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Dave Fleck and Associates; Company Brochure
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Dave Fleck and Associates; Company Brochure


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Our latest brochure with the latest information on who we are, the case for action for developing the foundation for success, our practices areas and our people.

Our latest brochure with the latest information on who we are, the case for action for developing the foundation for success, our practices areas and our people.

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  • 1. “Unleashing human potential to achieve organizational success"™ Company Brochure Mission Model Clients Case for Action Practice Areas Consulting Team www.davefleck.comNote: Dave Fleck & Associates (DF&A) is a NJ Registered Alternate Name underNortheastern Consulting, Inc., a corporation incorporated in the State of New Jersey.
  • 2. Who we are… and our Vision and Mission Who we are We are a team of organization, leadership and team development experts based on the east coast of the United States and doing business globally insupport of our client operations. We support forward-looking companies in a broad range of industries improve performance and results through the authentic engagement of employees. We serve as a vehicle to assist companies create healthy, committed and resilient organizations together with more efficient and competitive business operations. We are dedicatedto providing our customers with highly personalized support when and where they need it both face-to-face and through virtual technology. Our Vision A world where people and organizations thrive Our Mission To be a catalyst for leaders and organizations to achieve sustainable high performance by unleashing human potential 2
  • 3. DF&A What & How Model – Creating a strong “How” enables success on “What” is to be accomplished The “HOW” Culture, behaviors, values, People, processes, systems structures, and business strategy THE “WHAT”Base Business Tasks &Special Project Business Tasks
  • 4. DF&A Waterline Model – Creating a strong “How” enables success on “What” is to be accomplished WHAT we are doing… Includes all the base business / project activities that each function has on their plate HOW we are doing it…The human systems & work processes that enable the“WHAT” to get done – process improvement, culture, leadership, teamwork, communication, management effectiveness, employee development, etc.
  • 5. Our Keys for creating Successful, Sustainable Organizations Design & implement a holistic approach to change  Involve all levels of people in the change process  Ensure sponsors understand and fulfill their roles as champions of the change  Integrate the transfer of knowledge & skills within each engagement 5
  • 6. We take a holistic approach …based on the application of our model tocreate sustainable high performance NOTE: COPYRIGHT PENDING ALL RIGHTS RESERVED CREATED BY DAVE FLECK & ASSOCIATES 6
  • 7. Our Clients include … 7
  • 8. Case for Action … Delivering on Strategic Change Promises • A critical concern is that only 30% of majorInitiative Success Rates change initiatives achieve successful realizationCulture Change 19% • A 2008 McKinsey survey of 3,199 executivesBusiness Expansion 20% indicated that 1/3 succeed in majorSoftware 26% transformational change.Re-engineering 30% • Symptoms include reduced performance;M&A 33% morale issues; catastrophic failures; superficialTQM-Driven Change 37% installations, etc.Restructuring 46% • The crucial issue is how the change is accomplished, not so much what the change is Source: Smith, M. E., “Success rates for different types of organizational change” Performance Improvement, 41 (1), 2, 2002. • The most successful transformations have a proactive approach that engages the people of an organization. *based on 2008 McKinsey Quarterly: Corporate transformation under pressure 8
  • 9. The State of Affairs … statistics on engagement today* Only 29% of employees are actively engaged in their jobs, while 54% are not- engaged, and 17% are actively disengaged. 72% of employees who quit leave because they feel they are not being recognized for their contributions or sufficiently respected and coached by their leaders. 50% of employees said “yes” when asked if they had thought of resigning in the last six months. 79% of top performers do not feel appreciated. Only 13% of disengaged employees would recommend their company’s products or services, compared with 78% of engaged employees. The cost of lost productivity in the US is estimated to be between $287 billion and $370 billion. *the above from David Ulrich & Wendy Ulrich based on their book The Why of Work (2010) In the Korn/Ferry Institute’s Confidence in Leadership Index, the North American scores for credibility and trust in leadership are at all-time lows. Deloitte’s annual Ethics and Workplace Survey found that a third of Americans plan to seek new jobs as the economy recovers. The top reasons: a lack of trust in their employers and lack of transparent communication from leadership. 9
  • 10. The Financial Impact …. and Opportunity! Over a 10 year period (1998 to 2008) “best companies to work for” have a 6.8 % stock appreciation vs. 1.0% for the average firm. - Presented by David Ulrich & Wendy Ulrich based on their book The Why of Work (2010) Organizations with high engagement are 78 percent more productive and 40 percent more profitable than those organizations with low levels of engagement. - Hewitt Quarterly Public companies ranking in the top quartile of employee engagement had EPS growth at 2.6 times the rate of those that were below average in terms of employee engagement -Gallup 2008 Best Buy indicates that for stores that improve employee engagement scores by 1/10 of a point (on a five point scale) will see at $100,000 increase in sales volume - Gallup 2008 10
  • 11. Our examples … Results thru applying our keys to Successful, Sustainable Organizations Created 2.5M year-over-year cost savings in a collaborative Kaizen process involving software, manufacturing and service functions of a major global company. In addition, significantly improved customer satisfaction as a result of this quality/employee engagement process. Reduced turnover from 40 to 11% thru a multi-faceted employee engagement process that involved all levels and people in a division in follow-up to employee survey results. Significantly enhanced a Finance Executive’s Leadership Capabilities through the application of an executive coaching process leading to improved organizational performance and the executive’s promotion to a position of greater authority and responsibility. Significantly improved organizational performance along with employee survey results through a “cascaded-up” facilitated feedback / coaching / work team development process. Culminated in a leadership team meeting that addressed key organizational issues that had been outstanding for years prior to the process. 11
  • 12. The “lay of the land” … the current state and starting point for building engagement*Key findings of the DF&A Org. Climate Survey & Interviews…  There is more authority with less resources  Remaining employees are assuming the work of positions that have been eliminated  There are more tasks to complete leading to longer work hours  Employees are squeezed with many tasks and limited time for thoroughness/quality which detracts from a feeling of a “job-well-done”  Work is not considered enjoyable or “fun” anymore  There is little time for training and development  Fear of losing a job leads to not challenging “the system”  There is less opportunity for career advancement within company  People have less time for outside activities / time with family *DF&A White Paper Survey & Interview Results, Oct. 2010 12
  • 13. Our Practice Areas … leading to Sustainable High PerformanceSustainable High Performance is the core focus of Dave Fleck andAssociates. All of our practice areas work together synergistically toward thegoal of building capability for sustainable high performance and businessgrowth. This is illustrated in our model oforganizational change and transformation:While each of our practice areas offersseparate, “stand-alone” services, ourexperience is that in order to create highperformance that sustains itself, organizationstypically require coordinated change inmultiple practice areas such as in Leadership,People Engagement, Strategy and BusinessArchitecture and Change Realization. Ourconsulting practice is dedicated to helpingleaders at all levels negotiate and harmonizethese interdependencies, with one overarchinggoal: sustainable performance excellence. 13
  • 14. Our approach … Improves results while at the same time transforms the organization Targeted Improvement Improved Project Business Results AND Enhanced Targeted Capability Skilled to meetFacilitation & Development the next Behavioral (Knowledge, Skills, Business Coaching Attitudes & Behaviors) Challenge 14
  • 15. Our Practice Areas … leading to Sustainable High PerformanceWe support the creation of break-through results through our “hands-on”personal support and development of people, teams and organizations. We helpyou achieve Sustainable High Performance by developing andimplementing holistic, integrated solutions through our following Practice Areas: Leadership & Dona Vages, Practice Leader People Engagement Strategy and Business Architecture & Karen Grove, Practice Leader Change Realization 15
  • 16. Our Practice Areas … LeadershipLeadership Development Deliverables: Individual and team resilience plans,personal development plans, leadership transition/on-boarding process, AcceleratedLeadership ProgramExecutive Coaching Deliverables: The DF&A 3Cs Coaching Program™*,organizational and personal assessments (EI, MBTI, FIRO-B, DISC), interview andupward feedback data gathering / dialogue, coaching plans for on-going /continuous growth and development, one-on-one coaching sessions for support,debrief session to review key learnings. *a defined coaching process consisting of the following four phases: Phase One: Contracting, Assessment & Data Collection; Phase Two: Action Planning; Phase Three: Defined Period of Coaching Sessions; Phase Four: Debriefing.Succession Management Development and Facilitation Deliverables:Proactive focus which defines required competencies (KSABs - Knowledge, Skills,Attitudes and Behaviors) in alignment with organizational vision, goals andobjectives, and the creation optimal performance development plans.Competency Modeling Deliverables: Align competencies (KSABs) with workforceneeds, identify competency gaps, create development plans, design framework forcoaching and mentoring and develop measurements to ensure results. 16
  • 17. Our Practice Areas … People EngagementState of the Art Assessment and Coaching Processes Deliverables: EQ Profile, 360 Feedback, DF&A 3Cs Coaching Program (refer to the 3Cs Program Description).High Performance Team Development Deliverables: Application of the Drexler Sibbet High Performance Team Model and facilitate Action Research Survey Feedback Processes (Note: This includes DF&A Organizational & Team Development and Improvement Process consisting of upward feedback data gathering, dialogue and planning sessions designed to improve leadership effectiveness, interpersonal communication and teamwork while improving results.Leadership Transition Process Deliverables: Rapid team & leader rapport and performance development process and managing in a virtual team environments.Dynamic / Dialogue & Conflict Resolution - Interpersonal, Team, and Cross-Functional / Systemic Deliverables: Immediate resolution and long-term sustainabilityAdvanced Behavioral Skills Experiential Learning Deliverables: Rapid development of a critical mass for high performanceDiversity for Results Deliverables: Assessment, planning and implementation of entity specific strategies; leveraging inclusivity for greater impact; support for a global multicultural environmentCustomized interventions at the Individual, Team, and Systemic Level Deliverables: Consulting / action research methodology tailored to client; high impact resolution of issues identified 17
  • 18. Our Practice Areas … Strategy and Business ArchitectureClarifying Strategic Direction Deliverables: Alignment of Business model, clarify Vision & Mission, strategy intent & executable goals and objectives aligned with key strategic initiatives and supportive measurement process.Process Improvement & Redesign Deliverables: Streamlined, efficient, effective, flexible business processesThe Process-Based Organization Deliverables: Core business processes defined & mapped; process owners established; key process metrics (scorecard) defined; process teams established; continuous improvement ongoingOrganizational Design Deliverables: Enhanced or creative and innovative Operating models; organizational/structural relationships mapped; improved functionality“Kaizen” Events Deliverables: Continuous improvement of processes in manufacturing, engineering, supporting business processes, and management. Process waste removed, leadership improved, teamwork & engagement enhanced 18
  • 19. Our Practice Areas … Change RealizationDeveloping Clear Intent of the Change Deliverables: Case for change, future state (including culture statement), guiding principles, realization outcomesDesigning Change Components Deliverables: Organization design, process design, role/responsibility definitions, performance metrics, organizational culture requirementsAligning the Organization Deliverables: Role/Stakeholder map, cascading sponsorship plan/sessions, enrollment plans/sessions, advocacy plans, risk mitigation plans, communication plansDeveloping Change Leadership Capabilities Deliverables: Sponsor assessment and development plans, sponsor coachingAssessing and Developing Change Capability Deliverables: Change agent network, Personal Resilience Profiles and plansImplementation and Sustain Planning Deliverables: Implementation plan, employee engagement plan, risk mitigation plan, risk communication strategies/plans, change realization prognosis, measuring, monitoring, lessons learned debriefs, milestone celebrations 19
  • 20. Contact us at no cost or obligation if… Changes in the competitive environment are forcing your organization to seek more effective ways of doing business – to be faster, better, more efficient Your organization is undergoing a major change in its environment – mergers/ acquisitions, new facilities or technologies, new product/service lines, reorganizations, etc. You want to create commitment and alignment – at all levels – in support of your strategy You are struggling with sustainable growth, innovation and adaptation You want leaders to optimize personal impact and the people of an organization to maximize results You’d like in defining a balance approach to performance metrics You want your strategies to be implemented, realized and sustained 20
  • 21. Our People… knowledgeable, experienced & committedOur Leadership, Associates, Alliances and Global Partners have years oftraining and experience in business, organizational consulting and leadership development. All havebeen granted advanced degrees, certifications and/or awards and several are currently teaching orhave taught at the undergraduate and/or graduate level. DF&A team members have a deepunderstanding of the demands our clients face as most of us have been part of corporate managementand understand and appreciate the business challenges faced in today’s economy. We are committed tosound consulting guidance, great service & a positive impact on our clients’ operational effectiveness.Our Leadership … committed to professionally guide our support leading to our client’s successDave Fleck, MAABS, CEO and Principal Coach/Consultant, founded Northeastern Consulting, Inc. in1998 and along with a team of leadership and organizational experts launched Dave Fleck & Associates in thefall of 2009. Dave’s experience includes being a Senior Partner of Human Capital Development at VantagePointConsulting, Director of Organizational Effectiveness with Johnson & Johnson (Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical) andTeam Leader of the Organization Development (OD) practice in AT&T (Consumer Communication Services). Hiscareer background also includes hands-on management experience with AT&T Bell Laboratories, RaytheonCompany as well as the United States Government. For many years Dave taught Leadership & Collaboration asan Adjunct Professor in the graduate engineering program at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University(NYU). He is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Qualified Executive Coach Certified in AppreciativeInquiry (AI) & Whole System IQ™ and is a graduate of the MIT Center for Organizational Learning CoreCompetencies Course. Dave has a graduate degree in Leadership Coaching & Organizational Consulting fromthe Leadership Institute of Seattle (LIOS), currently LIOS Graduate College of Saybrook University, and anundergraduate degree in Sociology (Summa Cum Laude) from the State University of New York. In addition,Dave is certified in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Drexler-Sibbet High Performance Team Model, DiversityAwareness & Facilitation and Wilson Learning Social Styles. 21
  • 22. Our Leadership (continued)… committed to professionally guide our support leading to our client’s successDona-Maria Vages, MS, Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Practice Leader, Leadershipand People Engagement, is an intercultural consultant specializing in assisting organizations successfully developand engage their human resources for optimum success. She applies a holistic and multi-cultural lens toorganizational issues and focuses on the effective management of organizational transitions, building inclusive workenvironments, leading and managing virtual teams and developing the capabilities of individuals throughout the USand Europe. Dona has extensive corporate and supervisory proficiency garnered at positions within AT&T, NCR andLucent Technologies. She holds a Masters of Science Degree in Human Resource Development from SuffolkUniversity and a Bachelor of Science Degree (cum laude) in Business Administration from Northeastern Universityand extensive doctoral course work in Global Organization and Human Resource Development at The UnionInstitute and University. She is certified in MBTI and Emotional Intelligence assessment instruments. Dona is also agraduate of the Gestalt International Program on Organization and Systems Development and maintains adjunctteaching relationships at colleges in Florida and Massachusetts. Dona has also been trained & certified as aPractitioner in ODR’s, now Conner Partners’, change methodology.Karen Grove, MBA, Ph.D., Vice President and Practice Leader, Strategy & Business Architecture andChange Realization, has more than 20 years’ experience within management consulting, helping Fortune 500companies address the challenges of enterprise-wide transformation initiatives such as market shifts,mergers/acquisitions, business process reengineering, technological changes, shared services, and customerrelationship management. Challenges included creating cultural congruence, strengthening change leadership,addressing stakeholder reluctance, maximizing organizational alignment, creating employee commitment, andenhancing resilience while minimizing change fatigue. Industry expertise includes telecommunications, consumerproducts, customer care, health care, power/utilities, retail banking, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, military andtransportation. Karen holds a Ph.D. in organizational behavior and development from The Union Institute, amaster’s degree in business administration from Frostburg University, and a bachelor’s degree in French fromShippensburg University in Shippensburg, PA. In addition, much of Karen’s expertise in change realization has beengained through her long time association with ODR, now Conner Partners, where Karen continues to be a consultingassociate. 22
  • 23. Our Associates… all with advanced education along with years of “hands- on” experienceN. Dini Checko, holds an M.A. degree from Columbia University in Organizational Psychology and is acertified Coach/Consultant in Whole System IQ from The Leading Clinic. Dini successfully completed amanagement development program in the financial services industry and consulted to Fortune 100 companies.Rich Cohen, in addition to a law degree, Rich holds a Masters Degree in Organization Development from TheAmerican University/NTL Institute and is currently an Adjunct Professor in the Graduate Psychology Departmentat The City University of New York - Brooklyn College Division Clinic.Michelle Frazier, holds a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management from Rutgers University andcompleted post-graduate work in Principles & Practices in Organizational Development in the OrganizationalPsychology Program at Teachers College, Columbia University.Nadia Kachalenko, earned an MBA in International Business from Fairleigh Dickinson University in additionto her BS degree in Accounting. She has over 10 years experience in the corporate headquarters of Johnson &Johnson and Pfizer Inc. Nadia has expertise in cost accounting, overall financial operations, strategic initiativefinancials and process and system improvement.Marsha Montgomery, received her MBA from the Darden Graduate School of Business (University ofVirginia). Marsha has successfully led projects in R & D, Facilities and Engineering, Manufacturing and Quality,Sales and Marketing as well as Finance and Accounting.Jackie Tobin, has an MBA in Management Information Systems. She has 20 year’s experience working inthe corporate headquarters of one of the world’s largest global banking institutions. Jackie is a technologymanager with expertise in complex business processes and providing innovative process & technology solutions.Lynn Varagona, MBA, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist with an executive MBA. Lynn combines her strongbackground in behavioral science with a solid understanding of business issues people face. She has held aseveral leadership and organizational development positions and has “hands-on” experience withexecuting change to include leveraging assessments and diagnostics to create sustainability. 23
  • 24. Our Alliances … experts who extend our capabilities in support of our clientsApplied Logical Methods (APLOMET) (Special expertise in measuring process & organizationalperformance, internal quality audits and process management). APLOMET’s mission is to helporganizations increase performance through consulting and education in quality management technologies.Founder and Principal, Duke Okes, is a Fellow of the American Society for Quality and is certified by ASQ asa certified manager of quality/organizational excellence, quality engineer, and quality auditor.Crosby and Associates (Special expertise in the developing deep interpersonal communicationskills) East Coast President Gil Crosby, MSW, began his Organizational Development career in 1984,following enthusiastically in his fathers (Robert Crosby) footsteps. Gil has held Organizational Developmentand Change Management positions with Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station and EDS. Gil wrote “Fight, Flight,Freeze: Taming Your Reptilian Brain and Other practical Approaches to Self-Improvement” as well asnumerous articles.The Leading Clinic (Special expertise in appreciative inquiry and large group intervention).Founders Sherene Zolno and Rick Skillman, began this non-profit organization whose mission is “Helpingcreate a new future for nonprofit organizations and their leaders” has led to breakthroughs to new levels ofservice excellence and capability, enabling nonprofits to make a profound difference in the quality of life intheir communities.Lighthouse Consulting, LLC (Special expertise in mediation, diversity and leadership). Founder andPrincipal, Andrew Cohn, is a graduate of Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, and is a member of the StateBar of California. He also holds a Master’s degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Santa Monica,and has been trained as a workplace mediator by the Los Angeles County Bar Association. In addition,Andrew is Fellow with the Oxford Leadership Academy. 24
  • 25. Our Global Partners … expanding our presence around the globeJÜRGEN FERCHLAND (Global Partner in Europe / Germany). JÜRGEN has been an external consultantfor over 20 years in Human Resources and Organization Development for private and public organizations. Hehas expertise in coaching, leadership and management development, team building, employee involvementefforts and change management, with a focus on the human element of change. Working languages areGerman & English.EVA RÖTTGERS (Global Partner in Europe / Germany). Eva has 25 years of experience as ‘ChangeAgent’ (Manager, Supervisor, Therapist, Coach and Organizational Development Consultant). She has beenworking since 1985 in leadership development and communication skills training. Eva Röttgers is a coach forexecutives, consultants and HR professionals since 1990. Beyond her work in training and individual coachingshe is a consultant in large, long term change projects. Working languages are German & English.GUY TUNNICLIFF (Global Partner in Europe / England). Guy has a wealth of experience working with amany different leaders, teams and organizations on people and business issues in the UK and internationally.Guy has worked as a senior executive in global food, drinks & IT companies; in large health & governmentbodies; universities & colleges and international management consultancies for over 25 years. His expertiseincludes: assessing people & culture; coaching leaders; whole system change consultancy; developing highperformance teams; facilitating inspiring training workshops and working on inter-cultural and internationalintegration. Guy holds an M.A. (Organisational Psychology) from Lancaster University U.K., Certificates inManagement Education & Group Work. He is a graduate of Gestalt Institute of Cleveland USA International OSDconsultancy programme, accredited Cultural Transformation Tools trainer & consultant, European Foundationfor Quality Management assessor, and certified in many change processes & psychometric assessment tools. 25
  • 26. Our Global Partners (continued) … expanding our presence around the globeSUAT EMRE (Global Partner in Middle East / Turkey). Suat has 15+ years experience as a SeniorConsultant/Coach. Her services include Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and OrganizationalDevelopment Consultancy for planning and supporting change efforts of Family Businesses through GlobalCorporations. Suat specializes in enhancing and developing corporate culture leading to the foundational valuesneeded in todays global markets. Suat has a BA in Marketing from Bogaziçi Üniversitesi and a Certificate fromthe Gestalt International Study Center (GISC) in Advanced Practice Organizational Development Consulting.ESTHER HALEVI (Global Partner in Middle East / Israel). Esther has extensive experience providingconsulting and training services to senior and mid-management in the public and private sectors in the MiddleEast. Her multicultural background and personal business experience establishing and running a seven figurecompany is an added value for her clients. She is bilingual and works in both English and Hebrew. Esther holdsa Masters degree in Organizational Behavior from Washington University, St, Louis, a certified Mediator andgraduate of the Gestalt International Program on Organization and Systems Development.KEVIN J. NIEMI (Global Partner in Mexico, Central & South America / Venezuela). Kevin has over 20years of private industry and management consulting experience. He has specialized in the full life-cycle ofOrganizational Development and Change Realization activities. Kevin began his career in Fortune 500companies (U.S. and international) in career track positions in manufacturing, finance, accounting, systemsdevelopment, marketing, sales. His consulting work began in 1992 and generally focused on the design anddelivery of OD and CR services to a wide number of clients and industries implementing ERP, e-CRM (CustomerRelationship Marketing) systems, other integrated packages, data warehouses, web-based applications,organizational effectiveness, and other major change efforts. Kevin has worked with firms in Asia, North andSouth America, and Europe undergoing business process redesigns, systems implementations, cultural changes,acquisitions, mergers, and organizational restructurings. He holds an M.B.A. in Finance from the University ofGeorgia, USA, and is Certified at Levels II and III, (Instructor and Consultant), in the Managing OrganizationalChange™ methodology by ODR, Inc. (now Conner Partners), Atlanta, Georgia. USATo be added by June 30, 2012 - our Global Partners in Asia / Singapore 26
  • 27. Our Contact InformationWe look forward to hearing from you and discussing areas of potentialsupport… at no obligation. Please contact us at… Mid-Atlantic Corporate Office: 991 U.S. Highway 22 West, Suite 200 Bridgewater, NJ 08807 Tel: 908-864-8045 | Fax: 908-864-8099 New England Southeast Regional Office: Regional Office: Tel: 508-775-0604 Tel: 843-877-2627 DF&A / NCI Company Brochure – updated March 29, 2012 27