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    Majorcanadianbattlesinww1 110324213227-phpapp02 Majorcanadianbattlesinww1 110324213227-phpapp02 Presentation Transcript

    • Major Canadian Battles in WW1
    • First Battle of Ypres
      April 22-24 1915
      6035 Canadian casualties in 48 hours, over 2000 died
      Canadians held a salient (a bulge) in the line in front of the town
      On the 22 Germans attacked with artillery and chlorine gas, followed up by infantry attacks
      The French, who were to the left of the Canadians retreated, the Canadians counterattacked and filled the gap left by the French
    • Battle of Beaumont Hamel
      July 1, 1916
      Opening battle of the larger, Battle of The Somme
      Artillery was to soften up infantry targets but either missed or was ineffective
      Germans knew of the coming Allied attack
      Newfoundlanders moved overnight to Allied trenches
      At 8:45 they attacked across no man’s land
      They were to attempt to march in formation, uphill, through barbed wire, in broad daylight, 900 meters to enemy lines, then fight
      The battle was over in less than an hour
      733 of 801 Newfoundlanders were killed or wounded
    • Battle of VimyRidge
      April 9-12 1917, over 40,000 Canadian soldiers involved
      The ridge was the highest point in a large area
      Previous attacks had been made by the French and British, now it was Canada’s turn
      There was massive preparation, including observation balloons and a 3 week artillery barrage
      The battle began on April 9, Canadians took the ridge that afternoon
      On April 12 Canadians took Hill 145 and “the pimple” a hill on the North end of the ridge
      10,602 Canadians wounded, 3,598 dead
    • Battle of Passchendaele
      July 31-November 1917, Canadians involved on October 26, 20,000 Canadians involved
      Heavy rains and artillery turned the battlefield into a field of mud so thick soldiers and horses drowned
      Objective was to take the village of Passchendaele
      On October 30 the assault on the village began, one week later it was taken
      15,654 Canadian casualties, 4,028 of which were killed
    • Battle of Amiens
      August 8-11, 1918
      Approximately 22,000 Allied casualties and 24,000 German casualties, 50,000 German soldiers taken prisoner
      Just over 9,000 Canadian casualties
      First tank vs. Tank battle in history
      The Allies wanted to take back land that the Germans took in the spring and relieve pressure on the French at Verdun