Basics of EndNote x5 and above


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  • Basics of EndNote x5 and above

    1. 1. EndNoteByDaifallah & Marzouq Almansouri
    2. 2. IntroductionCitation
    3. 3. CitationQuotation from or reference to a book, paper, orauthor to support a fact.
    4. 4. When?• Quote material verbatim (word for word)• Reword or paraphrase materials.• Include statistics or findings from a survey orstudy.• Incorporate facts, ideas or opinions that arenot common knowledge.“milk is a good source of calcium”
    5. 5. What to cite?• Periodicals• Book• Edited Book• Government Document• Encyclopedia Entry, dictionaries• Conference Papers• Statistical Information and Data• Electronic Sources..– E books– Websites– Blogs, Electronic Mailing Lists– Encyclopedia Entry, dictionaries– Online Images• Personal Communications!• Lecture Notes(class notes, WebCT and PowerPoint)!• Audio-visual Material• Works Discussed in a SecondarySource
    6. 6. How?• Vancouver system• ASA style• APA• Chicago Style• Columbia Style• Turabian style
    7. 7. Where?• In Text Citations• Reference List Citations
    8. 8. How cite?• Import• Enter
    9. 9. What do you need?• Reference manager• Doc processor
    10. 10. EndNote
    11. 11. Definition• EndNote is a commercial referencemanagement software package, used tomanage bibliographies and references whenwriting essays and articles.
    12. 12. Not the only one• A lot of styles• A lot of options• Protection and safety• One of the oldest• Expensive. Pay for upgrade• Win and mac• mods xml• Bibtex copac mods xml• Not with kile/lyx
    13. 13. What does endnote do?• Import from database• Manual writing.• Create your own style.• Download styles.• Searching Remote e-databases• Cite While You Write• Searching an EndNote library and printing directly from EndNote• create your own database of citations,• Formatted citations into your paper• Automatically reformat citation style in one click• Sort your library by author, title, or date• Manuscript , wizard, tag lines• Create/ Print independent bibliographies• And more….
    14. 14. ENDNOTE.COM
    15. 15. 12345
    16. 16.  Download from OnlineDatabases Built-in search Manually entering thereferenceReady to import
    17. 17. 1. Download from Online Databases• PubMed• OvidMD• Others; Look for: sendto, citation, export, save citation, references
    18. 18. 2. Built in search• Supported Databases:– PubMed– OvidSP– Library of congress– ProQuest– Library of congress– And many
    19. 19. • Searching enquiry may be any one of those:– Author name– Title– Journal name, volume, year, publisher,– Key word, abstract, year.– DOI “Digital object identifier”• More than one enquiry could be used2. Built in search
    20. 20. Built in search examples;• Allam G.• Taif University 2013 publications
    21. 21. Cursor at the position of insertion|
    22. 22. Appendix• 2 Ooops• Advanced options:– Full text– Grouping• What’s new in EndNote 6th , 7th & taplets.
    23. 23. • Wrong style !• They ask for APA 6th but with specification e.g.full journal name.
    24. 24. Free Full text
    25. 25. Grouping3 options
    26. 26. What’s new?6th, 7th, iPad EndNote
    27. 27. • Manually entering the reference• Update references• Synchronization ( only custom groups)• Rating• PDFs management
    28. 28. Thank youBasics of EndNoteBy; Daifallah Almansouri, Marzouq AlmansouriMedical student- Taif UniversityE-mail:, saudidoctor@outlock.comFor lecture softcopy scan this QR code