How chunking can make you wealthy by david lindahl


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David Lindahl Describes how chunking can make you a wealthy real estate investor. Its uses and steps to succeed in this field.

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How chunking can make you wealthy by david lindahl

  1. 1. How “Chunking” Can Make You Wealthy in RE Investing byDavid LindahlReal estate investing can make you wealthy in short period of time if you implement a wellplanned strategy. David Lindahl one of the most popular and successful real estate investorhas given tips on how Chunking can make you wealthy. There few unreal and unprovedDavid Lindahl Scam were written to hinder his progress, but still he is one of the best in thebusiness. 1) Multi-family residential property
  2. 2. Buy Multi-family residential property and hold them for longer term. It helps you to getquick and profitable income on a regular basis. One can also choose to rent theirproperties; renting option creates a reliable passive monthly income and allows yourtenants to help you pay off your mortgages. 2) Get Down paymentAsk your “chunkers” to give the down payments so that you can buy more multi- familyresidential properties. But your minimum profit per deal should be at least $20,000. Withthis $20,000, you can look for a multi-family property that is in need of repairs, ismismanaged, or one where the rents are low so that you can generate considerable built-inequity. 3) Become a landlord
  3. 3. You can get some great deals from people who have entered the landlord game withouteducating themselves on how to play properly. They tend to burn out fast, and you do thema great service by taking over their property!Being a landlord isn’t hard, but you must educate yourself. You can get books and tapes,join a property owners association, and even attend classes at the Institute of Real EstateManagement, which holds classes throughout the country at different times of the year.However gathering this imperative knowledge is up to you, but you must attain it no matterwhat or you will join the club of many other former burnt out landlords who sold their goldmine properties to shrewd investors like David Lindhal, who are people who takes time tocontinually educate themselves about the changing markets. 4) Manage your TenantsThe one thing you must learn is how to control your tenants so that your tenants are notcontrolling you. This is the primary reason for landlords losing money from theirinvestments. Property management is a very important factor for realizing your real estateplans. It is not just about initial investment; it is also about maintaining your propertiessufficiently so that you can make the most out of your investments. If you lack theexpertise, do make use of professional real estate firms which also provide propertyefficient management services.
  4. 4. 5) Become an expert by widening your network of real estate properties.Purchase a property, fix whatever problems that it may have and raise the rentsaccordingly. Re-invest the earned money and buy more properties. Set a goal and worktoward it efficiently.Sure, this method may take you a little longer to be able to quit your job, because you willbe reinvesting your profits. But if you work a little harder and smarter in the beginning, youcan expect substantial returns. Basically, what we do is attract and seek out motivatedsellers of single-family houses and multi-family buildings. We use the single-family rehabsto give us a “chunk” of money so that we can invest in multi-family housing. We use themulti-family properties to give us passive monthly income and create greater wealththrough equity creation (tenants paying our mortgages).Resource: Dave Lindahl Scam