourcing Selected Magnum Energy Solutions for their properties energy controls to reduce consumption and continue the company’s mission to stay as the leader in the sustainability movement.
  • 4. About Magnum Energy SolutionsMagnum Energy Solutions LLC provides self-powered, wireless,in-room energy management solutions to hotel and resortcommunities. Magnum strives to provide the most cost effectiveand latest technology to our hospitality customers, offering themthe ability to significantly reduce their energy consumption andtheir impact on the environment.
  • 5. EnOcean Radio Technology Interoperable Wireless Standard Interoperable technology and products. HVAC&R, monitoring and lighting control systems are readily available and wide-ranging products portfolio exists. Self-Powered Energy Harvesting – EnOcean solutions make use of energy created from slight changes in motion, pressure, light, temperature or vibration. Proven Technology for Sustainable Buildings Tried, tested and true – EnOcean-enabled wireless networks have been installed in over 200,000 buildings world-wide.
  • 6. Wireless & Battery-less Controls
  • 7. Simple Configuration Self-powered Hotel Keycard Switch BASIC OPERATION When the room key card [standard credit card size 2.125” x 3”] is inserted into the slot in the wall mounted switch, a wireless signal is sent over the Venergy wireless network giving the guest full control of the selected Venergy devices in their room. When the card is removed, all lights and HVAC controls return to their preset unoccupied mode. Energy Harvesting Switch generates the power for wireless signal itself when the key card is inserted/removed, therefore there is no connecting wire, no battery, and no standby loss. Thermostat Basic Operation The Venergy™ Thermostat uses wireless communication to provide quick and easy implementation of the energy-saving HVAC controls. When the thermostat receives an “occupied” signal from any Venergy™ wireless switch or sensor, the userRelay Receiver immediately gains full control of the HVAC settings. WhenThe Relay Receiver allows electrical loads to be the thermostat receives an “unoccupied” signal, it sets the roomcontrolled by self-powered wireless switches and back to the preset unoccupied temperature. When used with asensors. Venergy™ Gateway, the thermostat can also be connected to LON and BACNet HVAC control systems.
  • 8. Intelligent Thermostat
  • 9. Options Occupancy Sensor – Replacing Key Card Reader Basic Operation The Wireless Occupancy Sensors (M3-MS1) have built-in solar cells that draw on available ambient light to power themselves and can operate for up to 48 hours in total darkness. Batteries are not required for continuous operation, however batteries can be added as an option for applications without available ambient light.Integrated Wireless Wall SwitchThe Magnum Energy line of Wall SwitchReceivers work in conjunction withEnOcean-enabled Self-Powered WirelessLighting Control Products to provide andoptimal solution for the retrofit lightingneeds. These wireless products combineLeviton’s switching technology with self-powered and wireless technologies,developed and licensed from EnOcean.The Wall Switch Receiver can be installedin place of traditional single-pole wallswitches and fits in a standard single-gangwall box. No Additional wiring is required.
  • 10. Options Continued Wireless Window/Door Sensor The battery-free window / door contact M3-MRC1 powers itself from a solar cell and stores the energy for night operation. A signal is transmitted when the contact is opened or closed. Every fifteen minutes, a signal indicating the current status is also transmitted. Wireless 2-Channel Intelligent Power Strip Today’s building owners are seeking solutions to drive down their facilities energy footprint without enduring the expense and disruption of installing a networked automation system. Magnum Energy Solutions answers this need with the M3-PS1 that operates on a simple principle; if the space is vacant, turn the devices off.Wireless LAN Access Point with ETHERNET interface for usewith EnOcean 315MHz or 868MHz wireless devices and theMES Venergy UI software. UI Software Guest Room, Time Share & Total Property Energy Management – Control, Configure and Monitor real time from anywhere
  • 11. Wireless In-Room Network
  • 12. Optional EnOcean Ethernet Infrastructure
  • 13. Additional Benefits For Installation..
  • 14. Built-In Video Surveillance
  • 15. Wyndham Green CertificationOur Commitment to Staying Green REQUIREMENT REQUIREMENTGreen paper products that meet minimum EPA post-consumer content Green Office Practicesrequirements Refreshment StationsGreen in-unit dish packs, dish liquid and laundry detergent In-Unit Recycle ProgramCommercial, back of house, front of house and administrative office recycling Exterior Water Saving SensorsOrganization of an active resort “Green Team” Motion-Sensitive LightingFluorescent bulbs and batteries are properly recycled at the end of their usefullives. Sustainability 101 TrainingBasic water conservation practices are in place CFC refrigerant recycling programGreen cleaning chemicals are being used for unit cleaning and common areas All public and employee restrooms and storage areas equipped with motion-Elimination of bottled water sensitive lighting controllers Energy management systemsCommon area recycling available to guests Energy and water usage trackingUnit CFL quick start bulbs (subject to fixture adaptability) Energy efficient vending machinesLow-flow showerheads and faucet aerators Toner and cartridge recycling
  • 16. Wyndham Green – Special Rent To Own ProgramCASH FLOW SCENARIO On average, Americas 47,000WYNDAM RENT TO BUY PROGRAM CALCULATOR hotels spend $2,196 per availableCUSTOMER PROVIDED PRESENT COST BASIS room each year in energy. ThisRooms 100Rate / kWh $0.13 represents about 6 percent of allkWh Used / Day / Room 14kWh Used / Month / Room 420 operating costs. Energy efficiency,kWh Used / Month/ Hotel 42,000 like that provided by a wirelessTotal Electricity Cost / Month / Room $54.60Total Electricity Cost / Month/ Hotel $5,460.00 energy management solution, provides hotel owners andESTIMATED COST USING MAGNUM PRODUCTSEstimated Energy Savings Factor 33.00% operators with cost savings thatEstimated Cost / Room / Month $36.58 benefit the bottom line. In roomEstimated Savings / Room / Month $18.02Estimated Savings / Month $1,801.80 energy management alsoMAGNUM RENTAL PROGRAM COST BASIS enhances guest comfort, andRent Term in Months 48 demonstrates a commitment toMagnum Rental Cost / Room / Month $7.32Magnum Rental Cost / Hotel / Month $732.00 climate stewardship.CASH FLOW INCREASE ESTIMATEESTIMATED CASH FLOW INCREASE/MONTH/ROOM $10.70ESTIMATED CASH FLOW INCREASE/MONTH $1,069.80
  • 17. WYNDHAM WORLDWIDE STRATEGIC SOURCING PROPOSAL •Purchase 2 Rooms•After Install; Wyndham Rent to Own Purchase Plan is executed for remainder of property Nick Sciurba Magnum Energy Solutions Office Contact Information Tel: (215)764-5512