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If you have been online for more than an hour, you’ve heard some …

If you have been online for more than an hour, you’ve heard some
Internet marketer say, “The money is in the list!”
That sounds good, and most people agree that they would like to have
a list if they had a choice. But what most people really need is to know
HOW to do that, and how to do it in such a way that it doesn’t take
over their lives.
And that is why this report exists. To give you the systematic
procedures for building and profiting from your own mailing list.
Having your own mailing list, a group of subscribers who know and trust
you, is the #1 marketing method on the Internet today. This is email
marketing at it’s finest.

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  • 1. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL list How To Make BIG PROFITS from a small mailing list! The Proven Step by Step System anyone can follow tomaximize the profits from ANY list ... no matter how small! By Charlie Page Owner of ... • • Directory of Ezines • Follow Up Selling Systems • Article Marketing Live • Ezine Advertising LiveCopyright © Charlie Page. All rights reserved. No part of this eBookmay be reproduced in any form without the prior written consent of thepublisher.NOTE: This book is licensed to the original purchaser only. Distributionor duplication by any means is a violation of International copyright law.No resale rights are conveyed with this book. You may not sell,give away or otherwise share the content of this eBook with any partyfor any reason. Copyright © Charlie Page Page 1
  • 2. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL list Table of ContentsIntroduction ...............................................................................3 Does Size Matter? ..........................................................................................3 The Key Is Relationship ..................................................................................4How To Build Your List ...............................................................6 Building a list from the visitors to your site ........................................................6 Building a list by buying subscribers from a professional list building company .......9 Building a list by working together with other site owners ..................................12 Placing ads (either free or paid) in order to build your list from traffic sources you would otherwise never reach .........................................................................14 How To Get People To Ask For Your Information ................................................15 Why You Must Never Give Too Many Freebies For Subscribing .............................17How To Cultivate Your Mailing List ...........................................19 Introduce Yourself ........................................................................................19 Only Recommend Products You Know Work .....................................................20 Know Your Audience .....................................................................................22 Tell Them What To Expect ..............................................................................24 Personalize Your Mailings ..............................................................................25 Let Them Hear Your Voice .............................................................................26 Meet Their Needs .........................................................................................27 Reward Their Loyalty ....................................................................................28How To Manage Your Mailing List .............................................29 How Often To Send Your Message ...................................................................29 What To Send ..............................................................................................31 When To Send It ..........................................................................................36 How To Send It ............................................................................................38 Formatting Your Message ..............................................................................40Conclusion and Further Action ..................................................43 Copyright © Charlie Page Page 2
  • 3. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL listIntroductionIf you have been online for more than an hour, you’ve heard someInternet marketer say, “The money is in the list!”That sounds good, and most people agree that they would like to havea list if they had a choice. But what most people really need is to knowHOW to do that, and how to do it in such a way that it doesn’t takeover their lives.And that is why this report exists. To give you the systematicprocedures for building and profiting from your own mailing list.Having your own mailing list, a group of subscribers who know and trustyou, is the #1 marketing method on the Internet today. This is emailmarketing at it’s finest. Note: There are many ways and reasons to build a mailing list. For the purpose of clarity, everything you read here can apply to you, whether you send follow up emails occasionally, have a pre-loaded autoresponder follow up series, publish an ezine, or use a completely different method.Does Size Matter?One common misconception about having a mailing list of your ownis that it has to be very large before you can make any money. Nothingcould be further from the truth.Yes, small mailing lists can be wildly profitable if you develop the listcorrectly. And that is what this report teaches.You should know that there are many online marketers today -- not“gurus” but regular people -- who do very well with lists of 5000 to20,000.I think your first goal should be 1000, because experience says that1000 is the level at which one starts to make substantial profits. Copyright © Charlie Page Page 3
  • 4. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL list NOTE: The word “substantial” is open to interpretation; so let me be very specific. One client of mine earned $750 from one mailing to her list of about 1000 people. This was for a $20 product, not a high-ticket seminar type product. To my way of thinking, earning $750 on one email that offered a small ticket product is “substantial” indeed.To be clear, there are people online today who make what seem to beoutrageous claims about lists of under 1000 people generating profitsin the tens of thousands with but a single email. Be very careful whenyou listen to these claims, for there is more here than meets the eye.I have yet to see any marketer build a list of less than 1000 newpeople (who express an interest in a product and join a list to learnmore) and then cause that list to make tens of thousands of dollarsfrom a single email.What I have seen are marketers who have lists of less than 1000previous buyers of high priced products, to which they can sendone email and make large profits. Of course, this type of list isprofitable.The difference here is vital! Don’t think that you can build a list ofunder 1000 people from “scratch” and be making $10,000 or more froma single email in short order. That’s just not the Real World.But you CAN build a list of thousands in a short order, develop thelist the right way, and go on to make handsome profits in a veryreasonable period of time. The key is to put the right practices in place,practices that make time your ally and help you maximize the valueof every visitor or commercial contact you make.The Key Is RelationshipThe focus of this report is building your own mailing list, and developinga relationship with your list that causes them to like you, trust youand buy from you.Does it sound odd to you when I say that “relationship” is the key? Thereason that you can have a list of thousands, even hundreds of Copyright © Charlie Page Page 4
  • 5. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL listthousands, and still maintain a relationship, is that email is a highlypersonal way of communicating.The key here is to realize that there is no difference between writingan email to your sister or brother and writing an email to your list. Infact, the more personal your writing, within reason, the better yourlist will respond. We’ll get into exactly what to say, and what to avoid,very soon.For most people, the Internet is a big, impersonal world of websites thatprovide information. While the ability to find the answer to almost anyquestion from the convenience of your computer is nice, it’s not a warmand friendly environment in which to work or play. We mostly surfalone.Your emails can solve that. Your emails can be a breath of fresh airin an otherwise stale world. Your emails can offer honest insight; theycan lead your reader to know what they need to do next in theirbusiness, their life, or any other area you choose to write about. Theycan be a welcome relief from the otherwise sterile Internetenvironment.Through emails to your list, you can create a valuable relationship,a friendship really, that will reach across the globe and last for as manyyears as you choose to write.It is my firm belief that it is the relationship you develop with your listthat will generate the profits you desire.More than giving deep insight, insider information, “hidden secrets”, orthe other things that so many online gurus claim they offer, when youchoose to offer ask questions, offer open insights and honest opinions,and operate from a place where you want your reader (your friend)to win every time, you will have created a powerful relationship thatwill benefit both you and your reader.And that is a powerful and good thing indeed. Copyright © Charlie Page Page 5
  • 6. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL listNow let’s look at exactly how to build your list, and develop arelationship that benefits you and your reader, and stands the test oftime.This report is divided into three sections. 1. How to build and manage your list. 2. How to cultivate your list. 3. How to manage your list.How To Build Your ListWhen it comes to “list building” there is a boatload of hype on theInternet. When you remove the bull, there are really just a handfulof ways to build a list.Almost all list-building techniques can be included in one of these broadcategories. 1. Building a list from the visitors to your site. 2. Buying subscribers from a professional list building company. 3. Working together with other site owners and other list owners to capture names from their traffic. 4. Placing ads (either free or paid) in order to build your list from traffic sources you would otherwise never reach.Each of these is important. Using all of them together (which is whatmost professional marketers do) can create a powerful list in a veryshort period of time.Let’s look at each one.Building a list from the visitors to your siteThe first and best place to look for building a mailing list is yourown website or blog. Visitors to your site don’t end up there byaccident. They came to your site to learn more about what you offer.And that means they are MUCH more likely to ask for, and respond to,your follow up information. Copyright © Charlie Page Page 6
  • 7. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL listIn most cases they saw an ad, found you in a search engine, read oneof your articles, follow you on social media or were referred by a friend.No matter how they get to your site, they are prime prospects forlearning more about what you do. And the way you give them thatinformation is with email follow up … by asking them to join your list. If you don’t have a site or blog now, building a list is a good reason to get one. There are many other good reasons, such as controlling the page your visitor sees, the ability to steer visitors to any site you want after they visit your site, and more. But the ability to build a list is reason enough to get a site or start a blog. Even if you have no HTML skills, you can set up a Wordpress blog in a day using most hosting companies. Even easier, use a free service like Blogger.comEvery site on the Internet gets some traffic. And every site owner Iknow spends a considerable amount of time and effort to get moretraffic to their site. I’ll bet that you want more traffic too.But getting more traffic isn’t always easy, and more traffic is notalways the answer to the question of how to make more sales.Making the most of your current visitors is important too. And offeringfollow up information, offering your visitor a chance to get on yourmailing list, is the first step to maximizing the value of every visitor.Here are seven key techniques you can use to get the highestnumber of list signups possible from your existing traffic … whether youget 10 or 1000 visitors a day.1. Put a signup form on the top right hand side of your main web page or blog. Studies have proven that this is the most effective location. If you have navigation links on the left, consider putting it there instead. The key here is to have to box VERY visible to visitors.2. Add a signup form to every page of your site. It sometimes takes visitors a few minutes to feel comfortable enough to trust us Copyright © Charlie Page Page 7
  • 8. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL list with their email address. What happens when they do feel comfortable enough to fill out a form but they aren’t on your front page? If they have to search for the form, you will lose them. If they have to return to the home page to find the form, they will lose their place on your site. Both are bad. Make it easy to signup from every page!3. Use a popup on entry. I know … we all love to hate popups. But they work, period. Every test I’ve ever run on popups has shown that they increase newsletter signups to your list dramatically. Today’s popups aren’t the old “in your face” type that never go away. Because of new technology, you can have an attractive popup window that is effective and not offensive, and will not be blocked by any popup blocker. NOTE: Studies show that the popups to which people object are the third party ads that continue to popup, not popups from the site they are visiting. If your popup is relevant to your site you will do well.Our choice for this by far is PopUp Domination. Popup Dominationoffers attractive popup windows that can’t be blocked by toolbars orbrowsers, and allow you to control how often, where, and when theyappear. Visit Popup Domination using this link.Bottom line: If you aren’t using popups, you are losing subscribers.4. Use a pop-out window on exit from your site. This is the same idea as a popup on entry, but it only popups up when a person leaves your site. Some people put a survey here. I’m sure you’ve seen the “May I ask why you aren’t buying” made famous by Alex Mandossian.It’s a great idea, but unless you are using that technique, then pleasedo use a pop out to make one last offer for your free information. Thisreally works. HINT: You can create what is called an “order trapper” pop out so that Copyright © Charlie Page Page 8
  • 9. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL list people who click your order button don’t see the pop out window.5. Add links to key points in your web copy where people can ask for more information. It’s a pure fact that the VAST majority of people don’t buy the first time. But they are interested or they wouldn’t be there. You can capitalize on that interest by adding a few well-placed “click here to learn more free” links inside your web copy.These links look just like the rest of the wording, except that yourvisitor can click them. When a visitor clicks one of these links, yoursubscription box opens in a new window, so they can subscribe and goback to reading.6. Use testimonials for your follow up information or ezine. People love testimonials and using them on your site will make a big difference in sales and signups too. Adding a testimonial about the quality of your follow up information lets your visitor know they are safe asking for more information, and that your information is valuable.7. Give a gift – but not too much. We’re going to cover this in detail below, but suffice it to say here that giving a gift for subscribing does work in most situations.Use the above seven techniques on your site today, and you will maketime your ally, as more and more visitors subscribe to your follow upsystem.Now let’s look at technique #2, the often misunderstood process of co-registration.Building a list by buying subscribers from aprofessional list building companyMany people have heard about buying lists. There is great confusion onthis subject, so I’m going to try to be crystal clear. VERY IMPORTANT: ALL lists that you buy on CD (or on the Internet) where a company sells you 1,000,000 (or more) names for a very low Copyright © Charlie Page Page 9
  • 10. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL list price are spam lists. NEVER buy this type of list, for it can ruin your reputation online, waste valuable time you could spend doing real marketing, and could even land you in jail! Never spam under any circumstances.Now that you know what not to do, let’s look at how buying subscribercan work for you.There are companies on the Internet who know how to build big listsfast. They do it so well that they do it for a living. These are called co-registration companies, and they can be very helpful to your bottomline.Here’s how it works. The co-registration company pays to place theirad on high traffic websites. Their ad is somewhat generic, but still verycompelling. They often offer a free gift, or free information about acertain topic, like weight loss. All they ask is that you fill in their form toget more information. So far, it’s not a lot different from what you willbe doing on your site.Here’s the difference. Once the person subscribes with them the personis offered the chance to subscribe to other lists too. When they do, thepeople who own those lists pay a fee for each subscriber.Let’s say John owns a co-registration company and places ads on alarge website we will call Site A. Now Jane visits Site A and subscribesto John’s list. Instead of seeing a traditional thank you page she nowsees a page that offers for her to join five other lists as well. If she doesthen the people who own the lists she joins will pay John a fee.This is an incredibly profitable business model for John because he notonly builds his list but he makes immediate cash too. He takes the riskto buy the advertising and set up the co-registration system but is paidhandsomely if it works.Using co-registration to build your list can be very good or very bad,depending on what you do after you get the list, and the questions youask before buying the list.Here are the questions you should ask before buying. Copyright © Charlie Page Page 10
  • 11. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL list • To how many people will any one name be sold? If it’s very many people at all, the poor person who thought they were subscribing to one list will get dozens of emails and probably accuse everyone of spamming or drop that email address. • On what date was the name gathered? One key to making co- registration work is getting information to the subscriber very quickly after they subscribe. If the co-registration company is selling information 30 days old, watch out. • Will you be showing only my opt in form or will there be many list choices? The fewer choices the subscriber has when they are offered the chance to join other lists the better for you.Assuming the co-registration company will answer these questions toyour satisfaction, you will need to act quickly on the names that youreceive.Here’s a list of what to do with the names you buy from a co-registration company. • Introduce yourself immediately. They need to hear from you quickly, before they forget they even asked for information. • Tell them how they can leave the list. This is a must. You must clearly state how they can leave your list, and must provide a link at the bottom of every message where they can do that. • Keep your messages short. Once they are on your main list, you can send normal messages. In this stage, you want to woo them onto your main list with short, helpful messages on the topic on which they expected to receive information. • Get them in a conversation by asking questions. One great way to “warm up” a cold list is by asking questions. You can ask what they need, ask how you can help them, or ask them to tell you something about them that will help you be of service to them. Asking questions is the best sales technique on the planet, and lets them know you are more than just another marketer Copyright © Charlie Page Page 11
  • 12. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL list pushing products. • Offer them a gift to subscribe to your main mailing list. Offering gifts specific to the reason they joined a list works very well.The goal with co-registration names is not to mail to them until theybuy or leave (although, sadly, that’s how some marketers do it) butrather to convince them to join your main mailing list by offeringthem a taste of what regular list members receive.Once you get someone to proactively join your main list from a co-registration list, the odds are you’ll have a subscriber who will both stayon your main list, and buy something in time. NOTE: You should know that MOST of the names you will buy will not join your main list. Buying co-registration names is a bulk business, and one where getting 15% to convert to a main list is considered wildly successful.Costs for co-registration vary from a few pennies per name up to $15per name, depending on how many people are sold the names, how“fresh” or recent, the names are, and how much information isprovided. Shop carefully, and be sure to check the reputation of theco-registration company if you choose to go this route.Building a list by working together with other siteownersThe idea here is that you get visitors that I’ll never see, and I getvisitors you’ll never see. So, we make an agreement that allows us eachto benefit from the other’s traffic.The most common form of this is what is called a “thank you pageprivate co-registration”. That’s a fancy way of saying that I’ll showyour subscription form on the thank you page of my website, and you’llshow my subscription form on the thank you page of your site. Copyright © Charlie Page Page 12
  • 13. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL listThe thank you pages involved here can be found in a variety of places.Each one has the common denominator that they are viewed after avisitor takes action. This is good, because studies show that visitorswho take one action are likely to take another action. Here aresome common thank you pages where you can place your subscriptionform. • After a sale is made. • After someone subscribes to an ezine. • After they download a free gift. • After they download a product they purchased. • After they complete a survey. • After they enter a support ticket in a support center. • After they create a username for a membership site.The possibilities here are endless, and this is one of the mostunderused marketing methods around.If you can find a site that compliments your site, these arrangementscan be a powerful list building method.Another option is called a “list swap”. A list swap is simply anarrangement between two list owners to send a solo ad (in most cases)for the other.Let’s say John and Jane both have lists of 500 people. John sends Jane’sad to his list and in return Jane sends John’s ad to her list.No money changes hands - they just swap solo ads and everybodywins!But what happens if Jane has 1000 subscribers and John has only 500?Then John sends to his list twice for every time Jane sends to her listonce.There are sites online devoted to nothing more than helping you find listswap partners. Some are free while others charge a fee.If you are going to use one of them be sure to ask these questionsbefore agreeing to a swap. Copyright © Charlie Page Page 13
  • 14. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL list1. Know how often the other person sends solo ads to their list. If they blast their list every day your results will be poor.2. What type of offers work best with their list? You want to match the offer you make to what their list responds to if you can.3. How did they build their list? If they built their list using questionable methods like safelists then your results will likely be poor.List swaps can be incredibly profitable or incredibly disappointing. Themore you know before agreeing to one the better the chances of yoursbeing profitable. HOT TIP: I recommend you always send traffic from list swaps to your own squeeze page and not to a sales page. Building your list matters most!Placing ads (either free or paid) in order to build yourlist from traffic sources you would otherwise neverreachSometimes it’s hard to sell our products and services using advertising.If that’s true for you, you might consider advertising for subscribersinstead of trying to make direct sales.It’s clear that people like free stuff. Offering your free follow upinformation is a softer sale than trying to sell your product, and it getsthem on your list so that you can build a relationship with them.While many people hesitate at the idea of buying advertising for thereason of giving away free information, this technique works verywell.If you see the logic of getting 200 subscribers as much as making onesale (because you know some of those 200 will eventually buy muchmore than 1 product) then advertising for subscribers might be for you. Copyright © Charlie Page Page 14
  • 15. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL listA word of warning: Don’t waste time placing free ads for subscribersunless you are offering a very powerful freebie for subscribing. Peoplewho visit free ad sites are a particular group who are usually lookingonly for freebies.My experience has been that this type of person does not make agood subscriber, won’t buy anything, and only stays on your listhoping for more free stuff. You can get subscribers with free ads, butyou may find that your time is much better spent elsewhere.No matter what technique you use, the key is to get people to raisetheir hands and say, “Yes, I want more information.” Only when we getpermission to send information do we succeed.Whether you use one or all of the techniques listed above, here’s whatyou’ll need to do to get people to give you their permission to follow up.How To Get People To Ask For Your InformationThe most important thing to realize about getting people to ask formore information is that you understand their motivation. And there isonly ONE motivation that is consistent on the Internet.Your visitor wants to known what is in it for them!You must appeal to their self-interest if you are to get their permissionto send more information.Here are ten ways to get people to ask for more information.Remember, they came to your site looking for something, but most ofthem won’t buy the first time. In many cases, the reason they don’tbuy is that they need to know more, so offering them more informationis a logical thing to do for any site owner.To get people to ask for more information, you can … Copyright © Charlie Page Page 15
  • 16. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL list1. Just ask – In some cases, just providing a sign up box does the trick.2. Offer a unique gift – If you offer a gift for subscribing, try to make it something that they don’t already have.3. Sell them – Yep, you have to sell them on why they should take your free information. The idea of selling someone on taking something free sounds wrong to most people, and for good reason. But this is the Internet, and the fact is, you have to convince them to take your free information. A short list of benefits usually does the trick.4. Ask them what they need, and then give it to them – This is the “survey approach” and it works very well. The key here is to ask a compelling question to draw them into the conversation, then offer them more information, like the answers of other people who took the survey. The way they get that information, of course, is by subscribing.5. Don’t just tell your story – Remember, your website must be about your visitor, not you. While you must convey how you can help them solve a problem, the more you talk about them, the better. This holds true when asking for them to subscribe as well.6. Tease them – Revealing just a part of what they will learn from your follow up information sometimes generates enough curiosity for your visitor to take action and subscribe. One technique that works well is to ask a series of questions, then offer the answers once they subscribe.7. Bribe them – This is the oldest trick in the book, and highly effective when done well. The key here is to offer something of value, not the same old freebie that everyone offers. Trial memberships work very well in this way.8. Challenge them – This is a hard to use technique, but challenging them can work if done right. The key here is to keep it friendly, light, and fun. Something like, “Think you know the #1 sales technique on the Internet? Click here to find out!” Of course, the click here goes to Copyright © Charlie Page Page 16
  • 17. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL list your subscription form.9. Use testimonials – No one like to go first. Make your visitor feel comfortable by telling them that many people have asked for more information and received real help. Testimonials do this better than any other technique.10.Tell them what to expect – The more specific you are about what they will receive, when they will receive it, and how often you will contact them, the more comfortable they will feel. And that will lead to increased signups. HOT TIP: Always tell your visitor that their information is safe with you, and that you will not sell or share their information with anyone, ever. You don’t have to shout this, but you do need to put wording on your signup form that tells them they will be safe. Providing a privacy page on your site is another important step in letting your visitor know that you respect their privacy and will never misuse their information.The key to getting people to sign up for your information is to ask themoften, use a variety of techniques, and never make them feel like theyare risking something by signing up.Why You Must Never Give Too Many Freebies ForSubscribingThere is a hidden danger in offering too many “freebies” tosubscribers in exchange for their subscription.This is a common mistake in email marketing, and a logical one. Itmakes perfect sense to “load up” your potential subscribers with asmany good things as you can afford to give them. After all, doing soshows your generous nature, and makes it more likely that you will geta high percentage of visitors who do subscribe, right?Right … And wrong. Copyright © Charlie Page Page 17
  • 18. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL listWhile tempting visitors will a long list of goodies might get more peopleto subscribe, it sends two completely wrong messages. 1. You can’t get subscribers without bribing them. 2. You are a source of freebies.The bottom line is this, if you give a ton of freebies in exchange for asimple subscription, you will end up with a list of “freebie seekers”.When that happens, selling anything to the people on your list willbecome much more difficult.This is the same idea behind not always offering a discount on what yousell. If you are constantly running a sale or special offer, peoplewill wait for the next sale or special offer to act. That’s not whatyou want.What you want is a list of people who respond to you because youprovide great information and solve their problems. HOT TIP: This is the implied agreement between your and your reader. You will provide top-flight information, information that solves your readers’ problems, and in exchange, they will buy the products you advertise and recommend. While completely unspoken, this agreement exists in every subscriber/publisher relationship.Using freebies to attract visitors is a valid technique that manymarketers use. But giving too much attracts the wrong type ofsubscriber.If your goal is to build a responsive list of buyers, begin thatrelationship by offering something of value, but not throw in the kitchensink.Also, remember to change your free gift offer from time to time.This lets visitors know that your site is fresh, and sends the subtlemessage that nothing you offer lasts forever. And that’s a greatmessage to send in the beginning because they will remember that Copyright © Charlie Page Page 18
  • 19. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL listwhen you announce that a sale or special offer ends on a particulardate.How To Cultivate Your Mailing ListOnce people ask to be on your list, whether that’s an ezine subscription,a request for more information, taking you up on a free download, orsomething completely different, it’s time for the relationship building tobegin.What you do immediately after someone joins your list, and what youdo in the first several weeks following his or her subscription, will setthe tone for the rest of your relationship. As you can imagine, this iswhere paying attention and being very deliberate about what you docan pay very big dividends indeed.Introduce YourselfThey asked for your information. While you are not the subject of theinformation (unless you are selling yourself as a consultant or coach)you are the messenger, and that’s just as important.The Internet is cold and impersonal. You can set a warm and friendlytone in the very beginning of the relationship by simply writing oneparagraph about yourself so your reader can get to know you.The key here is to be personable without being too personal. Whatyou want to give readers is a sense of who you are in a way that theycan relate to, without opening up the old high school yearbook andshowing off your science or football awards.Here are some things that your readers might find interesting in yourshort, one-paragraph bio. • Where you live. • How long you have been online. • The types of online businesses you have experience with. • Your hobbies or pets. Copyright © Charlie Page Page 19
  • 20. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL list • Your goal for the information they are about to receive.Likewise, there is some information that you are just better off notsharing. Here are some types of information I would not include. • Your age. • Your home address. • Your home phone number. • Anything (and I mean anything) about your children. • How much money you make or want to make. • Your religion or worldview. • Your political viewpoints, unless you are distributing political information.The goal here is not to color your personality beige; it’s to bebusiness-like and personable at the same time.Far from manipulation, what you write about yourself tells the readerwho you are, and a bit about why you are providing them thisinformation. That’s an important thing for them to know in thebeginning of your online relationship, and sets the tone for futuremessages.Only Recommend Products You Know WorkWhile some find this suggestion a bit controversial, recommending onlyproducts that you have direct experience with, or very close indirectexperience with, will practically ensure that your audience buys fromyou on a regular basis. Here’s why.You know this in your heart, and it probably won’t come as a bigsurprise to you, but the products and services we all buy on theInternet are often disappointing at best.Sales letters that make the product being offered seem like thegreatest thing since sliced bread are the order of the day. Copyright © Charlie Page Page 20
  • 21. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL listMany sites put most of their effort into making sales, knowing that mostconsumers are too busy or lazy to ask for a refund, and knowing thatthey can get away with producing an inferior product.This situation is so rampant that it’s lead to a very high level ofdistrust online. It’s also one of the reasons that a site that converts 2out of 100 visitors is a smashing success, while a conversion rate thatlow would put any offline business out of business!Imagine only 2 out of every 100 visitors to a Walmart making apurchase! They would go out of business in a month!People are confused. They are afraid of being ripped off, of making amistake and not being able to get their money back.Many (if not most) of them have been burned by a product,service, or business opportunity that promised the moon and deliveredonly disappointment.And that’s where you come in.You are their white knight of truth!!You are their clearinghouse of right information. You are their GoodHousekeeping Seal of Approval!If you announce to your list very clearly, and often, that you onlyrecommend products that you know work (either by having usedthem or knowing someone who has used them) you will positionyourself to be the person your subscribers trust for unbiased,quality information.Can there be a stronger selling position than this? If there is, Ihaven’t found it.The key here is your personal integrity. It goes without saying that ifyou ever violate this, the deal is off and it will take a very long timeindeed to rebuild that lost trust, if it can indeed be rebuilt. Copyright © Charlie Page Page 21
  • 22. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL listAnother reason to only recommend products you know will work isavoiding what I call the “also ran” syndrome. The term “also ran” comesfrom the world of racing where they announce who came in first,second, third, and who “also ran”. I call those marketers who hearabout a product, grab the pre-written solo email, then blast it to theirlist as fast (and often) as they can “also ran” marketers.These people do not have their subscribers’ best interest inmind. They just want to make money. One person actually called thistechnique (and forgive me for this – it’s not my wording) the “don’t givea cr*p” technique”. How insulting is that? He was actually proud ofnot caring but only caring about his bottom line. Sad really.When you care about your audience, and you recommend products thatyou know work the way they should, then offer them to your list, yourlist will buy them in droves!This is the same technique I’ve used for years with my own list, and weroutinely see conversion rates of up to 41% on the selling emails wesell. To my way of thinking, that’s proof positive that this idea works,and works very well.If you are going to use this idea, be sure to include it in your “welcome”email. When you are telling your readers a bit about yourself is theperfect time to say that you are doing this, and why. If experience isany guide, your readers will reward you many times for yourcommitment to what is in their best interest.Know Your AudienceKnowing your audience is as important, or more important, as themknowing you. The more you know about your audience, the moreaccurately you will be able to predict what they will buy, and when theywill buy it. Note: Cultivating a mailing list is not guesswork. Once you have cultivated and managed your list for a while, you can expect to be able to forecast what offers your list will respond to, and on what level they will Copyright © Charlie Page Page 22
  • 23. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL list respond. When you reach this stage, your list will truly be your most valuable business asset.The only way to get to know your list is to ask. There are any number ofways to ask your list things that will give you insight into their needs.And that’s an important point. Never ask an idle question. Only askquestions which, when answered, will give you insight into how you canmeet the needs of your list members.Online surveys are probably the most popular, and easiest to use, wayof asking your list what’s on their mind and what they need.What you ask them is a different matter. Here’s a list of things I’veasked my lists over the years. I believe that knowing these things aboutmy list has been one of the reasons the list performs so well. • What is your price sensitivity? • How long have you been online? • What are your goals online? • What is the next product you intend to buy? • What is the best product you have ever bought? • What is the worst product you have ever bought? • How many affiliate programs have you tried online? • What is your favorite marketing technique online? • What failed miserably for you from a marketing standpoint? • If we could spend 1 hour alone, talking about nothing but your business and how to make it successful, what would you ask.One thing to keep in mind is that when you ask your list questions, theyare giving you not only answers that can guide your marketing, butthey are giving you their time, the most precious asset of all.It is a completely appropriate to reward them for that time by offering agift to each one who completes the survey. HINT: Don’t forget to use a co-registration form on the thank you page of the survey as we discussed above. These are responsive people, and will be a valuable addition to any list. You could score some marketing points with a complimentary site here. Copyright © Charlie Page Page 23
  • 24. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL listWhen asking questions or taking surveys or polls, it’s important to letyour list know when the poll will be closing. If you can, it’s also agreat idea to announce the results of your survey to your list. HOT TIP: If you can make time, writing up a short report about the survey (why you took it, a list of questions, something about the results) makes a great giveaway for getting new people to join your list.No matter how you do it, take time to get to know the people on yourlist. Only by meeting their needs will you succeed, and you can’t hit atarget you can’t see. So get to know as much as you can, and watchyour results increase month by month as you cultivate a powerful,responsive list.Tell Them What To ExpectMost people like to know what to expect when they agree to something.Your readers are no different. The more you tell them about what theyare agreeing to by subscribing, the happier they will be.There are a few things that are vital for you to tell subscribersimmediately upon receiving their subscription. Your “welcome” letter isthe perfect place to do this, and makes it super-easy to be clear withthem.Here are some of the things readers want to know when subscribing toyour information. • How often will you be sending emails? This is the big one folks. If you indicate that you have a weekly ezine, then mail to them five days a week, you will lose subscribers. • What will the emails contain? No one will sign up for a series of sales pitches. If you promise information about how they can improve their golf swing, be sure to provide that before asking them to buy anything. • Will your messages be in plain text or HTML format? Often overlooked, telling them this helps prevent readers from Copyright © Charlie Page Page 24
  • 25. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL list confusing your message from spam. • What subject line will you use? Many people like to use the same subject line beginning every time so that list members can recognize or filter their messages. • What From address will the email contain? One way to beat the spam filters is to get your subscribers to “whitelist” your email address or add it to their address book. This is an important step that should not be overlooked.The more you let your list know about what to expect from you, thebetter they will do when it comes to finding, opening, and responding toyour messages.In this day of spam and too much email, using this simple precautioncan make all the difference.Personalize Your MailingsEveryone knows by now that email addressed Dear Bob gets moreresponse than email addressed Dear Reader.But there are ways to go beyond the basic personalization that let yourreader know that you know something about them, and care aboutmeeting their needs.Here are three things I suggest to make your messages more personal. 1. Share your experiences with products, both good and bad. Nothing makes you appear more human to your list than admitting that something didn’t work for you. I’m not saying you should fail on purpose, and use that to make your list like you. What I am saying is that sharing the bad with the good shows the people on your list that you are as imperfect as they, and that you’re honest enough to admit mistakes. When’s the last time you heard a guru admit that something they tried didn’t work as expected? Copyright © Charlie Page Page 25
  • 26. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL list Being transparent with the people on your list is a powerful thing. 2. If you send a pre-written email for a program (and you might – some of them are well-written) be sure to add a personal comment at the top. I’ve added this to some of my selling emails. “Just a note to say that the message below was not written by me, but I wish it had been! I’m sending this along untouched because it conveys exactly how I feel about the product. I like this product, and think you will like it too.” Almost every time I use that type of message I get thank you notes from people on the list that appreciate the human touch. 3. When you use surveys, add the results of that survey data to your message to let your list know why you are promoting a specific product or idea. This is a powerful sales technique, and it lets your list know that you are paying attention to what they say. Now that’s a win-win!Personalization is a lot less about adding the Dear [firstname] tag thanit is about writing every message as if you were writing it to anindividual. Write your messages that way, and your list will feel yourwarmth, rewarding you with business and loyalty for literally years tocome.Let Them Hear Your VoiceThis is perhaps my #1 piece of advice for any list owner.It’s what the genie told Aladdin and what countless parents have toldtheir son or daughter on the first day of school.Be yourself! Copyright © Charlie Page Page 26
  • 27. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL listWhen people join your list they don’t know you. They want to knowmore about your offer, and they know they are going to hear thatfrom you. And they are willing to get to know you. So let ‘em!It’s the little things that let our personalities shine through, and lettingyour personality shine through is what this piece of advice is all about.The thing to avoid, and I know you know this, is trying to sound likesomeone else. The problem with that technique (and you would beshocked at how many list owners try it) is that you can’t sustain it forlong.Can you imagine the torment of having to think “I need to say it thisway because that’s how Ms. Big Time Guru would sound” every timeyou write something? I’m not saying that you should not try your best, or make improvement over time. We are all “works in progress” and improvement is a good thing.The bottom line here is to just be you. Honest advice written in poor grammar will sell more than the most polished prose that sounds false.The key is to relax, be yourself, and know that, no matter how well orpoorly you write or speak, there will be people who like you and peoplewho don’t like you. And there’s not much that you can do about that …especially if you are trying to fake it!Meet Their NeedsIf you have read this far, you know how I feel about this, so I’ll be brief.The absolute best list cultivation technique I can give you is this.Meet THEIR needs! Copyright © Charlie Page Page 27
  • 28. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL listWhen my wife and I were married long ago, someone gave us the bestadvice I’ve ever heard. He or she (I wish I could remember who) saidthis to me. “If you spend your time meeting her needs, and she spendsher time meeting your needs, neither of you will ever need to beselfish.”I’ve seen many marketers come and go over the years, and can tell youthat the ones who succeed over time are the ones who aremeeting people’s needs.There will always be the flash-in-the-pan successes who write a hotbook and then make a lot of money in a short period of time. But thesepeople won’t last online, just like they don’t last offline.Let your list know that you want to meet their needs. Tell themagain and again, and soon they will know that you mean it, and beginto open up to you, telling what they really need, and giving you thechance to sell it to them.And that is a very powerful situation … one that you can achieve if youtry and one that will reward you with an easy living for many years tocome.Reward Their LoyaltyYou list members are giving you the most valuable asset they own …their time. You can reward them for giving you that gift by rewarding themfor their loyal readership. Here are three ways to do that.• Give them something free when you can. At least 2 to 3 times a year, surprise them with a free gift. You can use resale rights packages to find items to give, or create something original. The more valuable and useful the gift, the better.• Give them a great tip when you can. We all have experience that can benefit others. If you discover a great resource, or a way of doing something that is effective and save time, share it with your list.• Give them a great price when you can. Few things are more powerful that negotiating a special price for the members of your list. Copyright © Charlie Page Page 28
  • 29. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL listI’ve done this by asking the creator of a product if I could offer a specialprice to my list when I bought resale rights. Another method is the pre-release offer, much like the one that might have brought you to this veryreport.As you go through your day, be on the lookout for ways to reward your listmembers. Reward them often, and they will reciprocate with long-term,loyal readership.How To Manage Your Mailing ListHow you manage your list – how often you send them messages, thecontent of those messages, as well as a few other key factors – willhave a major impact on your level of profits.Manage your list well, and your readers will eagerly await the nextmessage from you, confident that it will contain something to maketheir life better.There have been times in my business when I have been away due toillness or family emergencies. Every time that happens many goodpeople on my list write to ask why I’ve “gone silent”. They like what Ishare and want to hear more. For that I am eternally grateful.Manage your list poorly, and your list will quit responding and veryconveniently forget that they were the ones who subscribed.So how can you ensure (to borrow a phrase from Dan Kennedy) thatyou are “a welcome guest and not an unwelcome pest?” You manageyour list very carefully, using the techniques found below.How Often To Send Your MessageThere is a great debate in the Internet marketing (and ezine publishing)community about how often to send a message. I’ve seen ezines, andmarketers, succeed and fail with a wide variety of schedules. Copyright © Charlie Page Page 29
  • 30. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL listThe right answer to the frequency question is, as is so often the case, asimple one … you send messages as often as you told your list youwould send them!The key here is to avoid any misunderstanding by accidentally leadingyour list to believe one thing, then doing something different.If you know how often you will send messages before you build yourlist you can avoid this question altogether. You can also go to the headof the class, because 99% of marketers miss this critical step. Icertainly did when I started out online.Here’s a way to handle things if you don’t know how often you will sendmessages before you build your list.Simply tell your list that you will send occasional messages, andcommit to sending messages only when you really have something tosay.This tells your subscriber that you won’t flood them with messages, andthat you are taking your relationship with them seriously. Committing toquality works every time.With all of that said, here is what my testing (and observing literallythousands of publishers) has proven to be true. • If you send messages less frequently than every 10 days, your subscribers tend to forget you. I think this is due to the amount of email that everyone receives. If you want to win the profits game with a small list, you have to keep YOUR name at the top of your reader’s mind. • Sending more than three messages in a week is risky. If you send more than three messages a week, you run a real risk of both people unsubscribing, and getting complaints as well. Three messages a week is a lot, especially when you’ve committed to quality message content. NOTE: If you send more than two messages a week, be sure to Copyright © Charlie Page Page 30
  • 31. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL list vary the length of the messages and use completely different subject lines, so your audience doesn’t think they are all the same message. • Once a week is the minimum in my opinion. • Sending messages too close together is the same as sending too many messages in the mind of the reader. Readers have a very “in the moment” focus, and they tend to see what’s happening now as what always happens. So, if you send them too many messages in any particular week without a good explanation, they will tend to see you as sending too many messages all the time. I suggest spacing messages 2 days apart. • If you send many messages, keep them short. I can’t explain why this is true, but readers feel obligated to read what we write, and when the amount they have to read is backed up, they get angry.In all things, you have to test to see what will work for you. Butkeeping faith with readers by sending the number of messages you saidyou would send, and being considerate of them by varying the messagelengths, are a good start toward cultivating a strong relationship withyour readers.What To SendWhen it comes to sending email to prospective customers, and existingcustomers, for the purpose of making sales, you have a wide array ofhappy choices. Here are some of the methods that are successful now,along with the pros and cons of each. Copyright © Charlie Page Page 31
  • 32. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL list FORMAT PROS CONS People love ezines and Publishing an ezine on a are used to receiving regular basis can be them. Since ezines time consuming, cover a variety of topics, especially if you are you won’t be seen as writing the articles.An ezine constantly selling. Also, you can sell ads and will be approached for joint ventures. The information that Since the series is only goes out is only about about your product, your product. Easy to people who decide they write, since you know are no longer interested your product so well, will leave, and you won’t you can get into greater have a chance to sellA follow up detail about your them something else. series product with a follow up series, and use It’s hard to keep a testimonials too. follow up series going very long as compared Very easy to ask for the to an ezine, which can order in every message. run for years. Very popular if the topic Very time consuming to is specific and hard to produce. You have to find. find the news, and then write about it, before Linking a product to the the general public learns News news story and asking about it. for the order is easy to do. Blogs are a serious competitor here. Copyright © Charlie Page Page 32
  • 33. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL list Great for making sales! Can be time consuming People love reviews and and expensive. You’ll will read them if they have to buy the feel the reviewer is products you review, objective. use them, keep good notes, and more to do aProduct Reviews Very easy to make the great job. case for buying the product reviewed and asking for the order. Everyone wants to save Time consuming to money. People love this gather and produce the type of information, data. Most money- Money Saving especially if it’s focused saving offers don’t leave Offers on an area of interest enough money on the for them. table to pay you. People like to save time Time consuming to and get inside produce, and you have information. Tips do to be right on the both and position you as money with your advice. an authority.Checklists or Hot Sheet Very easy to make the sale once you’ve provided time or money saving tips. Copyright © Charlie Page Page 33
  • 34. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL list People love to think that You have to really know there is something they what you are doing don’t know, which if here. Restating what they DID know, would others have produced make all the difference. will cause quick failure and damage your If you have real inside reputation. Insider Secrets experience, and can show readers a way to The worst thing you can save time or money or do is publish a “secret” make more money, this that everyone knows. is a very powerful format. NOTE: A follow-up series about a specific topic or product is SO important to your online sales that I strongly recommend you use BOTH a follow-up series and another method (like news or an ezine) to communicate with your list. If you use both a follow-up series and another method of contact, be sure to write your subject line in such a way that your reader knows which type of information you are sending.Choosing carefully the type of information you will send is important.It’s harder than most people think to keep up with a regularschedule, so use care when making commitments to your readers abouthow often they will hear from you.No matter what type of information you send, how soon you sendspecific types of information will make a huge difference to yoursuccess.As with any relationship, there needs to be a warm-up period whereyour list members get to know you, and you get to know them a bit aswell.I was watching a movie the other day where the male character steppedup to a beautiful woman and said something like “I could waste both Copyright © Charlie Page Page 34
  • 35. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL listour times with small talk and be charming, but what say that we bothsave that time and just make out (that’s the clean version) right now?”How many of you reading this right now think he was slapped?You BET he was slapped, and rightly so.The problem is obvious; he made his big move too soon. He need toget to know the young lady first, and let her get to know him, then letthings progress to where the idea of becoming more friendly seemednatural.And so it is with your list. The fact that they subscribed does notmean that you now have permission to blast them with every offer inyour marketing arsenal.It does mean that you have permission to begin a relationshipwith them, and, as that relationship progresses, ask for the order.I know one very well known marketer (who asked me not to share hisname on this subject) who sends 14 weeks of completely freeinformation with nary a hint of wanting to make a sale.His belief is that doing it this way establishes so much credibility thatreaders will literally jump on any offer he makes from that pointforward. And, honestly, they do.What about you? How should you ease in to the fact that you want tosell your list member something? Very few of us can wait 14 weeksto make an offer.Most of us need sales now.My tests have revealed that there is a natural rhythm to sendingmessages that works very well for most lists.The method is to send one informative message (which could be anarticle or a review for example) and send one sales message aboutthe topic of the article or review to your list every week. Copyright © Charlie Page Page 35
  • 36. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL listThis “two messages a week” method works incredibly well. The firstmessage points out the problem while the second message offers asolution to the problem.The secret to making this technique work is to provide a partial solutionin your first message and then offer to fully solve that problem withthe product recommendation.This is the essence of what Jimmy Brown calls “useful but incomplete”article writing.Of course, my strong recommendation is that you only offer productsthat you’ve used or products with which you have very closesecondhand knowledge.No matter what method you choose to send your information, beingvery consistent in your form and approach will help you buildcredibility over time, and that will translate into more sales, which is agood thing!When To Send ItAh, the great debate on when to send. Some marketers are famous forsaying that there are only certain days of the week that work forsending, as if they knew you personally and knew anything at all aboutyour business.Is there a certain day of the week that is better than others? Not forme, but this is a decision that only you can make for your ownbusiness. Happily, you can test various schedules and learn what worksbest in your business. NOTE: I do think that Monday morning is a bad time for any email to arrive. I’ve yet to run a successful test with email arriving Monday morning, but Monday afternoons work very well for us.The key here is to think about your audience. You must think aboutwhen they are going to have the most available free time to read youremail, and send at those times. Copyright © Charlie Page Page 36
  • 37. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL listIf you market to business professionals, it is a good bet that theywill read their email at work, not at home. In this case, you’ll want youremail to arrive during the day.If you market to people who work at home, or want to, it’s safe tothink that they will read their email late at night (a great argument forshort emails) or over the weekend.If you work with another very specialize group (for example, mathteachers) you can poll them to discover when they prefer to receiveemail from you.Of course, as with all things, you must test to find the rhythm that isbest for your list.While there is no best time that will work for everyone, there are somegeneral observations that can be made about when to sendmessages, and when to avoid sending them. • Monday morning is a bad time for email to arrive. Weekend email is piled up and your valuable email could be deleted by mistake, as people are in a hurry. Bad, bad Monday. :-) • Friday is a great time to distribute a free download. Since people have a bit more computer time on the weekends, the freshness of the download will serve you well as they find themselves with time to actually read what you gave them. • Money saving offers are very effective toward the beginning of the month, when people are feeling the pinch from the tiny amount of money they have left over after their check from the first of the month. • The best time of the month to sell anything is generally between the 16th and the 20th. The reason for this is that most of us still are paid in the 1st and 16th. Since studies reveal that the biggest bills are usually payable between the 1st and 15th, the paycheck from the 16th will contain the highest amount of Copyright © Charlie Page Page 37
  • 38. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL list disposable income. • People are at their computers less in the summer, so you must work harder to reach them. The period during the middle of the week is best, since most people travel on weekends in order to take advantage of low weekend rates.These are broad generalizations that offer you some guidance to begin,but the real power comes when you learn how YOUR listresponds.Once that happens, you will be able to reliably predict when to sendoffers, when to send reminders, and will even be able to forecast yoursales results based on your intimate knowledge of how your listbehaves. HOT TIP: Be sure to test the delivery speed of your email service provider. I’ve seen delivery time range from instant (with Aweber) to several days (with a hosting company that shall go unnamed). The key is to KNOW when your email will arrive so that you can control when you send your messages.When you reach that point, you will have true, long-lastingmarketing power and begin to experience the freedom that workingonline can bring.How To Send ItFor my money there is one supplier that stands so far above the rest,that choosing them isn’t much of a choice. That vendor is Aweber.Aweber has been online for many years now. Their customer service isoutstanding, their interface easy to understand, and they keep up withthe latest rules and laws, and protect their customers by informingthem of changes. Copyright © Charlie Page Page 38
  • 39. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL listBut what makes them superior is their delivery. No one delivers likeAweber. I can send to my lists and start seeing sales in less than 10minutes.No doubt in my mind, Aweber is the best.Other options open to you for sending your messages include … • From your own computer – Not recommended for many reasons, including tying up your computer during the send and limitations your ISP most likely has on volume of mail sent. • From a script on your server – This used to be the most common method and is the most cost-effective since you buy the script once and use it forever. AutoResponse Plus and VarPro are the best known in this category. • From an autoresponder company – This is the choice I make because it’s so easy and effective. If you go this route, expect to pay for the service. I like using services because the burden of maintenance and upgrades rests on their shoulders, not mine. • From a bulk mail company - There are companies that specialize in simply sending bulk mail. Almost all of these are “offshore” and I’ve yet to find one I like. WARNING: Using these companies could label you as a spammer! • From your shopping cart – An appealing and cost effective option, the thing to watch here is broadcast times. If your cart can provide reliable and efficient broadcast times, or if you can learn to work around their average delay, this is a super option as it integrates so well with the other cart functions. But be aware that carts usually charge by the number of clients, and running up a large list on a cart can be cost-prohibitive.No matter the method you choose, there are certain features you’regoing to want to have. Even if you don’t need every one of thesefeatures today, you will want them in your arsenal for when your listmarketing becomes more sophisticated, which it will. Copyright © Charlie Page Page 39
  • 40. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL list • Multi-part mime – This means that you can send HTML and plain text at the same time, and let the readers’ email program determine which version they see. WARNING: Never send HTML email alone without a text version using multi-part mime. Email that is all HTML is seen as spam by most spam filters and your email could be blocked. • Unsubscribe on subscribe – A confusing term that simply means a reader will be removed from list A when they join list B. There are many uses for this, the most common being moving someone from a “prospect” series of messages to a “customer” series of messages based on a successful order. • Open and click tracking – While it’s wise to use an ad tracker of your own, you will want to track how many people open your message. To do that, you have to send in HTML or multi-part format. Knowing how many people are opening your messages is a must- do in the list world, but many marketers make a lot of money without knowing this. Still, it’s better to be able to know if you want that.While all of the ins and outs of the CAN SPAM laws are beyond thescope of this report, you will need to comply with that law and any thatcome after it.Most ethical marketers would comply by just doing what comesnaturally (taking people off the list when requested, using honestsubject lines) but let me stress that you MUST know and comply withCAN SPAM and all such legislation.Formatting Your MessageHow you format the messages you send has more to do with yourpersonality than anything else. Your messages should reflect your Copyright © Charlie Page Page 40
  • 41. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL listnormal style of doing business. I think it’s when we try to imitateothers to achieve an effect that we fail.If you are a short and to the point type of person, make the messagesyou send reflect your “just the facts” thinking.If you are more of a “explain it all” person, make the messages yousend fit that style.If you are artsy or graphical by all means use pretty stationary or otherformatting to express your inner joy.The key is to be you!When it comes to formatting, you have a few options, including: • Plain text – Looks like any other email you receive. Easy to write and format, it poses few deliverability problems if written well. • HTML – Your messages can look like plain text with some light bolding, or look like a full-blown web page with Google AdSense type ads at the top or down the sides. They say these sell well, but I’ve yet to see it. WARNING: Never send HTML email alone without a text version using multi-part mime. Email that is all HTML is seen as spam by most spam filters and your email could be blocked. • You can use a HTML template that makes your message look like an offline magazine. Some people really like this because they can sectionalize their message and get more content out there. • Short teaser messages that point to a web site. This is a favorite blogger trick. Since the weakness of blogs is that you have to remember to return to them, some bloggers will send a short message “teasing” the reader back to the blog. This can work well for regular websites too. Copyright © Charlie Page Page 41
  • 42. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL list • Long messages work well with a very faithful audience. Just like long sales letters sell more (they really do) long emails can work very well when your audience knows you already.Our testing revealed that a message length of under 300 wordsworks best. I try very hard to avoid going over this number now,because that is what my audience responds to.On the other hand, a friend of mine sends 1500 word messagesroutinely with great results. His audience expects this and wouldprobably panic if he sent a “short” 300 word-long message.It simply depends on your audience, and how you have developedthe relationship with them. My friend’s audience expects him to waxon, and would probably be panicked by a 300-word message.One thing that is universally true is that you must manage yourmessage width.I use a character width of 60, which means a hard return is insertedafter 60 characters across the page. I have found that this widthaccommodates almost all email programs, and my messages don’tword-wrap badly.When I was a Windows user I used NoteTab for messages. I use the Proversion but you can get the free version if you like, at this site. that I’m a Mac guy I use BBEdit. It costs a bit but there is a greatfree app called TextWrangler you can get at with all things having to do with your list, knowing what theyrespond to best is what should drive your formatting decision.It will take a bit of time and some trial and error to learn what theywant but it will be well worth the effort. Copyright © Charlie Page Page 42
  • 43. How to make BIG PROFITS from a SMALL listExperiment with short vs. long, plain text vs. HTML messages, thenkeep a close eye on your link trackers and you will soon discover theformula that’s right for you.Conclusion and Further ActionWhile you don’t need a big mailing list to make money online, it is avery good idea to begin building your mailing list now, and begindeveloping a trust relationship with the members of that list.You’ve heard it said that most marketers could be completely wiped outand easily rebuild their business using nothing more than their mailinglist.While that might be a bit of hype, it is true that a well-cultivated mailinglist can be the most valuable asset a marketer can own.Building and cultivating a mailing list is easy when you incorporate thetasks needed to do that into your every day business practice.If your site sees only 100 visitors a day, and you convert 20 of theminto subscribers, in a year’s time you will have a mailing list of over7000.Whether you can make a full time living with a list of 7000, or 70,000,depends on how you develop your relationship with them, the types ofproducts you offer, and how faithful you are in your marketing efforts.No matter the size, see your list for what it is … a group of individualswho will reward your hard work by buying your products (and thoseyour recommend) time and time again, for many years to come.And that is a beautiful thing indeed! Copyright © Charlie Page Page 43